Chapter 1706 - Ancient Race Heavenly Blood

Chapter 1706 - Ancient Race Heavenly Blood

The ancient gods faced the Three Trials Seven Calamities, and the ancient demons and ancient devils faced the same thing. Every calamity was like a new beginning, and anyone who survived would have their strength increased greatly.

However, Wang Lin’s Three Trials Seven Calamities were much more powerful than that of others. Not only had his ancient god one arrived, but his ancient demon and ancient devils ones had arrived as well.

The first trial of the ancient clans has two calamities. The second trial also has two calamities: the divine calamity and soul calamity. Wang Lin had already passed the first two trials, and the one that was coming was the strongest of the three trials: the third trial that had three calamities!

However, his ancient demon and devil bodies, which had fused together, hadn’t gone through the first or second trials. As a result, when he reached eight stars on them, a total of eight calamities would arrive at the same time.

The ancient clan’s calamities had to be passed one by one. The eight ancient demon stars in his left eye rotated,...

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