Chapter 1704 - As Miserable as Before!

Chapter 1704 - As Miserable as Before!

Greed’s eyes were filled with despair and his heart was filled with regret. He had encountered Wang Lin in the Outer Realm, and in the end, the stench on his body was removed. Originally, he let out a breath of relief.

However, shortly after, he encountered the war between the Inner and Outer Realms. This war made him extremely excited; perhaps he could obtain even more treasures in this war, and his cultivation level would increase.

Greed followed the Outer Realm army to the Cloud Sea and then secretly left. Following his sense for treasure, he found the spatial rift in the Cloud Sea and entered it.

He was extremely excited because he realized that a powerful treasure aura was here. This aura made him laugh like crazy for almost 15 minutes.

He believed his luck was great and he might encounter a great fortune here. His cultivation level would increase and he wouldn’t have to be afraid...

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