Chapter 1623 - Heaven Master Void God

Chapter 1623 - Heaven Master Void God

“My essence is karma. My palm is karmic cause and my closed fist is karmic effect… Since it wasn’t easy for you to reach your cultivation level, I won’t kill you today. I’ll take your essence and seal it for 1,000 years, now leave the battlefield!” Wang Lin’s eyes seemed to contain the heavens and earth. A powerful aura erupted from his body and landed in the eyes of the green-robed young man.

The green-robed young man trembled and his mind rumbled. He coughed out blood once more, and as Wang Lin waved his sleeve, he was forced to retreat more than 10,000 feet away. His eyes were dim and filled with monstrous terror.

“You…. This… What kind of spell is this!?!”

Wang Lin closed his eyes, and when he opened them once more, he calmly said one word. “Scram!” He didn’t roar and was extremely calm, but when the green-robed young man heard this, it was as if the world was about to collapse around him. His mind trembled as if a force had rushed into his body and was going to tear his origin soul apart.

Feeling terrified, the green-robed young man escaped like crazy as blood flowed out from his mouth.

He hadn’t lost his whole essence, but Wang Lin had taken out a majority of it, which terrified him. He had never heard of this kind of spell before, but he vaguely knew that the Sovereign’s Fishing the Moon in the Well had a similar power.

His heart trembled and was filled with reluctance while he retreated. He thought that if he had kept his cultivation at its peak, it wouldn’t have been so easy for Wang Lin to extract his essences.

“This old man has Arcane Void cultivation, this old man will not accept this!!” He roared in his mind and heart, but he didn’t reveal any of it as he quickly escaped.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin had forced the green-robed young man back. Then Wang Lin turned toward Heaven Master Void God, who was slowed down by the Stop spell and was filled with killing intent.

“Let’s deal with what happened back then.” Wang Lin’s gaze was cold, but he remained calm. He looked at Heaven Master Void God and walked over.

“Myriad Red Cloud Void Dao!” Master Heaven Void God let out a roar and his hands formed a seal. He waved his hand and a giant rift appeared behind him. Endless Joss Flames rushed out and created countless glowing, red clouds. Giant statues appeared from within the red clouds.

“Suppress this person, suppress this person into the reincarnation of the world. Let him fall into the abyss among the stars so that his soul can’t move an inch!” Heaven Master Void God roared as he pointed with his finger. The statues all glowed as they smashed down on Wang Lin as if they were trying to bury him among the stars.

At this moment, a giant vortex appeared below Wang Lin. This vortex was formed by a spell, and countless ghosts flew out of it. They let out mournful cries as their bodies extended and surrounded Wang Lin. They wanted to pull him into the vortex.

At this moment, the vortex from when the Void Gate collapsed was still there. From afar, it was an extremely shocking scene as Wang Lin had a vortex above and below him. Aside from the two vortexes, 10,000 glowing status were smashing toward Wang Lin.

It looks like Wang Lin was completely trapped inside Heaven Master Void God’s spell.

“Die for me!!” Heaven Master Void God had a ferocious expression and raised his right hand. Purple mist gathered and formed a lance in his hand. He grabbed the lance and threw it at Wang Lin.

As a thunderous rumble echoed, the lance carried with it endless mist and shot toward the trapped Wang Lin.

In the distance, the green-robed man stopped for a moment and struggled to turn around to look at the trapped Wang Lin. He let out a roar, abandoned his escape, and stepped toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin remained calm. As the ten thousand statues smashed toward him, he closed his eyes and stepped forward. He wasn’t fast, but hundreds of statues had closed in on him.

However, just as they arrived, they went through his body. It was unknown whether it was Wang Lin who had become an illusion or if it was the statues themselves.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the countless statue fell, but when they got close to Wang Lin, they seemed to become transparent and went through him. Then the rumbling continued behind Wang Lin.

This caused Heaven Master Void God’s pupils to shrink.

Wang Lin’s steps didn’t look fast, but he instantly arrived before Heaven Master Void God. He raised his right hand and didn’t even care what spell Heaven Master Void God was using as his right hand pressed down.

“Life and Death Seal!”

His left hand was life and his right hand was death. Wang Lin’s right hand landed and black gas surrounded his palms. Although his palm had landed in the void, it caused Heaven Master Void God’s expression to change.

He clearly sensed that Wang Lin’s palm contained the aura of death. When the palm landed, there seemed to be an absence of life within the surrounding star domain. It was as if this area had become a dead domain.

The moment it became a death domain, countless cracks appeared in the space around him and collapsed. Endless amounts of death aura rushed out toward him.

Heaven Master Void God’s body was knocked back hundreds of feet with a bang and then he looked up. However, just as he looked up, Wang Lin pointed at him.


Heaven Master Void God’s body slowed down once more. He let out a roar and was about to break the Stop spell around him and get out of this quagmire-like state.

But how could Wang Lin give him this chance? Wang Lin closed in in an instant and arrived before Heaven Maste Void God. Wang Lin lifted his finger and pointed to between Heaven Master Void God’s eyebrows.


With that, Wang Lin’s right index finger seemed to turn into a bolt of eternal thunder. This destructive thunder contained the power of all the thunder from the Inner and Outer Realms. This point was powerful enough to kill third step cultivators.

Even though Heaven Master Void God was one of the Five Masters and his cultivation level was extremely high, this was only one of his avatars. It was only at the early stage of Arcane Void.

As a result, this power of thunder could still hurt him!

With one point, Heaven Master Void God’s body trembled. A flash of silver appeared between his eyebrows and countless flashes of silver spread out. In an instant, it spread over his entire body, and a thunderous rumble echoed. Blood flowed out from the corner of Heaven Master Void God’s mouth and he was pushed back.

Just as he retreated, Wang Lin stepped forward once more. Wang Lin’s right thumb extended and landed between Heaven Master Void God’s eyebrows again.


As the thunderous rumbles echoed, destructive fire spread out from between his eyebrows like the silver thunder. The fire spread across this body, rushed toward his mind, and burned his soul.

The pain of having both the inside and outside of his boding burnt caused Heaven Master Void God’s face to become distorted. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood.

However, it wasn’t over yet. A flash of killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He raised his right hand and formed a palm. Then he pressed down on Heaven Master Void God’s forehead and his fingers closed in to form a fist.


An essence was pulled out by Wang Lin!

The continuous attacks didn’t give Heaven Master Void God any chance to resist. With the Stop spell, Wang Lin was like heavens itself!

“Life and death.” Wang Lin lifted both his hand. His left hand was life, and it pressed down on Heaven Master Void God’s chest. Heaven Master Void God’s old body suddenly radiated youth and became younger.

However, just as Wang Lin’s right hand fell, the youth collapsed. Life and death erupted inside Heaven Master Void God’s body as if they were going to rip his body apart.

Heaven Master Void God bled from all his orifices and his expression became even more ferocious. He was one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System, his dignity wouldn’t allow him to yield. With a roar, his body trembled and he broke free from the Stop spell.

The moment the Stop spell was broken, his full cultivation erupted.

However, Wang Lin still remained calm. The moment Heaven Master Void God broke the Stop spell, Wang Lin pointed with his right index finger.


“No!!” Heaven Master Void God’s body trembled and despair appeared in his eyes!

“True and false.” Wang Lin closed his eyes and everything in this world became false. Then his eyes opened, so everything became true. However, when he closed his eyes once more, his right hand chopped down.


Wang Lin’s palm was like a blade, giving off a red glow of slaughter. It directly landed on Heaven Master Void God’s head and mercilessly chopped through.

A heaven-shaking popping sound echoed followed by a miserable scream. Heaven Master Void God’s body was split in half. His two halves turned into purple mist and retreated to the left and right.

However, even though Wang Lin’s eyes were closed, he could clearly feel that splitting this mist was like splitting apart cloth. The moment the mist separated, Heaven Master Void God’s avatar’s original body was released!

It was a cloud of invisible energy. This invisible energy was very difficult to detect, and Wang Lin could only detect it using his true and false dao.

This invisible energy was the core of Heaven Master Void God’s avatar! This avatar was, in fact, a breath exhaled by Heaven Master Void God.

Heaven Master Void God was called “Void God” because his body was like void. It could be said that his body was not real and was only a mass of energy!

At this moment, the cloud of invisible energy that only Wang Lin could see tried to escape without anyone noticing.

Heaven Master Void God didn’t have the highest cultivation level among the Five Masters, but he was the most difficult to kill!

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