Chapter 1621 - Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate

Chapter 1621 - Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate

He didn’t absorb the power, and he didn’t even think about doing so. Right now, he wanted the Void Gate to erupt and for his cultivation to increase greatly after reaching the third step!

If he absorbed the power of the Void Gate now, he would immediately become a mid stage Nirvana Void cultivator. However, he didn’t want this, this was merely two essences.

As Wang Lin pointed, an angry roar seemed to come from the vortex formed by the collapsed Void Gate. As the vortex rapidly rotated, the third Void Gate appeared!

However, just as the third Void Gate appeared, the fourth Void Gate appeared as well!

And after the fourth Void Gate, another one appeared. This was the fifth gate!

Three Void Gates appeared in the world at once. From afar, this looked shocking. The surrounding tens of thousands of cultivators seemed to lose their consciousness. The only thing left was fear and terror.

“Three Void Gates!

“He… What the hell is he doing? After spending so much effort to open the Void Gate…”

“Even among the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System, I have never heard of someone who can do this… Lord of the Sealed Realm… Lord of the Sealed Realm…”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he looked at the three Void Gates. He stepped forward and charged like a meteor toward the three Void Gates as everyone watched.

“Kar…” As Wang Lin charged forward, his right hand stretched out with his fingers spread out in a palm. The moment the closed in on the gate, his right hand pressed down.

“Ma…” The moment his hand pressed down, his voice echoed and eventually formed the last word!


Karma Print. Wang Lin had spent more than 70 years in the dream dao comprehending this through karma. His was his fifth original spell.

The moment he said “print,” his right hand pressed down on the third Void Gate and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. His fingers gripped hard, and with a bang, his hand closed to form a fist.

It was as if this grip had grabbed the karma of the world. Wang Lin’s right hand pulled back from the gate.

He jerked outward and a distorted Void Gate shadow seemed to be dragged out by Wang Lin.

The moment he raised his right hand, a rumble came from the third Void Gate. Crackling sounds echoed and cracks spread from where Wang Lin’s hand was, covering the entire Void Gate. Then, with a bang, the entire gate shattered into countless fragments.

The third Void Gate collapsed!

The moment this Void Gate collapsed, Wang Lin’s laughter echoed and the karma essence surrounded his body. The aura around him increased greatly, from mid stage Nirvana Void to late stage Nirvana Void!

Since ancient times, no one had ever done this while breaking open the Void Gate!

Wang Lin didn’t stop there. When the third Void Gate shattered, he stepped through the fragments. He arrived before the fourth Void Gate and both his hands pressed down.

“Life and Death Seal!”

Wang Lin’s left hand was filled with white gas, and the moment it landed, it rushed into the Void Gate, occupying half of it. At the same time, black gas spread out from Wang Lin’s right hand and swept through the Void Gate. The black and white gases began to rotate together, and the Void Gate trembled violently.

When Wang Lin’s said “Life and Death Seal,” his eyes were filled with a sense of pride that looked down upon the world. His two hands pulled to the sides. 

“Open for me!”

As Wang Lin roared, his hands seemed to contain the power of life and death. The fourth Void Gate trembled violently and collapsed.

The fourth Void Gate collapsed!

The moment this gate collapsed, Wang Lin’s aura erupted once more. It went from late stage Nirvana Void to peak Nirvana Void. He was now standing at the peak of Nirvana Void!

A crack was about to appear between his eyebrows. The inside of the crack was black, and it looked as if contained another world!

This was unique to Spirit Void cultivators, their own Joss Flame Realm to nurture Joss Flame souls. They could even force others to worship them and become their Joss Flame slaves!

Wang Lin had opened the Void Gate by himself without the help of Joss Flames. As a result, the crack between his eyebrows was not a Joss Flame world but his own world. Even without Joss Flames, he could still force someone to worship him. At this moment, the crack hadn’t opened completely as his cultivation level was not high enough.

As he laughed, he waved his sleeve and pushed away the fragments of the Void Gate back. What appeared before him was the fifth Void Gate!

This fifth void Gate was even more condensed and real than before. It stood there, but Wang Lin didn’t rip it apart with his hands. Instead, his eyes revealed a shocking gaze as he looked at the fifth gate, then he closed his eyes.

With his eyes closed, everything in the world in Wang Lin’s heart became false. As long as his heart and his thoughts remained, then everything would remain!

After closing his eyes for a moment, Wang Lin suddenly opened them. The moment he opened his eyes, everything in the world that was false became true. This was the spell he had comprehended from the true and false essence, True and False Path!

The fifth Void Gate existed among the stars, but Wang Lin closed his eyes again. He raised his right hand and waved. It was a simple wave.

However, before everyone’s eyes, the fifth gate distorted and turned to dust with Wang Lin’s wave. It silently collapsed before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had broken open all five Void Gates one by one. The crack that had faintly appeared between Wang Lin’s eyebrows formed completely and gave off an endless suction force. It was as if the star system itself was going to be sucked in.

The extremely powerful aura of a Spirit Void cultivator spread out from Wang Lin! If he was satisfied, then he could absorb the power of the Void Gate and become an early stage Spirit Void cultivator, but how could he be? This was only five essences, he still had the slaughter essence Qing Shui had gifted him!

The complete slaughter essence he had just absorbed would allow him to trigger the Void Gate a sixth time!

Him casually breaking the Void Gate with karma, ripping it open with life and death, and turning it to dust with true and false terrified the cultivators that saw this.

It was unknown who reacted first, but a terrified scream echoed and that person retreated like crazy. A moment later, almost all the Outer Realm cultivators escaped in all directions. They were afraid. Seeing how easy it was for Wang Lin to break the Void Gate, they had to feel fear. Their fear head reached an extreme.

When he first broke the Void Gate with thunder, it was OK. When he burned the gate with fire, it was still acceptable. But in the third, fourth, and fifth times, the three gates collapsed to a palm, a press, and a wave. In particular, the last one, where Wang Lin only closed his eyes, opened them, and closed them to cause the Void Gate to dissipate, had exceeded the imagination of all the Outer Realm cultivators.

The green-robed young man retreated in terror. Although he was at the Arcane Void stage, he was only at the early stage. When Wang Lin broke the three Void Gates in a row, he saw some clues.

“Karma, life and death, true and false!! He actually went on to comprehend those grand ethereal daos. This person can’t be provoked, he can’t be provoked!!”

Essences were split between corporeal and ethereal. Fire was corporeal, but karma was ethereal. Comprehending ethereal essences was much more difficult.

“Sixth essence, slaughter essence!” Wang Lin’s voice was calm, but it contained a shocking slaughter aura. As his words echoed, red snowflakes appeared out of thin air and spread out.

As the red snowflakes drifted, the sixth Void Gate suddenly appeared!

This sixth Void Gate was completely different from the other five; it was made of white bones. At a glance, this was not a door but a huge skull. Its bizarre appearance slowly appeared before Wang Lin, then a ripple spread out in all directions. Any cultivator hit by this ripple immediately trembled and aged rapidly.

Nearly ten thousand people didn’t even scream before dying of old age thanks to this ripple, then they turned to dust.

“Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate!!” Only two people here recognized this gate. One was Heaven Master Void God and the other was Master South Cloud. Not even the green-robed young man had ever heard of it before.

“This… This is… This appearance, this white bone gate. Could it be the legendary Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate?” Heaven Master Void Gate looked at the skull like gate and endless horror filled his eyes.

“The celestial imperial concubine said that the Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate was a huge gap to cross. People that can trigger this gate are extremely rare, but as long as they don’t die, they will definitely become a powerful master in the future!”

“Ten Thousand Void Bone Gate. The previous Lord of the Sealed Realm said that anyone who can trigger this gate to enter the third step will have an unimaginable future. He said that this bone gate is not something of this world…. but a sign of the heavens in his hometown!” Master South Cloud looked at the strange bone gate with disbelief in his eyes.

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