Chapter 1620 - The Thunder Gate Opens to a Shocking Ring

Chapter 1620 - The Thunder Gate Opens to a Shocking Ring

If the Realm Sealing Formation was in a perfect state, it would be very difficult for anything to pass through, but now a hole had been opened by the Outer Realm, so Wang Lin’s roar passed through with a special method. It went out from the hole in the Cloud Sea and spread across the Ancient Star System.

At this moment, thunder rumbled across the vast Ancient Star System. Endless thunder and lightning appeared from the void and rushed toward the hole in the Cloud Sea.

Among the Outer Realm cultivators, those that cultivated thunder trembled. The origin energy inside them left their bodies without their control and turned into bolts of thunder that flew off.

Thunder soon rushed across the Ancient Star System and into the hole in the Cloud Sea. It stormed through the Inner Realm and fused together as it went toward planet Suzaku.

All of this happened in an instant. Outside planet Suzaku, beside the Void Gate, Wang Lin’s roar ended. All the thunder from the Inner and Outer Realms had arrived.

The voice that almost collapsed space itself caused the Outer Realm cultivators to tremble and bleed from their orifices. They all used various spell in an attempt to resist it.

Their vision was blurry; the dazzling light from the thunder seemed to be able to penetrate the eyes of all living beings. Wang Lin pointed at the Void Gate as the thunder closed in. This method of opening the Void Gate had never been seen before!

He was using all the thunder in the Inner and Outer Realms to smash the Void Gate! He was using an extremely arrogant and domineering method to break the Void Gate!

Before Wang Lin, no one could do it. After Wang Lin, it was also destined that no one would be able to do it!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The endless rumbles continued as strands of thunder and lightning rushed at the Void Gate. The endless thunder was like an army that wanted to collapse the Void Gate!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, countless cracks appeared on the Void Gate, and even more thunder arrived. As the violent rumbles continued, the edge of the Void Gate turned to ashes and began to collapse.

At the same time, even more thunder bombarded the Void Gate. It caused the Void Gate to erupt with a light even brighter than the sun.

“Break for me!!” Wang Lin roared.

As the rumbles echoed, the right side of the Void Gate collapsed into countless fragments. Then the left side of the Void Gate also collapsed to the bombardment of the thunder.

Eventually, the entire Void Gate shattered completely and the fragments scattered in all directions.

The Void Gate collapsed. When it collapsed, a giant vortex appeared and the power of the Void Gate flowed out like a river toward Wang Lin.

However, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his sleeves. A powerful force pushed the power from the Void Gate back into the vortex.

Although Wang Lin hadn’t absorbed the power from the Void Gate, his cultivation level increased greatly. He stepped past the peak of Nirvana Shatterer and Heaven’s Blight and directly reached the third step. He reached the early stage of Nirvana Void!

However, this wasn’t Wang Lin’s real cultivation level, but an aura. The aura of a true third step cultivator!

If Wang Lin wanted to, as long as he absorbed the power from the Void Gate, his cultivation level would match his aura! He would immediately become an early stage Nirvana Void cultivator!

However, by doing this, he would only reach the early stage of Nirvana Void with the thunder essence! Wang Lin didn’t want this early stage Nirvana Void cultivation. He had endured so long to complete six essences; if he only reached early stage Nirvana Void, he would not be satisfied!

He wanted to amaze the world with a single, brilliant feat!

This scene shocked all the surrounding cultivators.

Zhou Jin’s face was ashen. He felt despair and wanted to leave, but he found that this area was surrounded by a pressure that prevented him from retreating even half a step.

He raised his head and saw the source of the pressure. It was Wang Lin, who threw a sideways glance at him.

This gaze caused Zhou Jin to cough out a mouthful of blood.

The green-robed young man’s face was pale. He vaguely thought of something was different. He suddenly thought of something he couldn’t believe and even terrified him!

“He… Could it be that he…”

“One more gate!” Wang Lin’s cold and proud voice entered the ears of the green-robed young man, causing his eyes to narrow. Although they were enemies, he still revealed a look of respect!

Wang Lin waved his sleeve and the vortex formed by the collapsed Void Gate expanded rapidly. A pressure several times more powerful than before appeared. As the vortex spread out, crackling sounds echoed and space itself fragmented.

The vortex dissipated and was replaced with another Void Gate!

This gate was a bit smaller than before, but the pressure it emitted was even stronger!

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm is arrogant to the extreme!” Heaven Master Void God’s eyes were filled with a complicated gate. This was the first time he had referred to Wang Lin as “the Lord of the Sealed Realm” in his heart and not “a junior.”

“Throughout the ages, everyone who broke the Void Gate absorbed the power of the Void Gate to solidify their own essence so they could reach the third step! This process is very short, and once that power is absorbed, the Void Gate will dissipate.

“Almost everyone quickly absorbs it without delay because even though the Void Gate is broken, it will quickly reform.

“Once the Void Gate reforms, the power of the previous Void Gate disappears. Even if you have already opened it, it will have to be opened again. But the second Void Gate is even stronger!

“However, this person could kill third step cultivators even before absorbing the power from the Void Gate and reaching the third step. Although the Void Gate is tough, it really can’t stop him…” Heaven Master Void Gate felt helpless, but he still admitted his mistake in judgement.

“He doesn’t want to just break open the Void Gate, he wants to do something that’s nearly impossible. He is going to break open the Void Gate once with each essence. He wants to become a third step cultivator with six essences the real way!

“The difficulty of this is simply too great, but the benefits are also great!” Heaven Master Void God looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze, but the killing intent in his eyes became even stronger.

“Since he is so arrogant to do something like this before me, then I want to see how he manages!”

The Void Gate that appeared for the second time shocked not only the Outer Realm cultivators but also the Inner Realm cultivators.

The moment the Void Gate appeared, a monstrous, cold light appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and a sense of confidence filled his body. He was Wang Lin, he was the Lord of the Sealed Real, he was someone with six essences. Since ancient times, no one was more qualified than he was to dare to break open the Void Gate continuously.

Wang Lin didn’t deliberately do this, but he had seen the Void Gate several times. He vaguely knew that every time he broke the Void Gate, more power from within would flow out.

f he wanted to fuse his six essences, he would need an unimaginable amount of power from the Void Gate. Wang Lin didn’t know what this power was, but he knew that the power from the Void Gate was the key for cultivators to reach the third step.

It was comparable to setting up a foundation while refining!

Therefore, he had to do this!

When the Void Gate appeared for the second time, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he raised his right hand. He calmly said something that sounded like the law of the heavens, and space itself trembled.

“Fire essence, with my name. Wang Lin. burn the Void Gate!” The moment he spoke. nine-colored fire surged and fill the area.

At this moment, in the Brilliant Void, Cloud Sea, Allheaven, Summoned River, and even in the Outer Realm, endless fire rushed toward Wang Lin’s finger like thunder before. It all shot toward the Void Gate.

It was impossible to describe the spectacle of this scene. This was something many cultivators would never see in their lives.

The endless sea of fire rushed at the Void Gate as it closed in. Thunderous rumbles echoed as raging fire completely surrounded the Void Gate. As the heat wave spread, the Void Gate collapsed once again!

This collapse had no fragments falling, as all the fragments were burnt to ashes by the fire!

The moment the Void Gate collapsed the second time, a surge of Void Gate power 10 times stronger than before rushed toward Wang Lin. However, this was still not enough to make his six essences fuse.

Therefore, he waved his sleeve, pushing the power back into an even bigger vortex than before.

“Void Gate, come again!” Wang Lin laughed as he pointed at the vortex!

At this moment, after the fire essence broke the second Void Gate, the aura around Wang Lin increased again. Today was the day Wang Lin would step toward the peak!

He had endured all these years, he had anticipated for so long, just for this moment to become a third step cultivator!

The aura from his body had already reached the early stage of Nirvana Void when he broke the first gate. Now that he broke the second gate, his aura had increased directly to mid stage Nirvana Void!

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