Chapter 1619 - One Word and the Thunder Surges Like the Sea

Chapter 1619 -  One Word and the Thunder Surges Like the Sea

“With my name, Wang Lin, I order the thunder of the heavens!” Wang Lin’s body flew toward the gate and his right hand formed a fist. Thunder rumbled and endless lightning gathered in his fist as if he was catching it all. He punched the Void Gate before him.

“He can’t open it, he definitely can’t open it!! This gate was formed by so many essences, no one can open it!” Zhou Jin had almost gone crazy. He retreated with despair in his eyes. He could only hope that Wang Lin couldn’t open the Void Gate so he would have a chance at survival.

“With six essences, the Void Gate is several times more difficult than when I opened the door, and this Wang Lin… He…. It will be very difficult for him to open it. The more essences, the more difficult it is to open the gate. He will fail to open the gate, and when he fails, he will die!” The green-robed young man also retreated. He understood that when you tried to stop someone who was trying to break the Void Gate, you’d actually be helping them.

Heaven Master Void God’s expression was gloomy as he retreated. He stared at Wang Lin, who was about to break open the Void Gate, and sneered.

“If the Void Gate is so easy to open, then the world would be in chaos. A Void Gate triggered by six essences is difficult beyond imagination to open. A mere junior, even if you were lucky enough to get six essences, what is the use? I want to see how he will try to open this Void Gate. Perhaps I don’t even have to do anything and he will die to the Void Gate!”

They didn’t believe Wang Lin could break open the Void Gate, or they just didn’t want to believe.

However, to the Inner Realm cultivators, they hoped from the bottom of their hearts that Wang Lin could break open the Void Gate and become a third step cultivator!

“Wang Lin, you must break open the Void Gate!” Situ Nan clenched his fist and looked nervous. He had broken his own Void Gate, and even with Qing Lin’s help, he had suffered. He knew how difficult it was, and Wang Lin’s Void Gate was much more powerful than his. This caused him to become even more worried.

Master South Cloud’s eyes lit up and he took a deep breath. He had already made the decision to use his full power to help Wang Lin at the critical moment.

“It’s a gate formed by six essences; we have to help him break it at all costs. Once he opens it, Wang Lin’s cultivation will become an extremely powerful force for our Inner Realm!”

Master Lu Fu, Master Long Pan, Azura Dragon Divine Emperor, and others all looked at each other. They all looked tense

In particular, the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor was even more worried. He knew Wang Lin from a long time ago and also knew that Wang Lin was a member of the Four Divine Sect. At this moment, his right hand reached at the void and the four treasures of the Four Divine Sect appeared.

“At the most critical moment, I’ll use the Four Divine Sect’s treasures to help him break the gate.”

Ignoring everyone else’s thoughts, Wang Lin was covered in thunder and rushing at the Void Gate. Compared to the Void Gate, Wang Lin was extremely small. But it was that small figure that made all the surrounding cultivators forget to think as they stared at his shocking thunder punch.

Wang Lin had used this punch on the Void Gate before, but he only pushed it open a silver. However, now he had completed six essences, and although they hadn’t fused, just his thunder was several times more powerful than before.

The punch landed and a thunderous rumble rang out. Wang Lin’s figure was like the first eternal thunderbolt in the world, and it smashed into the Void Gate.

The thunderous rumbles echoed in all directions. The violent shockwave caused many of the surrounding cultivators to cough out blood and fly back. They were terrified and wanted to leave.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the giant Void Gate trembled as if it couldn’t bear it and slowly opened a sliver.

The moment the Void Gate was opened a sliver, Wang Lin let out a roar. As the roar echoed across the Brilliant Void, thunder and lightning appeared all over the Brilliant Void. It was as if something had called them, and they rushed toward planet Suzaku.

The entire Brilliant Void trembled unceasingly. Thunder and lightning seemed to be extracted from each planet and shot toward planet Suzaku.

Even more strands of lightning moved through space.

There were many Outer Realm cultivators in the Brilliant Void. They were often in groups of hundreds or thousands to hunt down the remaining Inner Realm cultivators. All the Outer Realm cultivators were shaken by the rumbling thunder. They didn’t know what was happening, but they could feel that the entire Brilliant Void was filled with thunder!

It was as if all the thunder in the world had found their king after countless years of confusion. Now the thunder king had let out a roar and was calling to them!

All the thunder in the Brilliant Void connected and seemed to form an ocean as the thunder waves surged. They passed by planets, swept through space, and swept past the Outer Realm cultivators.

“What is going on!?”

“This… What the hell is going on!?”

“How did so much thunder surge? Could some thunder treasure have appeared?”

“All of this thunder is going toward one direction. What is going on there?”

“Isn’t planet Suzaku in that direction? Could some shocking change have occurred there!?” An uproar echoed among the many groups of Outer Realm cultivators in the Brilliant Void.

They were confused; they didn’t know what was going on! However, the Brilliant Void was filled with endless thunder. Some landed on people who didn’t dodge fast enough and they died with a miserable scream. This caused the expressions of the Outer Realm cultivators to change greatly.

Divine senses spread out one by one, trying to find the reason.

If one looked from above, they would see endless thunder gathering like crazy toward planet Suzaku, toward Wang Lin, who was next to the Void Gate!

Despair overflowed in Zhou Jin’s eyes; he could hardly believe what he was seeing. He heard muffled roars from all directions. When he looked over, he was stunned.

He saw far too much thunder that had already lit up space itself. It shined brightly as it closed in.

“This… This…” The green-robed young man’s face became pale. Although he was a mid stage Arcane Void cultivator, his scalp still went numb when he saw the endless thunder.

Not only him, even Heaven Master Void God was startled for a moment and disbelief filled his eyes. He didn’t expect Wang Lin’s thunder essence to have such power.

“This is no ordinary thunder essence! This old man has seen third step thunder cultivators, but none like this. This Wang Lin, how did he form his thunder essence to have such power?” Heaven Master Void God’s eyes lit up.

“Hmph, even if it’s all the thunder in the Brilliant Void…” Just as Heaven Master Void God thought this, an even more violent rumble that overpowered the endless thunder from the Brilliant Void rang out. His divine sense spread out, and what he saw caused him to stagger back a few steps.

Heaven Master Void God exclaimed, “Impossible!”

Only one thing could make Heaven Master Void God, one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System, lose himself like this! When his divine sense spread out, he saw the endless thunder closing in.

Heaven Master Void God didn’t care about Wang Lin triggering the thunder of the Brilliant Void. However, he didn’t expect Wang Lin’s roar to trigger the Cloud Sea as well!

In the Cloud Sea, the situation was the same as the Brilliant Void. Bolts of thunder left the continents as if they were heading an ancient call, charging toward the Brilliant Void!

There was also rumbling coming the thin clouds left in the Cloud Sea. Countless bolts of lightning rushed out and connected together. They broke through the barrier to the Brilliant Void and rushed closer.

But this wasn’t the end. After Wang Lin’s roar echoed across the Brilliant Void and the Cloud Sea, it also spread into the Summoned River. Lightning lit up the darkness of space. Countless Outer Realm cultivators saw endless meteors or silver snake-like lightning bolts quickly flashing through the sky.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the Summoneded River. Large amounts of cultivators rushed out from the cultivation planets and stared at the wave-like lightning flashing through space. They were completely stunned.

“What… happened…”

As the thunder and lightning from the Cloud Sea, Brilliant Void, and Summoned River moved, the last to be affected was Allheaven! Allheaven had not been captured and still belonged to the Inner Realm. At this moment, the Inner Realm cultivators were all staring the thunder surging toward Brilliant Void from all directions.

As Wang Lin’s roar to summon thunder echoed across Allheaven, the barrier to the star systems broke. The ancient thunder that acted as the gate to the Thunder Celestial Realm that had not moved for countless years flew off like a silver river. It shot straight for the Brilliant Void!

The Brilliant Void, Allheaven, the Cloud Sea, the Summoned River, the thunder from all four major star systems rushed toward planet Suzaku. Toward the white-haired Wang Lin, who had his hand raised in the air!

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