Chapter 1617 - This is the Immortal Astral Continent

Chapter 1617 - This is the Immortal Astral Continent

“All you pieces of trash, you still haven’t captured this place after all this time? This old man’s avatar is here today. All of you, follow me to take this place!” The old man let out a cold snort before he withdrew his gaze from the Void Gate and stepped toward Planet Suzaku.

This old man was very famous, and almost everyone in the Inner Realm knew him as well. He was one of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System, Heaven Master Void God!

Outside planet Suzaku, a light ripple spread and surrounded the area. The formation around planet Suzaku had been reinforced for dozens of years and was extremely powerful.

As the ripple spread, Heaven Master Void God sneered and stepped toward planet Suzaku. The formation rumbled and changed drastically. It seemed like it was about to collapse.

Behind the old man, the green-robed young man and Zhou Jin recovered from the shock of the Void Gate. However, the trembling in their hearts hadn’t subsided. Zhou Jin looked up at the Void Gate with fear-filled his eyes.

Just as Zhou Jin was about to withdraw his gaze, his eyes suddenly widened. His body trembled once more and he stopped in place and his expression changed greatly.

At the same time, the green-robed young man also looked up at the Void Gate. His mind rumbled and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“The six…. sixth essence!!! There is someone in the world who can have six essences!!!”

Heaven Master Void God’s pupils shrank. He looked at the Void Gate with an extremely gloomy expression.

Within the boundless void, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the fifth essence, true and false, condensed into a seal. His sixth original spell, True and False Eternal Seal.

This seal’s power was also unfathomable!

After releasing five essences, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. His right hand reached out at the void and a crack to his storage space appeared. A sword flew out from within!

This sword was the treasure Qing Shui had created when his slaughter essence formed. This sword was slaughter essence.

Holding this sword, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. He mercilessly squeezed it and the sword collapsed into a dark red mist. This red mist wrapped around Wang Lin.

Wang Lin breathed a few times; it was as if his pores were breathing as well as he inhaled all the mist into his body. This became Wang Lin’s sixth essence!

This sixth essence was the slaughter essence!

As the mist dissipated, Wang Lin’s figure appeared from within. His appearance gave off a powerful killing intent. A raging slaughter aura erupted from his body.

“Today, I, Wang Lin, will use these six essences to break open the Void Gate and reach the third step!” Wang Lin smiled and waved his right hand. The blood light around him collapsed.

The moment the blood light collapsed, Wang Lin put away the madman that was still in a coma. With a wave of his hand, the collapsed, red light condensed back into the drop of blood the Sovereign had separated from his body!

The moment the drop of blood formed, it no longer gave off a blood red light but a dazzling golden light and amazing celestial energy. This drop of blood was the complete Immortal Celestial Body.

After staring at this drop of blood, Wang Lin pressed it between his eyebrows. He didn’t fuse with it but formed a golden dot between his eyebrows. It flashed a few times before disappearing.

“This will become one of my treasures in the future!” Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the void where he had been asleep for more than 70 years. There was reminiscence and reluctance in his eyes along a mighty aura that could shake the world.

Just like this, Wang Lin stepped forward with a sigh. When his step landed, a giant vortex appeared before him. The giant vortex rumbled as if his step was heavy enough to break open this void. The void could not resist Wang Lin and had to collapse.

Just as he was about to enter the vortex and leave, Wang Lin was surprised. The vortex suddenly split into two and two paths appeared.

The two vortexes led to different places. One vortex gave off an aura Wang Lin was familiar with. That was where planet Suzaku was, where he had disappeared.

The other vortex gave off a faint, golden light and dense celestial energy. It attracted the hidden drop of golden blood between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

“That place is…” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he took a closer look. He raised his right hand and pointed at the vortex. The vortex immediately slowed down and Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His divine sense rushed out of the vortex and saw a world outside that shocked him completely.

That place was a boundless earth. There were nine suns in the sky, and they were infinitely large. As they hung there, light shrouded the area.

There were many peaks that were tall and mighty, and there were endless seas with raging waves, along with lakes and rivers. Wang Lin’s divine sense couldn’t cover the entire area; it only covered a tiny portion of this land.

This continent was comparable to countless Inner and Outer Realms!

The amount of celestial energy there was beyond imagination. He didn’t know any of the plants growing there, and there were many small beasts filled with celestial energy running around. They all had powerful cultivation.

He felt various powerful auras there. These auras were extremely powerful and reminded him of the Seven-Colored Daoist he saw in the Seven-Colored Realm!

He saw a ray of light flash through the sky but stop in the air to reveal a little girl wearing blue.

This girl looked only seven or eight years old and was very pretty. Her eyes were flawless, with a hint of curiosity. After looking, her eyes seemed like they could penetrate everything, and she saw Wang Lin.

“Where is this…” Wang Lin’s divine sense looked at everything in a daze. However, as his divine sense observed, a force came from the void and prevented him from spreading his divine sense out more. It also forced his divine sense back so that everything he saw instantly became far away. Wang Lin’s divine sense returned and he was back before the two vortexes in the void.

Looking at the vortex that led to the mysterious world, Wang Lin silently pondered. After a long time, his eyes lit up and he walked toward the vortex that led to planet Suzaku. The moment his feet were about to enter the vortex, the tender voice of a child echoed in his mind.

“Why are you leaving? This is the Immortal Astral Continent… My name is Wa Wa, what’s your name?”

Wang Lin foot stopped, but the voice was blurry. It felt like it was simply too far away and gradually dissipated.

“Immortal Astral Continent!!” Wang Lin turned and looked at the other vortex. This wasn’t the first time he had heard of it. He had heard of it from the madman before.

The madman once said that his hometown was called “Immortal Astral Continent.”

Wang Lin silently pondered and vaguely understood something. He was about to figure out a heaven-shattering secret about the Inner and Outer Realms. However, there was still a thin barrier preventing him from completing this train of thought.

“Immortal Astral Continent, Seven-Color Daoist, Qing Shui, Madman, Sovereign, Old Ghost Zhan, raising heavenly dao… Heaven Defying Bead… And also what Old Ghost Zhan said while talking to the Sovereign, ‘inner cave…’ There is a thread that connects all these things. I don’t know what it is, but once they are connected, that will be the shocking secret of the Inner and Outer Realms!

“Perhap the me before the dream dao was not qualified to know this, but now I do!” A flash of coldness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and he walked toward the vortex leading to planet Suzaku.

His figure immediately fused with the vortex and disappeared.

In the Brilliant Void outside planet Suzaku, the Void Gate that had appeared had six essences around it, making it a peak existence that had never appeared before.

This Void Gate had appeared, but the person that could break it hadn’t walked out yet. It formed a suffocating aura that even Outer Realm cultivators like Heaven Master Void God could feel.

“Damn it, there are actually six essences. Not even the Sovereign could do something like this. If this person can break open the gate, even if he is only at the early stage of Nirvana Void, he could battle Arcane Void cultivators and quickly step through the void realms!!

“If this person is an Inner Realm cultivator, he must be killed!” Killing intent flashed through Heaven Master Void God’s eyes. He no longer looked at the Void Gate that frightened him and stepped toward planet Suzaku.

Although he was only here with an avatar, this avatar was at the early stage of Arcane Void. As he closed in on the formation around planet Suzaku, he raised his right hand, which turned into a purple mist. The purple mist quickly expanded and shot toward the formation around planet Suzaku.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and the formation that had lasted for several months and was on the verge of collapse shattered. As fragments scattered, planet Suzaku had no protection left.

“Slaughter your way in, destroy the planet, and quickly leave.” Heaven Master Void God stepped toward the collapsed formation. He immediately saw the statue that pierced the clouds on planet Suzaku.

Thousands of Inner Realm cultivators surrounded the statue. They were going to fight to the death here.

With a sneer, Heaven Master Void God raised his right hand and was about to destroy the statue. However, just at this moment, his expression changed and he looked at the space next to the Void Gate.

“The person that will attempt to break the gate!”

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