Chapter 1616 - Essences That Shocked Everyone

Chapter 1616 - Essences That Shocked Everyone

“Who is it? Who triggered the Void Gate at this time!?”

“This matter is simply unimaginable, this is… actually… actually…”

“This old man has encountered countless battles, but I’ve never encountered something like this. This is a bit too unbelievable.”

A rumble echoed. The appearance of the Void Gate caused the battle to pause for a moment. Both Inner and Outer Realm cultivators looked at each other, wondering who had triggered the Void Gate.

However, in the end, they didn’t find anything.

As the rumbles continued, the powerful aura from the Void Gate didn’t stop. It continued to pour out, forming an incredibly powerful pressure.

This pressure was extremely powerful. As it spread, it pushed away the cultivators in the battlefield below.

Zhou Jin’s expression changed once more and he instantly turned pale. The pressure coming from the Void Gate was beyond his imagination. Under his pressure, he anxiously retreated and his mind trembled.

“Such powerful Void Gate pressure. This… How many essences is this!? This Void Gate is far more powerful than mine…”

The man in green was also shocked. His eyes became cold and he didn’t retreat under the pressure. Instead, he raised his head and stared at the Void Gate that was becoming even more solid.

Soon, the Void Gate formed completely and covered the area. It gave off a bright glow that lit up the darkness of space!

The pressure the light gave off was like the heavens’ might. This gave the surrounding cultivators an impulse to kneel. They all trembled, and some lower level cultivators who were lacking directly knelt down.

A bolt of thunder rumbled. Endless thunder surrounded the Void Gate and rumbled endlessly. This caused the surrounding space to tremble.

“Thunder essence!” The green-robed young man’s eyes lit up.

Just as he spoke, he saw a sea of fire burn and surround the giant Void Gate. It was fighting against the thunder for the spotlight.

“Fire essence!” The young man’s expression became gloomy.

The moment the fire appeared, an unknown force appeared outside the Void Gate. This power had the ability to suck one’s mind in. It formed a vague mark. This mark looked like a rune, but no one could see it clearly.

This was the Karma Print. Not being able to see it clearly was normal. If you could see it clearly, that meant you would be sucked inside and would likely die.

“This!!! This is the grand karma dao!! Three essences, it is actually three essences. To trigger the Void Gate with three essences, this had never happened before. Who is this!?” The expression of the green-robed young man changed greatly.

Master South Cloud was similarly shocked. Master South Cloud’s cultivation level was very high, and when he felt the three essences from the Void Gate, his expression changed greatly. His mind trembled and his gaze locked onto the Void Gate.

“It really is a third essence! In this wide world, there is someone who can resist the temptation of reaching the third step and have the fortune and comprehension to complete three essences. Once they break open the Void Gate, even if they are only at the Nirvana Void stage, they will be able to kill Spirit Void cultivators!”

Situ Nan, Master Long Pan, and Master Lu Fu were all shocked. The Void Gate that suddenly appeared had shocked them twice in a row. They didn’t know if this was a blessing or a disaster.

“This is similar… How is it so similar to my brother…” Situ Nan’s eyes hid his excitement and expectations. A speculation formed in his heart, causing his heart to beast faster and his excitement to reach a limit.

Wang Lin, who was inside the void, didn’t know any of this. The rumble he heard from the distance was caused by the Void Gate that had appeared outside.

“Life and death essence!” Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position and raised his hands. He closed his eyes slightly.

The void trembled. Outside the blood light around Wang Lin, the fourth essence appeared.

This fourth essence was life and death!

“My left hand is life…” Wang Lin’s words were filled with an unimaginable majesty, as if he was the ruler of the world. As he spoke, a white aura gathered in his left hand and formed a seal.

This seal contained endless life force and the will of the heavens!

“My right hand is death…” A black aura surrounded his right hand and a shocking death aura appeared. This death aura contained the might of the earth! This created a stark contrast with his left hand.

“I, Wang Lin, am the heavens and earth of life and death!” Wang Lin’s hands clapped together before him and his eyes opened. The moment his eyes opened, a light emerged from between his hands and lit up the void.

“Life and Death Seal!”

Wang Lin’s hands separated and the black and white light flew out. They fused to form a life and death seal, and it fused with the other three essences.

This was Wang Lin’s fifth original spell, Life and Death Seal!

The Life and Death Seal was powerful enough to kill the heavens and give life to the earth; its power was unfathomable!

As soon as the fourth essence appeared outside planet Suzaku, the Void Gate rumbled once more. The pressure from the Void Gate caused even more cultivators to kneel. Under this pressure, almost all the cultivators uncontrollably knelt.

The pressure from the Void Gate surged and a strand of black and a strand of white gas appeared. The two strands rotated around the Void Gate and formed what the people outside could see as the fourth essence!

The moment the fourth essence appeared, the first one to collapse was Zhou Jin. His body trembled and he retreated once more. The terror in his eyes eyes had reached an unimaginable degree.

“Four essences! No one in my Outer Realm could trigger the Void Gate with four essences. This is impossible, this is absolutely impossible!!”

The green-robed young man turned pale. Three essences had already shocked him and he faintly felt like that was the limit, but now there was a fourth one.

“Someone with four essences can be considered the child of heaven. If he breaks open the Void Gate with four essences, not even a mid stage Spirit Void cultivator would be his match…. Who the hell is he!?!

“Who has such fortune, such patience, such comprehension? If this person is from the Inner Realm, he must be killed, or the consequences will be endless!!

“Four essences should be the limit. The Void Gate triggered by four essences is already unimaginably powerful. This person is likely to be stopped by the Void Gate!”

But just at this moment, the Void Gate trembled and its pressure suddenly increased. It spread out like a storm, forcing the surrounding cultivators to retreat.

A fifth essence appeared on the Void Gate!

This fifth essence was true and false. After it appeared, it became a blur, as if another Void Gate had appeared behind it. Two Void Gates stood there, and it was difficult for others to tell which was real and which was fake!

“A fifth essence!!! This… This…” The green-robed young man’s expression changed completely. His motionless body retreated several dozen steps as he pointed at the Void Gate. A never-before-seen fear appeared in his eyes.

“Five essences, it is actually five essences. If this person can’t open the Void Gate, then it won’t be an issue, but if he does, he could battle against late stage Spirit Void cultivators!”

The minds of all the nearby cultivators trembled uncontrollably. They were constantly being pushed back by the increasing pressure from the Void Gate.

Master South Cloud’s eyes lit up. He didn’t know which side was triggering the Void Gate, but he knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Brillant Void cultivators, don’t look at the Void Gate, let us charge!” Master South Cloud roared, his voice awakening the thousands of Inner Realm cultivators. Master South Cloud charged at the shocked green-robed young man.

Situ Nan, Master Long Pan, and Master Lu Fu charged forward. They began a frenzied battle against the Outer Realm cultivators as the rumble from the Void Gate echoed.

The thousands of Inner Realm cultivators followed them. In an instant, a bloodbath began!

Just at this moment, a cold snort came from the distance. A cloud of purple mist appeared out of nowhere. It was too fast and instantly entered the battlefield, colliding with Master South Cloud, who was battling against the green-robed young man. A thunderous bang rang out and Master South Cloud’s face turned pale. He was already injured, and just now he was knocked toward planet Suzaku.

“One of the Five Masters of the Ancient Star System!! Quickly, retreat to planet Suzaku and resist with the formation!”

The moment he spoke, the purple mist swept by Situ Nan, Master Long Pan, and Master Lu Fu. Master Lu Fu coughed out a large amount of blood and was knocked back. His body collapsed and his origin soul was very weak as he quickly escaped.

A golden light flashed around Situ Nan. At the most critical moment, he took out the gift Qing Lin had given him. This treasure was a jade, and now the jade collapsed. He coughed out blood and quickly retreated.

Master Long Pan’s body also scattered, and when he reformed, he was almost transparent. Without hesitation, he waved his hand, taking Situ Nan and Master Lu Fu’s origin souls back to planet Suzaku.

As for the thousands of cultivators, they all retreated without hesitation under Master South Cloud’s roar. They all returned to planet Suzaku from all directions.

The purple mist floated there. Then it scattered and an old man walked out. The old man gave off a powerful pressure without being angry. He coldly looked at the Void Gate and his pupils shrank an indiscernible amount.

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