Chapter 1615 - Many Cultivators Witness the Void Gate

Chapter 1615 - Many Cultivators Witness the Void Gate

Karma Print. With Wang Lin’s open hand as the heavens’ karmic cause and closing his palm as the heaven’s karmic effect, the process would be karmic fate! The power of the external karmic fate would form the Karma Print.

Although Wang Lin had just comprehended this, its power was extremely shocking.

In this world, no one understood karma more than him. That mysterious way of thinking, more than 70 years of dreaming, more than 2,000 years of experience, and many other thing allowed him to comprehend this shocking fourth spell when he awakened.

The moment this print appeared, it would be powerful enough to knock someone into the cycle of karma. It was not like the dream dao that slowly changed them; instead, it would set their karma by force in an extremely dominating fashion!

This was a dao spell!

Wang Lin looked at his right hand. As his right hand opened, the power of a grand scholar spread from his body. This aura could terrify ghosts and gods, and it was enough to force back Nirvana Void cultivators.

With this aura, Wang Lin had comprehend the truth of the world; he was the world!

With a wave of his right hand, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light. He gathered the karmic power before him and formed the Karma Print.

This print was not only Wang Lin’s fourth original spell but a sign that his karma essence was complete.

The Karma Print intersected with his thunder and fire essences, forming a ring. The aura of a third step cultivator suddenly erupted several fold.

Three essences were complete. Even if a peak Nirvana Void cultivator were here, they would find it difficult to block a full power attack from Wang Lin! Although essences were difficult to complete, once they are complete, they become very powerful!

The moment the three essences formed, a muffled rumble echoed as if it came from outside the void.

Brillant Void, outside planet Suzaku. Tens of thousands of cultivators had formed a blockade around the planet.

These cultivators were all from the Outer Realm. They all had a marks between their eyebrows and their faces were filled with cruelty and killing intent. There was also a sense of excitement among them.

They surrounded the last power of the Brilliant Void with Master South Cloud taking the lead. They were going to battle to the death.

Master South Cloud originally didn’t want to stay here. However, the cultivators of the Brillant Void had already become exhausted during these decades of struggle. Their eyes were blood-red from the killing, and they didn’t want to evacuate to Allheaven.

In their view, even if they went to Allheaven, it was all pointless!

When the Outer Realm army slaughtered their way to Allheaven, where could they retreat to?

If they were going to die, they were going to die in their hometown. If they were going to fight to the death, then they would fight to the death at the Lord of the Sealed Realm’s hometown, planet Suzaku!

The statue of the Lord of the Sealed Realm stood like a mountain. The cultivators of the Brilliant Void let out smiles as if they had forgotten about death!

Situ Nan was here as well. He should have gone to Allheaven with Qing Lin, but he rushed back. This was planet Suzaku, this was his brother’s hometown, this was where Wang Lin had gone missing. He, Situ Nan, was not willing to leave alone.

“So what if I die?” Situ Nan smiled and his pale hair fluttered as he charged into the Outer Realm cultivators in his purple robe. Over the years, under Qing Lin’s careful teaching and his amazing talent, he had broken open the Void Gate with Qing Lin’s help and became a third step cultivator 30 years ago!

Along with Situ Nan, Thirteen, Big Head, and the others stayed as well. Although their cultivation levels weren’t high enough, they had grown more powerful after many battles. Although they were covered in injuries, they gave off monstrous killing intent.

Among them were also Master Long Pan and Master Lu Fu.

After Master Long Pan awakened, he had a profound memory of Wang Lin and knew that he was the Lord of the Sealed Realm. He knew that planet Suzaku was Wang Lin’s hometown and that Wang Lin had gone missing here.

He didn’t have to come, but Master Long Pan still came. He didn’t bring his disciple, Xuan Zhong, along. He used his power equal to that of an Arcane Void cultivator and used the River and Mountain painting to prevent the Outer Realm cultivators from breaking planet Suzaku.

Master Lu Fu also didn’t return back to Allheaven, even though he was the ancestor of Allheaven. However, over the past few decades, he had witnessed countless deaths and seen far too much. He was deeply moved by Wang Lin, so he silently stayed to fight!

“This old man will battle to the death…” Master Lu Fu’s eyes were filled with madness.

There was another person. This was someone that Wang Lin was familiar with. He was the Azure Dragon Divine Emperor! He hadn’t died, and he appeared a few decades ago with the Four Divine Sect, becoming a force for the Brilliant Void.

Today, he brought many elders of the Four Divine Sect and was going to fight to the death against the Outer Realm cultivators at planet Suzaku.

The Azure Dragon Divine Emperor had disappeared with the Four Divine Sect. Then, a few decades ago, he suddenly reappeared with the Four Divine Sect and began a life and death battle against the Outer Realm.

His cultivation level was already very high in the past. Over the years, although he hadn’t reached the third step, he had reached the peak of the fifth Heaven’s Blight.

Including these people, there were less than 8,000 cultivators protecting planet Suzaku against tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators. However, these 8,000 cultivators had lasted for several months!

Rumbles continued to echo across the stars and the area around planet Suzaku was filled with the smell of blood. The army of tens of thousands of cultivators closed in. Among them were only three third step cultivators.

One of them was a young man in green with a cold expression. Every time he attacked, ice filled the area. If Wang Lin were here, he would recognize him as one of the people that had attacked him.

There was another person: the Heavenly Wolf Clan’s Zhou Jin. After Wang Lin disappeared, he returned to the Outer Realm. He then brought his Heavenly Wolf Clan into the Inner Realm and started a bloodbath as if he was trying to wash away the shame of being Wang Lin’s slave.

Among the two of them, Zhou Jin had the lowest cultivation level. He and Master Lu Fu battled on the left side of planet Suzaku. Countless spells collided, and from afar, one could see a giant blood wolf trying to devour Master Lu Fu but failing.

The young man in green that had comprehended the ice essence had an extremely high cultivation level. He was here with his original body, which was at the mid stage of Arcane Void. By himself, he was forcing Master Long Pan and Situ Nan back.

This was the last battle in the Brilliant Void. The entire Brillant Void had fallen, aside from this place. Only planet Suzaku remained!

At this moment, this war was reaching its end. As the tens of thousands of cultivators pushed in, the thousands of Inner Realm cultivators were being pushed back. They were filled with despair.

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm, glory to the Brillant Void!!” a middle-aged cultivator roared while being pierced by several flying swords. He chose to blow himself up and kill two Outer Realm cultivators with him.

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm, glory to the Brillant Void!!” Even more people roared the same thing in despair. The voices overlapped and fused together. They were the last cries of these people’s lives.

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm has already been killed by us. What glory is there to a dead person?” the young man in green coldly said. He waved his hand and ice rumbled, freezing a large area and forcing Master Long Pan and Situ Nan back.

After hearing “Lord of the Sealed Realm,” a hint of humiliation arose in Zhou Jin’s eyes. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and his killing intent increased.

The surrounding tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators let out a roar in unison. They closed in with a fierce aura around them.

Just at this moment, a rumble came from above this battleground of slaughter. At first, this rumble seemed to come from the distance, but soon it echoed in everyone’s minds.

This sound felt ancient, and the aura to caused the expressions of everyone here to change.

An illusory gate that occupied the entire star domain appeared. This gate was indescribably large, so much so that cultivators were like ants before it!

“The Great Void Gate!!”

“This… This is the Void Gate!!”

The expression of the retreating Situ Nan changed greatly; his eyes were filled with shock. 

“Could it be that one of the Outer Realm cultivators’ essence has reached completion. This… this…”

Master Long Pan’s pupils shrank and there was worry in his eyes.

Master Lu Fu was also startled and quickly retreated. He looked at the giant Void Gate and despair appeared in his eyes.

“Could it really be that easy for Outer Realm cultivators to enter the third step, for their essence to reach completion in this battlefield…”

Zhou Jin was also shocked. His expression changed greatly as he stared at the Void Gate. That familiar aura almost made him lose his wits.

“This… This aura… This is…” He was Wang Lin’s slave and had Wang Lin’s seal on him, so he was more sensitive to this aura then anyone here.

That green-robed young man narrowed his eyes the moment the Void Gate appeared.

“I want to see who among these Inner Realm cultivators has completed their essence. I want that person to die immediately after reaching the third step!”

If these third step cultivators were like this, then there’s no need to talk about the other cultivators. They all stared at the Void Gate with shocked expressions.

They couldn’t imagine how someone could trigger the Void Gate in a situation like this. Whether it was in the Inner or Outer Realm, the appearance of the Void Gate was like a holy event. It meant that someone might become a third step cultivator.

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