Chapter 1614 - Karma Print

Chapter 1614 - Karma Print

In the dark void, the blood light continued to flash for decades. However, the blood light became even more faint as if it would disappear soon.

Even if time passed, no one would notice it. No knew where the time here came from or went.

Aside from silence, there was more silence.

It wasn’t until this day that the white-haired young man opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, a thunderous rumble boomed in this void. This thunder wasn’t strong at first, but soon it reached a peak and could shake the world.

The thunderous rumble seemed like it was going to rip open the dark void and rush out of here. The thunder instantly became violent and echoed across the void.

The thunder was like a wave, and it created countless silver snakes that lit up the void. These endless silver snakes looked like a giant net and shrouded the entire void.

The rumbling and thunder and flashing lightning seemed to be waiting for their king to appear. The thunder roared in excitement; it was excited because their king had finally awakened!

The bolts of lightning rumbled as they flickered; they were also welcoming their king!

A fire storm appeared within the thunderstorm. This fire was nine-colored and rotated in the void, burning menacingly. The nine-colored fire rotated and then the nine colors suddenly turned into one.

The fire was monstrous and spread with the white-haired young man as the center. It burned brightly and seemed to be competing with the thunder and lightning above.

The fire surged as if it were welcoming its king!

The king of thunder and lighting and of the monstrous fire was the white-haired young man, it was Wang Lin!

Wang Lin had fire in his left eye and thunder in his right eye. His eyes were filled with enlightenment, but there was also hidden sorrow from awakening from the dream.

This dream had lasted for more than 70 years. These more 70 years could not be considered a dream but his other life, even if this was a life he had made up. He had used the dao of deception to deceive himself.

The moment he woke up, there was a hint of confusion in his eyes. His left hand was holding the madman’s right wrist and left a golden palmprint.

After a long time, as the thunder and fire raged, the confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes was removed by force. It was replaced with coldness and determination along with the endless killing intent after he remembered everything that had happened!!

“Sovereign, Heaven Master Void God, and those Imperial Celestial Concubines… I, Wang Lin, have awakened!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with endless coldness. He slowly got up and looked at the void outside the blood light.

“I have cultivated for more than 2,000 years. Today, I’ll make the void gate and become a third step cultivator!” Wang Lin pointed ahead.

“Thunder essence!”

The heavenly thunder entangled with the endless lightning. In the blink of an eye, all the thunder and lightning gathered to form a bolt of eternal thunder. It floated outside the blood light, and at the same time, the thunder mark in Wang Lin’s right eye rushed out. It fused with the eternal thunder outside the blood light.

It formed an eternal heavenly thunder print!

This was a thunder print! The nine accompanying thunders rototated nine times around it before they fused with it to form a bolt of thunder essence!

The moment the thunder essence formed, the void was about to collapse. The power from the thunder print was enough to shatter the world. Even the void trembled and ripples spread out, causing the surrounding area to become distorted and unreal.

A terrifying aura came from the thunder. This aura was extremely powerful, powerful enough to cause the sky to change colors. This was thunder, the invincible eternal thunder!

A person who could control this thunder was considered a thunder celestial!

The pressure of a third step cultivator came from the thunder print and surround the area. Just the power from this thunder was enough to shake early stage Nirvana Void cultivators!

After this thunder fused with the accompanying thunders, it turned into a chaotic form. It no longer looked like a bolt of thunder but a chaotic mass.

An chaotic mass of essence from the beginning of the world that would become thunder essence!

This mass had no color. It surrounded the blood light and slowly rotated around Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s right hand pointed out once more.

“Fire essence!”

Wang Lin’s voice was filled with coldness. As he roared, the endless fire surged. The nine colors fused into one to turn into Ethereal Fire. However, as the Ethereal Fire burned, dao intent appeared within.

This fire had suppressed Ethereal Fire and become dao fire. As the fire raged, the aura of a complete fire essence erupted.

All the fire in the void gathered like crazy and formed a fire tattoo formed by countless fire seeds and appeared before Wang Lin.

The fire tattoo looked real, but it was actually an illusion, a complete blur. It was as there were countless auras surrounding it, making it look distorted, but the heat radiating from it was hot enough to burn early stage Nirvana Void cultivators!

Thunder and fire had reached completion!

Just these two essences were enough for Wang Lin to blow open the Void Gate and instantly kill any cultivator that hadn’t reached the peak of Nirvana Void!

“Karma, appear!” The coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes dissipated and was replaced with reminiscence. The aura of a grand scholar, some he had never released outside his dream, spread out.

This aura was not something a cultivator could have. Not even grand scholars who became cultivators could keep this aura. On the path of cultivation, in the world where the weak were food to the strong, they had all changed. They had forgotten what it was like to comprehend the world.

Only by using the dream dao was Wang Lin able to save the aura a grand scholar after waking up. The moment he spoke those words, that aura erupted.

The karma essence was invisible, but it gut gathered in Wang Lin’s right hand. When his palm opened, it was karmic cause, and when his palm closed, it was karmic effect! This right palm would become his fourth original spell!

Karma Print!

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