Chapter 1610 - Origin of Void

Chapter 1610 - Origin of Void

Looking at the bird flying off into the distance, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and looked at the dead volcano for a long time. Then he turned around and slowly walked away.

On this day, it was June of the 19th year since he left Zhao and the 57th year since he had gotten drunk after just two cups of wine at that inn beside the road.

This year, Wang Lin was just short of 80.

Aside from the country of Hou Fen, there were still some other countries on this continent, but Wang Lin didn’t go. The country of Hou Fen would be the last place he visited.

Here in the mountain outside Li Muwan’s sect, there was a broken house. It was built an unknown amount of time ago and no one lived there anymore.

Wang Lin started living here.

From this position, he could see the sect Li Muwan was in and feel her existence.

“What is karma? Don’t think, don’t ponder. Look at the sun rise and fall, see the rain and snow fall, see the seasons alternate. Don’t think about whether this is true or false, don’t think about the confusion between life and death. Just silently live the rest of your life…”

Whether it was sunrise or sunset on the horizon, there was always an old figure sitting on a rock, silently looking into the distant mountain.

“All karma in life is karmic cause as long as you say it is karmic cause, and it is karmic effect as long as you say it is karmic effect… Why bother to find a reason…” Wang Lin remained calm as he looked at the mountain ahead year after year.

He didn’t eat food, and there was no food. He had forgotten hunger, he had forgotten everything.

Wang Lin looked at the world and revealed an elusive smile. During these years, he saw many cultivators fly out of the sect, among them was Li Muwan.

“This world, this starry sky, all of these are formed by clusters of karma. This is karmic fate…” Wang Lin smiled as the days and years passed like a dream.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, it had been seven years. During these seven years, Wang Lin learned a lot and comprehended the world.

During these seven years, Li Muwan’s sect had naturally found Wang Lin, and the elders of the sect slowly came to see him. They saw Wang Lin’s state and heard his occasional muttering. This shocked them.

At some point, Wang Lin was no longer the only one on this mountain. Soon, cultivators began to sit around him.

None of the cultivators that came left.

They calmly sat around Wang Lin as if they were seeking dao.

Year after year, even more cultivators came from Hou Fen, from all directions, from various sects to this place as if something was calling out to them in their hearts.

Among these cultivators, there were some that had not even reached the Foundation Establishment stage, some were at the Soul Transformation stage, and there was one who had stepped through the sky and reached the Ascendant stage. But no matter what cultivation level they were at, they didn’t exist to Wang Lin.

No matter what cultivation level, they only had to sit down on a spot in the mountain. There was no more and no less space, so there was no fighting over spots. They all silently sat there and listened to Wang Lin, who may only speak once a year.

When Wang Lin didn’t speak, they were cultivating. It was as if an invisible force that allowed their minds to pursue the world was present here.

“All the karmic fate gathers together and eventually becomes a karmic effect. This is karma. In the decades that I spent comprehending karma, I found that between karmic cause and karmic effect, there was something else, that is karmic fate.

If there is no karmic fate, there is no karma.” Wang Lin had a smile as he opened his mouth this year.

Even more cultivators sat on the mountain. Soon, there wasn’t even any space at the foot of the mountain. The dozens of kilometers around the mountain Wang Lin was on was filled with cultivators.

Almost all the cultivators on this continent slowly found their way here from a strange feeling over the years. The area within hundreds of kilometers of the mountain was covered in countless cultivators who were here to worship Wang Lin.

Some cultivators crossed the sea from another continent or came through transfer arrays. This included the Soul Refining Sect’s Dun Tian, Nian Tian, and a large amount of Soul Refining Sect disciples.

There was also the cultivators of Xue Yue. Under the lead of the cold woman, they had arrived due to that strange feeling. They sat down and silently seeked dao.

The cold woman was holding a baby girl that seemed like she would never grow up.

The four country alliance, Zhou Wutai, and all those faces Wang Lin was familiar with all arrived.

Yun Quezie still had that sloppy appearance as he sat down in the distance.

Teng Huayuan, Huang Long, Xu Fei, Zhou Rui, even Wang Zhou, and many other Wang Lin didn’t know arrived. They sat down in the distance and looked toward Wang Lin.

In the end, even Zhu Quezi broke through the void and arrived. He silently pondered above Wang Lin for a long time before finding an open space and sitting down.

“Liu Mei and I meeting and creating karma was all because of karmic fate…

“The connection between the Soul Refining Sect and I is also karmic fate.”

“Whether it is Red Butterfly or everything else in the world, karma is like this. Even in this world, everything is still true. Fate, fate, fate…

“This fate is an external force. Due to its interference, there is karmic cause, and they combine to form karmic effect. Like a man and woman having a kid together. The man and woman are karmic cause. They come together due to karmic fate, and the child they give birth to is karmic effect.” Wang Lin smiled and sighed softly.

At this moment, a person walked out of the sect in the mountain. This person was still the same as before, wearing a white robe with a green silk shawl around her shoulder. She revealed a gentle expression. It was Li Muwan.

“Come.” Wang Lin looked even older, but an aura of the heavens and earth came from this body. It was as if he had become the earth and the heavens during these years of comprehension.

He extended his right hand and called out to Li Muwan. Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with a tender gaze; even his voice contained a hit of longing.

Li Muwan’s eyes were filled with confusion, but a feeling came from her heart that made Wang Lin feel very familiar. This sense of familiarity seemed to be engraved in her heart and would follow into the reincarnation cycle.

Even if it was thousands or tens of thousands of reincarnation cycles, even if she drank thousands or tens of thousands of Grandma Meng’s Soup [1] she wouldn’t forget! However, there seemed to be a seal blocking her from remembering it all. It seemed to want to cut them apart. 

She unconsciously arrived next to Wang Lin, and Wang Lin pulled her hand. She sat down on the rock with him under the gazes of the countless cultivators within hundreds of kilometers.

“However, karma started by fate will eventually disappear from the world. This is void. The reason it is disappearing is because it needs to exist first. If it doesn’t exist, it also can’t disappear. If there is no disappearance, then it is void… This is also something I understood from the end of karma.

But ending or not, existing or not, this isn’t the end, it is void…”

Wang Lin smiled and his left hand landed between Li Muwan’s eyebrows.

This point seemed to hold no power, but the moment it landed, the seal on her mind collapsed. Li Muwan’s body trembled and she became the first person to awaken their memory in his made-up world.

“Wang Lin…” Li Muwan’s eyes were filled with tears and two streams of tears flowed down. She looked at Wang Lin’s old face as she raised her hand to touch his face, and even more tears flowed out.

However, these tears contained a sense of joy and warmth. She didn’t care about Wang Lin’s old age; she tightly hugged him.

“I don’t exist, all of this doesn’t exist, that’s why the word ‘disappear’ exists… This contains true and false, life and death...

“Karma, true and false, and life and death all actually came from the void… And the next line, if I say it, this dream will end…” Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan as he calmly spoke.

This was a sleepless dream. From when he became drunk as a young in that inn in Zhao, it had been more than 60 years.

More and more cultivators began to gather around the mountain until all the cultivators that Wang Lin had met in his dream, even those he had only seen once, arrived. They all silently looked at the two people on the mountain.

Time seemed to last forever. It was unknown how much time had passed as Wang Lin held Li Muwan. They sat there watching sunrises and sunsets together and counted the years with each other.

“Karma, it can’t be cut because it is void… Karma is karma. Fate gathers to be scattered in the void.” Wang Lin’s voice echoed across the world, which turned into countless willow leaves. They didn’t know where they came from or where they would go.

They slowly floated in the sky and slowly fell down on the cultivators nearby as if they had found the records of their lives.

Two willow leaves glued together slowly fell before Wang Lin and Li Muwan. It was as if their hands were held together and would never separate.

“Your sad appearance from that day was imprinted in my heart the moment I closed my eyes...

In this dream, I’ll accompany you and watch you as you leave, watch you as you wake up… I’ll still be in the dream, waiting for you…” Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin with her tender gaze. She stroked Wang Lin’s wrinkled face and softly murmured.

1. Basically the myth is when you die and get reincarnated into your next life you drink this soup to forget everything about your previous life before being reincarnated.

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