Chapter 1595 - Soul Refining Sect’s Karmic Cause

Chapter 1595 - Soul Refining Sect’s Karmic Cause

At this time, there were a lot of scholars from villages, towns, and cities all over the country of Zhao heading to the capital for the imperial exam. They were alone, like Wang Lin, or in groups three to five, heading to the 49 province capitals. Only after passing this exam could they head to the city of Su to take the second exam.

The city of Su had become famous due to one person. His name was Su Dao, the country of Zhao’s head scholar. His existence had caused the city of Su to become the capital of scholars in the country of Zhao.

The person that stood out the most in the exam in the city of Su would become the Chosen Su. All the Chosen Sus would go to the capital of Zhao, where they would either soar into the sky or quietly leave.

Wang Lin walked along the road, carrying the expectations from his parents and his own vision of the future. Behind him was the middle-aged man, now wearing new clothes. He had a bamboo backpack on his back and he hummed a song he had heard in some unknown place. He looked very relaxed.

The sky was grey, but there was no rain. However, the trace of water on the official road gave off a chilly aura. The soil and water seemed to fuse together, making the path very muddy.

Originally, it would only take a bit over half a day to reach the city, but Wang Lin and the middle-aged man didn’t see the city until dusk.

The sunset released bursts of orange light that pierced through the clouds and landed on the city. At a glance, it gave off the sense of a road leading to the end.

“Finally here.” Wang Lin let out a big breath and wiped away the sweat on his forehead. Along the way, he had experienced a lot of things. Thinking back, even he found it very strange.

“Big Fortune, the city is ahead of us. We are going to stay there for a while.” Wang Lin smiled and looked at the book boy behind him.

“I don’t like that name…” The middle-aged man shook his head with a bitter expression.

“I think it’s very good, that name is good.” Wang Lin laughed and led Big Fortune to the city gate. After taking out the token he got from the village, they were examined by the soldiers and allowed inside.

Although it was dusk, the city was still lively. There were many people on the street; they were scholars that had come from all over for the exam. Wang Lin arrived a bit late, so he and Big Fortune didn’t find any open rooms even after checking four or five inns. 

Seeing the sky become darker and darker, Wang Lin became anxious. Luckily, the last inn had one empty room. Although the price was a bit high, thunder started rumbling across the sky. The rain that had stopped showed signs of appearing once more. Wang Lin clenched his teeth and had Big Fortune take out the silver.

Big Fortune took out the silver he had been holding for Wang Lin. His heart ached as he took out a bit and unwillingly handed it over while muttering to himself.

“Not much silver… Heartache… I seem to have experienced something before and know that silver is very important…”

As he muttered, the waiter looked at Wang Lin and the middle-aged man with scorn. He lazily led them to the guest room. He had see many scholars like Wang Lin. Some were generous and others were very poor like Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had a simple personality. Although he had noticed the waiter’s expression, he didn’t take it to heart.

The room wasn’t big, but it was suitable for two people. However, a musty smell wafted out of the room when the door was opened, causing Wang Lin to frown. This kind of smell was unavoidable in this season unless it was a very good inn.

After eating some simple food, Wang Lin lied on the bed with his cloth and looked at the oil lamp on the table. He could hear Big Fortune’s loud snoring.

The bedding gave off a sense of moisture, and it was very uncomfortable to lie in. After tossing around for a long time, Wang Lin still couldn’t sleep, so he got up with a sigh. Big Fortune continued to snore as Wang Lin sat down at the table. He took out a book and began reading using the lamp on the table.

As he read, thunder rumbled in the sky and lightning flashed. This thunder was very intense. This thunder didn’t dissipate but lasted for a long time. The continuous rumbles awakened many people in the city.

The wind blew even more strongly, making it seem as if the sky above the city was torn open. Endless wind howled and swept the earth. Large amounts of muddy sand were blown into the air and rain continued to hit the window of every home.

Popping sounds came from the window in Wang Lin’s room as if the wind was going to break through. Wang Lin wasn’t able to focus on reading. He frowned and raised his head.

Just at this moment, the window was suddenly violently pushed opened by the wind. The two shutters started to hit the frame around them. The gusts of wind also brought in water through the window.

The fire on the table was extinguished and the room went dark. Wang Lin’s hair was blown by the wind and even his clothes fluttered violently. As the rain and wind invaded the room, even the book in Wang Lin’s hand was almost blown away.

Wang Lin exclaimed and quickly got up. He faced the wind and walked up to the window to close it. Just as he got close, thunderous rumbles echoed. It seemed like this violent sound was coming from the window, which shook Wang Lin’s mind.

Just at this moment, a bolt of lightning flashed before Wang Lin. A bright light flashed, shrouding the sleeping city.

At this moment, Wang Lin saw a small portion of the city in the dark night. When he saw this, he was startled.

He saw the white bird that he had seen in his dream on the way here. The white bird circled amidst the wind and thunder.

It seemed to notice Wang Lin’s gaze. The white bird looked at Wang Lin. At this moment, their gazes met.

The thunder became even more intense and lightning flashed nonstop. As the sky flickered with the light from the lightning, Wang Lin’s mind rumbled. He remained still, feeling as if some thoughts were slowly gathering in his mind. These thoughts eventually turned into a blurry voice.

That voice was filled with confusion and sounded ancient. It echoed inside Wang Lin’s mind.

“Karma… What is karma… Karma, what is it…”

Wind blew into the window and continued to hit Wang Lin’s body. He stood in front of the window and allowed the wind to hit him, the rain to fall, the thunder to rumble, the lightning to flash. In his eyes, everything in the world beside that white bird had disappeared.

The bird flapped its wings and turned into a ray of light that charged toward Wang Lin. It closed in in an instant and landed on the window. It closed its wings and silently looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at it for a long time.

Wang Lin murmured, “Is it you talking to me…”

“Karma, what is it…” Confusion appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. The bird looked profoundly at Wang Lin before it flew off the window. It circled a few times in the sky before letting out a cry and disappearing into the dark clouds.

Although it had left, the thunder in the sky continued to rumble. As the rumbles became even more intense, they seemed to disturb Wang Lin’s thoughts. He subconsciously frowned and pointed outside with this finger.

With this, there was flash of thunder in his right eye. As the mark flashed, the thunder in the sky stopped. It was as if there was a will beyond the thunder that caused it to retreat.

It was as if this will was the king of thunder and could control endless thunder. If it wanted the thunder to retreat, the thunder had to retreat! Even the endless lightning seemed to have extinguished with this point of his finger.

Even wind collapsed before this finger and was pushed back. Along with it went the rain, The rain seemed to have a spirit, and it was terrified. In the blink of an eye, the rain stopped.

What stopped was only the rain above the city. Under the pressure the will that was like the king of thunder, all the rain in the country of Zhao seemed to stop. The thunder collapsed, the lightning shattered, and the dark clouds dissipated.

There were cultivators flying in the sky of Zhao, including Wang Zhuo, Xu Fei, Zhou Rui, and company. They had been flying in the rain, but they were all shocked and terrified at this moment. Before him was an old man. The old man looked back, and endless shock filled his eyes.

“This aura… My god, what kind of cultivation level is this?!”

In the other side of Zhao, two rays of light appeared when the dark clouds collapsed, revealing a man and a woman. The woman was Liu Mei. Her face was pale and she looked back with confusion in her eyes. The expression of the man next to her changed greatly and he almost exclaimed out loud.

Also in the country of Zhao, in the city of Teng, the Teng family Nascent Soul old monster, Teng Huayuan, was cultivating. At this moment, he opened his eyes upon feeling something frightening.

At the peak of the Heng Yue Sect, there was an old man in a yellow robe looking at the sky and frowning. He was Huang Long, but at this moment, his expression was very serious. His hand continued to form seals until it trembled and blood flowed out from his nails. His eyes revealed a strange color, as if he didn’t dare to believe it.

“This… How is this possible?!”

In a place far away on planet Suzaku, there was a strong sect. This sect was strong enough to sweep across all rank 5 countries. This sect was filled with souls, and the howling of ghosts echoed. From a distance, it looked like a giant flag!

There was a person sitting in the sky filled with souls. He was a middle-aged man, and he was Dun Tian’s senior brother.

“I can’t find it… This old man has divinated 37 times and hasn’t succeeded once. Could it be that my Soul Refining Sect really has no hope left…”

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