Chapter 1592 - Life is Like a Play, Who Am I?

Chapter 1592 - Life is Like a Play, Who Am I?

The girl in purple gently nodded and got up with the girl in green. Just as they were about to leave, she turned to look at Wang Lin as if she wanted to engrave his appearance in her heart.

Just as she was about to leave, the girl in purple hesitated for a moment. The girl in green had already left the boat and was flying using the attraction spell.

“Senior Sister, let us go.” The girl’s voice echoed through the rain.

The girl looked at Wang Lin’s body that was trembling and shrunk into a corner and silently walked over. Her jade-like hand touched her bag of holding and a thick coat appeared in her grasp. She gently covered Wang Lin with the coat and murmured,

“Is it really in the past life…” The girl sighed and left.

The rain became more and more intense.

The rain fell as the lonely boat floated on the river, giving off an inexplicable feeling. This was the aura of loneliness...

Ripples echoed in the water as the boat drifted down the river. The boat gradually went further and further away and gradually disappeared into the lonely night. Only the faint lamp in the boat could still be seen wobbling in the darkness.

From afar, the wobbling fire from the boat was like a lonely leaf floating down the river as it gradually sailed to the end of a dream...

The sound of rain hitting the boat continued, but Wang Lin was having a sweet dream under the canopy.

The coat around his body had a faint fragrance that entered his nose and was brought into his dream.

“Xu Fei… Senior Sister Zhou Si… Wang Zhuo… Wang Hao… Zhang Hu…” Wang Lin murmured in his sleep. If those two girls hadn’t left and heard Wang Lin’s words, they would be shocked!

But now they couldn’t hear him.

Wang Lin’s dream was like another life. In that dream, he saw Xu Fei in the Heng Yue Sect and also Senior Sister Zhou… On the mountain of the Heng Yue Sect, there was also a white bird that flashed by...

After a long time, the little candle flame gradually extinguished and became one with the night.

The rain stopped early in the morning. The horizon gradually brightened, but it hadn’t completely scattered the darkness. The world was still dim, and it seemed to make people’s mood dim as well.

The rain overnight had caused the river to rise a bit higher. Although it was difficult to notice with the naked eye, the shore of the river made it very obvious.

The rain fell on the soil and formed large amounts of mud that flowed into the river. A boat slowly floated down the river and got closer and closer to the shore.

In the end, the boat ran into the mud on the shore and stopped.

Inside the canopy, Wang Lin’s head hit the wall of the boat when it hit the shore. He opened his eyes in pain and confusion as he slowly remembered what happened last night. However, looking around, the two girls from before were gone without a trace.

Last night was like a dream. The beautiful figures of those two girls lingered in Wang Lin’s mind.

“Was it an illusion…” Wang Lin was confused and looked at the coat covering him. It obviously belonged to a girl. He gradually awakened.

However, in his mind, aside from the two girls’ figures, there was also that extremely real dream. He saw those two girls in that dream.

All of this confused Wang Lin greatly. The candlestick had extinguished a while ago. This made the inside of the canopy barely visible.

After a long time, Wang Lin walked out from the canopy and looked at the dim world. The surroundings were hazy, so he couldn’t see too far. The wind blew by, and while it was cold, it also allowed him to smell the fragrance of the soil. He let out a deep breath.

Could it really have been a dream…” Wang Lin stood at the bow. After the rain stopped, the area was extremely silent. This silence made it seem as if Wang Lin was the only one left in this world.

Looking around, Wang Lin felt a sense of loneliness spreading from his body for some unknown reason. As he looked at the dim sky, this sense of loneliness became even stronger.

The wind blew by, causing his black hair to flutter behind him. The wind couldn’t flatten the folds on his clothes.

“A bit cold…” Wang Lin lowered his head. He didn’t know why that sense of loneliness had suddenly become so strong. This loneliness made him think of home, of his parents, of everything.

And also of that woman he couldn’t seem to remember...

It seemed like an invisible force had gathered in his body and caused two streams of tears to flow.

“Why would I… cry…” Wang Lin raised his hand and wiped away a drop of tear that was like a drop of rain. Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with endless sadness and sorrow that he didn’t even notice himself...

“What’s wrong with me…” Wang Lin lowered his head and sat down, ignoring the wet surface of the boat. In the serenity of the dawn, tears fell and fused with the wet surface of the boat.

This feeling, like he was the only one left in the world, was very familiar to him. It was as if he had felt like this for a long time, walking silently through the world and savoring this sense of loneliness by himself.

Wang Lin gradually entered a trance as if there was an abyss before him. This abyss had endless suction force that seemed to be able to drag the sky down into it. Deep inside the abyss, there was a crack, and a lonely figure sat inside.

That place was also very quiet, with only the sound of the suction force. The lonely figure had its back toward him. Although Wang Lin couldn’t see the face of the figure, he could feel the loneliness and sadness from the figure.

In a trance, he saw a young man wearing white with white hair silently walking through the stars. His figure also gave off a sense of loneliness.

He saw a lot, and the tears from his eyes gradually fell. This sadness came from his soul and this world. It was as if this world was his soul, his dream. At this moment, he found this familiar sense of silence and loneliness here.

Under the dim sky, Wang Lin looked at the water for a long, long time...

It wasn’t until the cold wind blew by again, causing him to feel very cold, that he subconsciously lifted his left hand and pointed at the candlestick not far away. The candle slowly ignited.

Wang Lin didn’t even realize this himself. His eyes were filled with sadness and the sorrow that came from nowhere as if it was eternal.

In this silence and dimness, the burning candlestick slowly lit up the surrounding area as it flickered. Although it was weak, it gave off a sense of warmth as it struggled to burn.

Looking from far away, the figure on the boat gave off a sense of desolation.

As time passed, the sky gradually light up. The darkness scattered from the earth, river, and boat. The surroundings gradually cleared up and the what was in the distance became clear.

Only the rolling, black clouds still moved through the sky. A bird that was like a dot flew off from the mountain and rushed into the black clouds. After piercing through, it flew around a few times before it flew toward Wang Lin.

Soon, the bird closed in and Wang Lin raised his head to look at the white bird. The white bird seemed to look down at Wang Lin. Wang Lin could notice a detectable trace of sadness, and that startled him as the bird disappeared into the distance.

When the bird left, the sorrow in Wang Lin’s heart slowly dissipated. The fire on the candlestick slowly extinguished. 

“What’s wrong… with me.” Wang Lin seemed to have awakened and stared at the drop of tear that was still on his finger. He watched as the crystal drop of tear fall.

After a long time, Wang Lin stood up and packed up his things with that confusion and inexplicable sadness. He put the girl’s coat in his backpack and walked off the boat.

The moment he walked off the boat, he looked back at the boat before walking off into the distance.

However, just at this moment, a howl came from the rolling clouds in the distance. The moment this shocking sound rang out, Wang Lin subconsciously looked up and saw an unimaginable scene.

Ray rays of light that seemed to be able to pierce the heavens flashed through the black clouds. One of the rays of light suddenly stopped above Wang Lin, revealing a woman wearing blue. She looked down and her gaze met Wang Lin’s gaze.

“Eh…” Confusion appeared in her eyes.

A handsome young man walked out from the other ray of light and gently asked, “What’s wrong, Junior Sister Liu?” 

“Nothing, I feel like I have seen that scholar somewhere before…” The woman shook her head and flew off into the distance.

“A mere mortal. We should quickly go meet with Teacher and go to the place that released the golden light.” The young man looked at Wang Lin before withdrawing his gaze and looking at the woman.

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