Chapter 1591 - When You Don’t Wake Up

Chapter 1591 - When You Don’t Wake Up

The young girl was wearing a bright green dress and looked very beautiful. The pole of the umbrella looked like a tree trunk and even the canopy looked like leaves. The thin lines looked like the veins of the leaves. Overall, it was very strange.

The girl’s skin was pink and very beautiful. With her eyebrows locked and her eyes glaring, she gave off a different sense of beauty.

At this moment, the rain curtain was dividing the girl and Wang Lin as the raindrops fell into the river, splattering everywhere. As the rain fell, the sky and earth seemed to become one. Even the green mountains in the distance no longer looked like anything but part of the scenery.

As Wang Lin looked at all of this, his face suddenly turned red.

This was the first time he had left the mountain village, and he had never seen a girl this pretty. Comparing his playmates in the village to this girl was like comparing mortals to immortals.

The girl originally had a gloomy expression, but after seeing Wang Lin stare at her and then turn red, she couldn’t help but smile. Her mind like the weather, always changing.

“Hey, bookworm, you’ve seen enough.” The girl smiled and even her voice sounded like crisp bells. It swirled within the rain and entered Wang Lin’s ears.

Wang Lin’s face, which was filled with a scholarly aura, became even more red, to the point that even the bases of his ears were red. He quickly bowed at the girl on the boat.

“It was rude, I hope Lady won’t mind.”

The girl’s laughter echoed. Looking at Wang Lin’s silly expression, she was about to speak when a soft and gentle voice came from inside the boat.

“Junior Sister!”

As the voice echoed, the corner of the canopy of the boat was opened by a jade-like hand, revealing the girl’s delicate figure. When the girl’s face entered Wang Lin’s eyes, the rain in the world seemed to pause. 

A purple dress and eyes as bright as the moon. It was as if her appearance had caused the world to lose all color, as if her appearance had sucked all the light from the world. It was as if she was the only thing that existed in this world.

She was very beautiful, but there was a hint of sadness in her eyes. They seemed to contain sadness, exhaustion, and hesitation. Anyone who saw these eyes would feel pity rise in their heart.

They also contained a hint of annoyance as she looked at the girl in green.

The girl in green smiled and pulled the girl in purple. She pointed at Wang Lin and her voice was like a songbird.

“Senior Sister, this scholar is really rude. First, he spoke rudely and then stared at me. But he looks kind of dumb and is interesting.”

The girl in purple smiled and her gaze followed the rain toward Wang Lin, who was hiding from the rain on the shore. When she saw him, she was startled for a moment. After taking a closer look, there was a flash of confusion in her eyes.

“I feel like… I’ve seen him  somewhere before…”

Wang Lin’s face became even more red as he was being watched by these two women. He coughed a few times and clasped his hands once more, not knowing what to say. He quickly turned away to look at the mountain and dark clouds to calm his rapidly beating heart.

“Wang Lin, ah, Wang Lin, you have read so many books, how can you look at two girls like that? It’s best to be calm. Once the rain stops, I should continue on my way.” Wang Lin took a deep breath of the rainy air and slowly calmed his heart.

The girl in purple looked at Wang Lin for a moment and softly said, “Sir, I fear that the rain will last through the night until tomorrow. Since it is fate we meet, how about you come aboard and take shelter from the rain? There will be a place to say at the next station.”

Although her words were light, they penetrated the rain and spread out.

“This…” Wang Lin hesitated for a bit and looked up at the sky. The dark clouds were covering the sky and the rain didn’t seem like it would stop any time soon. It might really last the night.

“We are allowing you take shelter on our boat from the rain with good intentions and you still hesitate? Do you think we will eat you or something?” The girl in the bright green dress saw Wang Lin hesitate and stared at him.

“Junior Sister.” The girl in purple looked helplessly at the girl in green.

Wang Lin smiled bitterly and nodded as he picked up his bamboo backpack. He held the umbrella as he walked through the muddy path toward the shore.

The water and soil had fused together. As his steps fell, mud dyed the edge of his pants. The rain had made the ground slippery, and the shore was a bit slanted. While walking toward the river bank, Wang Lin slipped and was about to fall.

A burst of fragrance flowed into his nose and Wang Lin’s falling body was supported by a delicate body. It was the girl in purple. Her feet gently kicked off the ground and jumped in a beautiful arc onto the boat with Wang Lin.

“Many thanks, my lady.” Wang Lin stood on the boat, his face bright red.

“Sir, you don’t need to be polite. Please, sit.” The girl in purple loosened her hand and sat down with a giggle. The girl in green put away her umbrella and sat down next to the girl in purple and began to observe Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s heart pounded. From his birth to now, he had never been this nervous. He sat opposite of the two girls after putting down his bamboo backpack. His forehead was already covered in sweat from embarrassment.

“Sir, you don’t need to be nervous.” When the girl in purple saw Wang Lin’s appearance, she smiled. She raised her hand and lit up the candle.

The fire flashed and lit up the room.

The more the girl in green looked at Wang Lin’s expression, the more interesting she found him. This caused Wang Lin to feel even more embarrassed.

“This scholar is named Wang Lin. I greet you two ladies. Thank you for allowing me to stay on the boat.” Wang Lin took a deep breath before he got up and clasped his hands at the two girls.

The boat leisurely floated down the river as the rain fell. Although the three were sheltered from the rain, the sound of the rain hitting the canopy could still be heard. The sound of the rain hitting the boat and the river gradually fused together into a wonderful, spring song.

From afar, as the sky darkened, the boat gradually became hidden inside the rain. A gentle light came from the boat and gave off an inexplicable sense of warmth in the cold spring rain.

“Wang Lin… Why do I feel like I have seen him somewhere before… Even his name feels very familiar…” The girl in purple looked at Wang Lin and the confusion from before appeared again.

“Eh? Your name is Wang Lin? I feel like I’ve heard that name before…” The girl in green carefully looked at Wang Lin and pondered.

The girl in green thought for a long time and finally raised her head. She smiled at Wang Lin and said with her beautiful voice, “Strange, I don’t think I have ever seen you before and I’ve never heard your name before…”

“My name is Xu Fei, and this is my Senior Sister Zhou. As for her name, you should ask yourself.” Xu Fei winked, looking very cute.

“This one is named Zhou Rui,” the girl in purple said softly. There was still confusion in her eyes, especially since even Xu Fei felt that Wang Lin’s name was familiar. She just couldn’t figure out why.

As time passed and the clouds in the sky thinned, the moon would sometimes appear but would soon be covered again.

The rain became stronger and stronger and the sound of raindrops falling replaced everything. The wind blew in moisture and caused the candle fire to wobble.

Wang Lin felt cold, but he saw that the two girls looked normal, as if they hadn’t noticed the cold wind at all. The rain rattled and the world outside the curtain was dark.

As Wang Lin looked, he suddenly entered a trance.

In the dark night and quiet river, it felt like this boat was the only thing that remained. The two beautiful girls in the boat gave off a feeling that none of this was real.  

Wang Lin’s body felt cold during his trance. His vision blurred and he felt sleepy, but he held himself back. He leaned against the wall and slowly said, “You two ladies refer to each other as junior and senior sister. Lady Zhou also leaped onto the boat carrying me. You two must be experts in the martial arts world.” 

“We are not people from the martial arts world. You are really interesting, Bookworm. We are people who cultivate toward immortality, real immortals…” The vague voice seemed to come from farther and farther away as Wang Lin became even more sleepy.

He faintly felt as if someone was speaking about the Heng Yue Sect...

“Am I dreaming again…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and passed out.

The boat shook gently and even the candlestick shook. The girl in green looked at the girl in purple with a confused expression.

“Senior Sister, he is only a mortal. Why did you use a spell to make him sleep?”

The girl in purple looked at the sleeping Wang Lin. After a long time, she softly said, “I must have seen this person before! However, I just can’t remember where. Even you said his name sounded familiar.”

“Wang Lin… Wang Lin…” The girl in the bright green dress frowned and there was also confusion in her eyes.

A moment later, the girl in purple shook her head and sighed. “Forget it, let’s not think about this matter. Perhaps we met in a previous life…”

“Previous life?” The girl in the green dress laughed and looked at the dark sky outside.

“Senior Sister, it’s about time. We have to go meet with Wang Zhuo. This time the sect master noticed a golden light from the east and calculated that a treasure might be born. A lot of sects might go searching. Although our cultivation levels aren’t high enough to participate, it will be a good experience.”

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