Chapter 1589 - Dream of Celestial or Celestial Dream!

Chapter 1589 - Dream of Celestial or Celestial Dream!

Planet Suzaku gave off a gentle light. From afar, it looked peaceful. Only an invisible speck of dust collapsed and released a slight sound.

That dust particle was the location of Wang Lin’s calamity...

After Old Ghost Zhan disappeared, more and more ripples echoed around planet Suzaku. Soon, ripples covered the whole sky and figures anxiously walked out. Master Hong Shan, Master South Cloud, Qing Lin, Qing Shui… etc.

They didn’t appear at once but one after another. Powerful divine senses swept the area until they locked onto the collapsed dust particle. Everyone silently pondered.

They couldn’t feel Wang Lin’s aura. Just like when Wang Lin went missing back then, it was as if he was dead.

Master Hong Shan’s eyes were filled with sorrow. After a long time, he softly said, “He is not dead.” 

“The great battle is about to begin, the Outer Realm will spread this.” Qing Lin let out a sigh as he looked at the collapsed dust particle. The image of Wang Lin from the past flashed before his eyes.

Qing Shui looked up at the stars in the distance and his gaze became extremely cold. A killing essence aura spread out from his body and shrouded the area.

“I’ll replace him… And station myself at the Cloud Sea’s battle station.” Qing Shui closed his eyes and his face gradually changed. Eventually, he took Wang Lin’s appearance and even his cold temperament became similar to Wang Lin’s.

He gave up on finding his daughter and his freedom. He chose to take Wang Lin’s appearance and become a symbol at the battle station in the Cloud sea.

“Junior Brother, I’ll get revenge for you… As for everyone involved in this matter, if I have even the glimmer of a chance, I’ll give it my all to get revenge for you!!” Qing Shui closed his eyes to hide his sorrow.

Many people who had arrived here knew well that Wang Lin couldn’t avoid this calamity. They knew the Outer Realm had planned for a long time to avoid their detection and launch his attack.

It would be very difficult for Wang Lin to avoid it, and he was likely dead...

As the silence continued, everyone gradually dispersed. However, the anger in their hearts burned brighter and brighter...

Planet Suzaku in the distance still gave off a gentle light, as if it would stay like this forever. All the people Wang Lin was familiar with were still immersed in their own world; they still didn’t know what had happened here.

Zhou Wutai was still sitting on the Suzaku statue, silently drinking wine.

In imperial city in the country of Zhao, that old house and yard were still there. The tomb remained lonely, only that weeping and grieving figure was gone.

Only a few empty wine jugs sat on the ground; there was no longer any wine from the Ceng family inside.

Only the giant statue holding the heaven splitting axe and looking at the sky remained. It seemed to become an eternal existence...

Several days later, a cold-looking young man silently stood under the statue. He slowly knelt down and kowtowed as tears flowed down the corners of his eyes.

“Teacher, Thirteen will announce that he is your disciple when I’m in the limelight and under everyone’s gazes!!”

Several days later, a beautiful woman came with teary eyes and a slightly old tiger. She gently stroked the statue as her tears flowed down her cheeks and fell on the ground.

“Uncle… I’m Zhou Ru… I’m Little Ru Er…”

Several days later, a burly man laughed before the statue. He laughed and laughed until tears flowed down from his eyes. He held two jugs of wine as if he wanted to get drunk with the statue.

After getting drunk, the burly man began to cry.

“If I didn’t guide you down the path of cultivation… If we didn’t meet back then… If I had taken away the Heaven Defying Bead back then… If you were still a naive teenager back then…”

Several days later, a gorgeous woman stood before the statue. She stood there for a long, long time. She looked at the statue as sun rose and set.. After several cycles, she silently left. Two drops of tears fell as she turned, shattering when they fell on the ground.

She was Mu Bingmei.

Several days later, a woman wearing a pink, water pattern skirt arrived on planet Suzaku looking exhausted. She looked at the statue and recalled the past.

“Lord doesn’t know me, but I know Lord!”

Several days later, several months later… The passage of time seemed to be forgotten like the void. There was no beginning or end, only two broken bodies...

This place was a dark void with no life or objects. The silence here seemed to have existed forever. In this void, there was a faint blood-colored light that formed a circle. Inside this circle, Wang Lin’s body was collapsing on a wide scale; it was covered in scars.

Beside him, the madman’s eyes were closed, but his face was ashen. There were no injuries on his body, but there was seven-colored light between his eyebrows. The seven-colored lance couldn’t hurt the madman’s immortal body, but it could hurt his soul, which had become unprotected after the serious injury from the past...

This blood circle of light was formed by the drop of golden blood that Wang Lin held in his hand. As the light gently surrounded them, Wang Lin struggled to open his eyes. He didn’t know how long he had been asleep, but he knew that he would only be awake for a short period of time.

Feeling bitter, Wang Lin saw the unconscious madman and his gaze became gentle. He let out a sigh and barely managed to raise his hand. Only after waving several times did he manage to open his storage space.

Three Dao Fruits floated out and he inhaled. The three fruits turned into three rays of light and entered Wang Lin’s mouth with their unimaginably chaotic dao intent.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed the strongest light at the end of his life. His left hand grabbed the madman and then his right index finger pointed toward the area between his own eyebrows.

“Dream Dao…” Using what’s left of his power, he used the third original spell he had made, Dream Dao.

Using his own Dream Dao to dream of thousands of years ago… In that dream, he would complete his life and death, karma, and true and false essences!

His right hand dropped and Wang Lin closed his eyes...

“Little Brother, Little Brother, wake up…”

“Alas, how are you so drunk? I’m going to clean up, please wake up…” On the side of the road, in a humble restaurant, a waiter in green helplessly pushed a drunk young man on the table.

“This is really a scholar, so drunk after just two cups.” The waiter pushed harder.

“Heaven is an inn for all living things… Time is the hundreds of passing travelers… And being born into a dream, such a joy… or joy of dream… Good poem, good poem!” The young man had an intoxicated gaze as he looked at the waiter and giggled.

“Hehe, let me tell you, I had dream… I dreamt I was an immortal…” Then the young man fell onto the ground and began snoring.

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