Chapter 1587 - Kindness Ends!

Chapter 1587 - Kindness Ends!

When the blood shadow charged out of the well, a giant hole appeared in the seal.

When the hole appeared, the boundless world began to tremble. Large amounts of cracks spread with the hole as the center. From afar, it was a shocking sight.

As the cracks appeared in the sky, countless cracks appeared on the water’s surface. The entire world trembled violently as if it was going to collapse.

A madman came from the sky. Master Scarlet Soul didn’t look down at all. After breaking a hole in the sky, he laughed as he left.

“Little kid, you have the ancient aura on you. This old man should kill you, but since you’ve released me, this matter evens out. Haha, this old man is finally free!!” Master Scarlet Soul’s voice echoed and no one could stop him from leaving. Even the Sovereign had a serious expression as he watched Master Scarlet Soul gradually disappear.

Master Scarlet Soul couldn’t be controlled, which Wang Lin had expected, but he still felt regret. However, his emergence did resolve the danger of the Sovereign reaching out toward the golden blood above Wang Lin.

He had also broken open the seal, so Wang Lin could move freely once more.

Wang Lin quickly raised his right hand and grabbed the drop of blood above him. This drop of blood was extremely pure and was his celestial bloodline, so it could not be placed in his storage space. He held it in his hand as he charged for the hole in the sky.

“If I leave this place I can survive this life and death calamity!! Now that a hole has opened, the aura will leak out and all the third step cultivators in the Inner Realm will notice!!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with madness as he charged at the hole in the sky.

The Sovereign’s law of origin and Fishing the Moon in the Well were used to extract Wang Lin’s celestial bloodline. His purpose was to obtain that drop of condensed celestial blood. Although Wang Lin hadn’t willingly taken it out, the Sovereign had his methods to obtain what he desired.

However, because Master Scarlet Soul had rushed out, he was forced back several hundred feet. Although he looked unharmed, his original body had coughed out its second mouthful of blood.

The first mouthful of blood came when he grabbed the arrow!

After being forced back, he lost the chance to get the blood. As a result, this wasn’t a bad thing for Wang Lin. His ancient and celestial bodies hadn’t fused and the rejection force was like a blade hanging above his head. He was in extreme danger as his body was constantly collapsing.

However, now his ancient and celestial powers had been separated by the Sovereign, which resolved the issue of the rejection force, and the blade hanging above him had disappeared.

Things in life were often like this. There were losses but also gains!

Wang Lin lost his celestial body and celestial bloodline, but at the same time, his body had turned back into an ancient god. The amazing recovery power immediately kicked in. The five organs he had lost began to appear and his injuries rapidly recovered.

His origin soul appeared inside his body. Although it was weakened, the intense pain was no longer there. He also felt more relaxed.

At the same time, the golden blood condensed from his celestial body was not taken by the Sovereign and was in Wang Lin’s hand. If he survived, he wouldn’t try to integrate it by force. Doing so was simply impossible. The result would only be death as it was like a powerful toxin!

Wang Lin would choose to refine it into a treasure, a celestial body treasure! Then he would integrate this treasure into his body to avoid the problem of the rejection force and still use its power!

When Wang Lin was given this fortune by the madman, he had no power to choose and was forced to absorb. If he had to choose, he would not try to fuse ancient and celestial powers with his current cultivation. Even in the madman’s world, no one had ever tried it.

The result of trying it by force would only be death!

However, the life and death calamity the Sovereign had brought upon Wang Lin had resolved this issue. A calamity was a calamity, but it could also be great fortune!

These thoughts flashed through Wang Lin’s mind as he rushed toward the hole.

The moment the hole appeared, all the aura inside erupted outwards.

The originally hidden world could no longer be hidden once that hole was made. It was instantly felt by the various third step cultivators in the Inner Realm!

In the Cloud Sea, Master Hong Shan was refining the third step cultivator they had captured in the Seven-Colored Realm in the Summoned Rivered. He had just noticed something strange in the soul when he suddenly looked up into the distance. His expression changed greatly.

“Not good!!” Master Hong Shan didn’t hesitate to put the puppet before him away and step forward. Ripples echoed as he used his full speed and disappeared.

The moment he disappeared, Master Zhong Xuan’s teacher also awakened. His pupils shrank and he quickly fused with the world.

In the Brilliant Void Realm, in the Rain Celestial Realm, Qing Lin was in closed door cultivation, healing. He was in a secret room surrounded by mist that gave off a dim glow. At this moment, he suddenly opened his eyes and was shocked.

“Sovereign!!” His face sank and his right hand ripped open a rift before him. He disappeared in an instant.

Also inside the Brilliant Void, in the Corpse Sect, Master South Cloud was concentrating on refining a set of formation flags. These flags would be for the next great war, but as he was refining, he suddenly looked up. His expression changed greatly when he noticed the sealing aura, then he stepped forward without hesitation.

The Summoned River third step cultivators also noticed this aura, and they all anxiously moved.

In Allheaven, a person wearing green was silently walking through the stars. He looked ahead with a dim expression as if he was looking for something, but he found no sign of it.

This person was Qing Shui. He let out a sigh and was about to look forward when he suddenly looked back. His expression changed and he stared toward the Brilliant Void.

“Wang Lin!!” After feeling the looming aura in the Inner Realm, Qing Shui no longer thought about his own matter. Coldness and killing intent filled his eyes as he charged toward the Brilliant Void.

In Summoned River, the young man that had escaped during Wang Lin’s divine retribution still couldn’t find the place. He had simply decided to hang around the area he suspected. While thinking, his eyes suddenly lit up and he looked toward the Brilliant Void.

“Eh!” His eyes narrowed and ripples echoed as he disappeared.

In the Thunder Celestial Realm, there was a thunderous rumble. The mysterious Old Ghost Zhan stepped out and charged toward the Brilliant Void.

Various powerful cultivators noticed it when Master Scarlet Soul broke the seal. They all rushed over from all directions.

All of this happened in an instant. Wang Lin was about to step into the hole. Seeing Wang Lin about to leave, the Sovereign’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. He wouldn’t allow this plan to fail, despite the fact that the moment the seal collapsed, everyone in the Inner Realm would  have felt it. Even though Old Ghost Zhan or the mysterious person that had seriously injured him with a roar before could instantly appear, he still wasn’t going to let Wang Lin escape!

“Blue Dream! Don’t forget our agreement. I’ll help you get your wife’s body back.” The Sovereign’s voice was calm. At the same time, his dried-up right hand pointed at the sky.

After he spoke, a sigh came from the sky. As Wang Lin stepped into the hole in the sky, blue light gathered, forming a light screen blocking Wang Lin. Not only that, but the blue light flashed and knocked Wang Lin back inside.

He once said that he wasn’t going to attack, but at this moment, he had attacked...

When he attacked and blocked Wang Lin from leaving, the relationship between them had been broken clean!

There was a complicated look in Wang Lin’s eyes. As he was knocked back, the Sovereign’s right hand pointed at the sky and a red light appeared. Shortly after, orange light appeared, and in the blink of an eye, seven-colored filled the sky.

This endless seven-colored light interlaced together, and soon, a giant, seven-colored lance appeared above the Sovereign.

His dried-up right hand grabbed the seven-colored lance. As he coldly looked at Wang Lin, he threw the lance at him!

The seven-colored lance howled through the air, carrying a destructive aura and a power Wang Lin could not resist.

This was a lance of death!

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