Chapter 1583 - Immortal Celestial Body!

Chapter 1583 - Immortal Celestial Body!

This divination spell was similar to what the All-Seer had, but it was used very differently by this woman. After she spoke, black circles the size of one’s fist appeared all over Wang Lin’s body.

The moment the black circles appeared, they began to fester. Wang Lin’s body trembled and he had a feeling that death was arriving.

“I predict your body will rot in the first breath!” The woman smiled as she looked at Wang Lin.

The large amount of black circles all over Wang Lin penetrated deep into his body until his bones could be seen. Even his bones became black and began to shatter.

The harp music became even more urgent and fused with the woman’s gentle words. It rushed into the festering black ricles and tore his body apart.

“I predict your bones will collapse in the second breath!”

Popping sounds came from Wang Lin’s body and countless cracks appeared on his blackened bones. The cracks spread until even his skull was suffering the same fate!

If his body was transparent, one would clearly see that all the bones in his body were about to collapse as the black cracks spread. Some parts had already shattered.

The pain being inflicted here was no less intense than what he felt from the first celestial imperial concubine’s Five Burial spell. As Wang Lin retreated, all his life force rapidly dissipated and he slowly walked toward death.

He was already seriously injured, and he could barely suppress the raging rejection force in his body. His five internal organs were gone, and now, under the divination spell, he was already near his end.

But Wang Lin still hadn’t taken out the bow. Although he was dying, he hadn’t died yet. The Sovereign hadn’t appeared, and he didn’t believe these two celestial imperial concubines were the last ones.

Wang Lin knew he only had the power to use the bow once. If that arrow couldn’t seriously injure the Sovereign and everyone here, then he would really die!

He couldn’t take out the bow until the last moment!

The woman looked at Wang Lin gently, the same way she would look at a lover. Her jade-like hand pointed at Wang Lin as she uttered the last words. “I predict the third breath… Soul death.”

Her voice was gentle and fused with the harp music! The two celestial imperial concubines were using different methods at the same time to kill Wang Lin!

Their powers were fused; one part disrupted Wang Lin’s mind and the other used the divination spell to suppress Wang Lin. The two complemented each other, making it obvious that this was planned.

Just as she spoke the last words, Wang Lin let out a shocking roar. Wang Lin couldn’t understand this divination spell, but he could tell that it contained a powerful destructive force.

Wang Lin’s flesh festered and his bones shattered. Intense pain flooded into him, his body showed signs of collapsing! However, at this moment, Wang Lin raised his right hand and hit his forehead!

With this, his body rumbled. His body was a fusion of the ancients and celestials after collapsing and reforming many times inside the Nether Beast.

Thanks to the madman’s handy work, his celestial body was now 50% the Immortal Celestial Body! Although not perfect, it already contained the power of immortality!

If not for this moment of crisis, Wang Lin wouldn’t change. Once he changed, the rejection force inside his body would erupt out of control.

During this entire time, although the rejection force raged inside his body, Wang Lin kept it under control. However, when he switched from his ancient body to his celestial body, his control would collapse.

Once the rejection force erupted completely, Wang Lin would lose all chance of suppressing it again. It was like a wild horse escaping its reins, it would be impossible to capture it again!

However, at this moment, he had no time to think about this. As his soul was about to collapse, his hand landed and golden light shined from his body.

This golden light was bright and spread in all directions. Even planet Suzaku in the distance was golden from the light.

The man inside the ice had melted the ice and was just walking out with a pale expression. He immediately saw the glaring golden light and his expression changed once more.

As the golden light spread, Wang Lin’s ancient god body dissipated and hid inside his ancient god stars. His body emitted endless golden light and became the Immortal Celestial Body!

After the Immortal Celestial Body appeared, the expression of the woman that spoke those gentle words changed greatly. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. She came from the same world as the celestial sovereign. When she saw Wang Lin’s change, she thought of a legend!

When Wang Lin’s Immortal Celestial Body appeared, the strange divination spell inside him erupted. Wang Lin’s immortal body collapsed.

However, just as it collapsed, there was a flash of golden light and it formed once more!

The woman with the gentle expression coughed out illusory blood and retreated a few steps. Her divination spell was destroyed and her mind was injured! However, none of this could compare to the terror and disbelief she felt!

She originally felt that Wang Lin’s original appearance seemed familiar and had her suspicions. However, after seeing his body collapse and reform from the golden light, her expression changed completely!

“Immortal Celestial Body!!” The woman was startled and subconsciously retreated. Her eyes were filled with fear.

“You… You actually have the Immortal Celestial Body. The Immortal Celestial Body that all celestials worship! You’re not a native cultivator from here, you… Who the hell are you and what is your relation with the Celestial Heaven Emperor!?” The woman was shaken by the changes in Wang Lin’s body. Her mind rumbled as if countless celestial thunderbolts had exploded within her.

“I can’t… can’t kill him!!” His change caused her to feel extreme fear. Several times more than when she faced the celestial sovereign.

Not only her, but the woman playing the harp also trembled and her harp stopped. She stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin covered in the golden light.

Inside the golden light, a storm swept inside Wang Lin’s body. This storm was the rejection force that had fully erupted. His body suddenly collapsed under the gazes of the two celestial imperial concubines!

After it collapsed, it formed once more.

After this repeated several times, the woman that had stopped playing the harp clenched her teeth. At this moment, the dark moon spread even more. If she didn’t kill Wang Lin, then not only would this kill her projection, it would even affect her original body.

“This Immortal Celestial Body is not complete, it was obviously stolen. Kill him!” The woman clenched her teeth and grabbed the harp. She pulled the strings and the world rumbled as shocking harp music echoed.

As the harp music played, blurry knives appeared before it. She spat out blood and infused the knives with it before making them launch toward Wang Lin.

All of this happened in an instant. During one collapse and reformation, Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot from the pain. He let out a roar and his hand formed a seal. Just as the nine knives closed in, he waved his hand.

With this wave, his body collapsed once more.

Although his body collapsed, the spell was still used. The world became dark as if shrouded in darkness. Then, in the distance, a sun began to rise.

Sundered Night, Wang Lin’s first original spell!

The world was blurry in this darkness, but it couldn’t hide the golden light around Wang Lin’s collapsed body. That golden light seemed to fuse with the rising sun and erupted with the power to tear apart the darkness.

The power of Sundered Night erupted forth.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s body reformed once more. He let out a roar and his face became twisted. The intense pain almost made him go mad. He weaved his hand and the water below him rumbled. A giant, stone door appeared!

When the stone door appeared, the aura of passing time surrounded the area. Wang Lin’s second original spell, Flowing Time, appeared.

Sundered Night and Flowing Night were extraordinary spells. As Wang Lin’s body continued to collapse and reform, these spells contained his celestial energy and became even more powerful!

The world rumbled and the darkness was torn by the golden light. Four of the nine knives collapsed to Sundered Night. The remaining five collided with Flowing Time. In the end, only three knives landed on Wang Lin’s body, and they collapsed along with his body.

The other woman that had made the predictions rapidly retreated while surrounded by Sundered Night and Flowing Time. She was already feeling shock and panic, causing a flaw to appear in her dao heart. Now she was being hit by these two celestial spells, making her cough out blood and rapidly retreat.

She already had no intention of fighting anymore!

However, just as Wang Lin used these two spells and his body collapsed and formed again, a blurry figure walked out from behind him.

It was impossible to see if this blurry figure was man or woman, young or old. His body was covered in a vague mist that drifted outwards after he appeared.

“This old man one of the five masters of the Ancient Star System, Heaven Master Void God!” an erratic voice echoed as he raised his hand and slammed down on Wang Lin’s back after he just reformed.

Wang Lin’s body trembled violently and he coughed out a mouthful of golden blood. His body was thrown toward planet Suzaku and smashed into it.

That blurry figure opened his mouth and inhaled the golden blood Wang Lin had coughed out. His eyes were filled with greed as his body turned into a cloud and chased after Wang Lin.

“Celestial bloodline. No matter what your identity is, this old man will take your immortal body!”

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