Chapter 1582 - Dark Moon Clear Sky!

Chapter 1582 - Dark Moon Clear Sky!

“The fourth is the liver. Liver, melt and shatter!” The woman’s index finger bent to touch her palm. Her words were gentle, but they were filled with cruel killing intent!

Wang Lin continuously coughed out several mouthful of bloods and was knocked back. The lungs in his chest withered and disappeared inside his body. Without his lungs, he couldn’t breath. The pain caused him to let out muffled groans.

After his lungs died, his spleen decayed. Large amounts of blood spread everywhere across his body. The decay of his spleen severely affected his recovery. Wang Lin’s body turned pale and spots of blood appeared all over his body.

Lastly, his liver melted after she spoke.

Four of his five internal organs had dissipated, cutting off his life force. The dissipating ancient umbrella suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“The fifth is the heart. Without the heart, there is no dao!” The woman calmly looked at Wang Lin. Her thumb slowly bent and her hand formed a fist.

After forming a fist, she gently threw a punch toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin felt intense pain in his chest. His heart stopped beating and slowly became petrified. In the blink of an eye, it turned to stone! With his heart petrified, the pain he was experiencing was indescribable. Even Wang Lin couldn’t help but let out a mournful cry.

Thunderous rumbles echoed when the woman threw her punch. Wang Lin’s chest caved in and he was knocked back toward the ground, where the ice had melted back to water.

“Celestial imperial concubine!!” With a bang, Wang Lin fell to the surface of the water but didn’t sink. He endured the pain as his right hand hit the surface of the water and he bounced back up.

He attempted to enter the crack in the Cloud Sea using the jade the mysterious woman had given him, but it had no affect. He tired to summon the Nether Beast, but there was a seal he couldn’t break, and he couldn’t sense the Nether Beast.

“You have no path to survival, you can’t escape! But if you kneel and beg, I may be able to give you a chance of live,” the woman said gently as she stepped out of the ice and walked toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s face had no blood and he retreated a few more steps.

“I, Wang Lin, won’t even kneel to the heavens, so why would I kneel to you? You have humiliated me, so if I don’t die today, I’ll pay you back 100 fold!!” Wang Lin eyes shined. He didn’t breath as he endured the pain and pointed at the sky.

“Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal!” Wang Lin’s body gave off a golden glow, and that powerful celestial energy shot toward the sky.

The woman had already seen the golden light from Wang Lin. When she saw it again, her beautiful pupils shrank and heavy doubt arose in her heart, but she didn’t speak. She stepped forward and moved even faster. She then raised her right hand and pressed it toward Wang Lin noce more.

The sky rumbled and 13 black dragons that gave off a golden glow appeared and started howling. Then golden rain started to fall. Each drop of rain contained a soul that had died to Wang Lin!

As the rain fell, it created a Wind and Rain World. Although a lot of the souls had dissipated, a lot still remained. They all rushed toward that woman.

As the howling echoed, Wang Lin didn’t look at the result but continued to retreat. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes and he pointed at the sky once more.

“Mountain Crumble, Lands Collapse!” Wang Lin hadn’t gained enlightenment in Lands Collapse, but with his cultivation level, he could imitate it. As he pointed, large volcanoes appeared and thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Due to Wang Lin’s celestial energy, it made Bai Fan’s spell into a real celestial spell!

All of this wasn’t enough to resist the celestial imperial concubine. Wang Lin also didn’t intend to use these spells to push her back, he was planning to use the last of Bai Fan’s spells!

Dark Moon Clear Sky!

Wang Lin had only seen Dark Moon Clear Sky, and it was used by Celestial Lord Qing Shui in the Seven-Colored Realm in the Summoned River. They were apprentice brothers who had both cultivated Bai Fan’s six spells.

Wang Lin wasn’t as skillful as Qing Shui to use the most powerful Dark Moon Clear Sky at will. However, he could force the activation of Dark Moon Clear Sky by using all the spells before it.

He had seen it once, so with this current cultivation level and more than 2,000 years of enlightenment, it wasn’t difficult to do at least this!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the woman calmly walked out of all these spells. They were useless against her.

However, just as she walked out, Wang Lin let out a roar at the sky!

“Dark Moon Clear Sky!!” As Wang Lin roared, he pointed at the woman.

With this point of his finger, a bright moon appeared on her face! The moment the moon appeared, the woman’s expression changed and her steps stopped for the first time.

“Dark Moon Sect, the first style… Yes, before Bai Fan was taken in by that old thing, he was a traitor of the Dark Moon Sect…”

The dark moon on the woman’s face rapidly condensed and cracks appeared on it as if it wanted to disfigure her. The cracks were shocking and fresh blood flowed out.

The woman let out a groan and her eyes turned extremely cold.

“If you knew the second style, Dark Moon No Rain, and the third style, Dark Moon Cold Wind, then you might’ve been able to escape death today. However, with just the first style, as long as I kill you, I can remove it!” The woman endured the intense pain coming from her face and headed toward Wang Lin.

She knew the spells of the Dark Moon Sect. The Dark Moon Sect’s spells were extremely vicious; they wouldn’t kill immediately but would continue to inflict more and more pain. The longer they lasted, the more difficult it would be to remove them.

At this moment, she charged at Wang Lin and closed in on Wang Lin in an instant. Her hand formed a claw and mercilessly pressed down on Wang Lin!

Madness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and he raised his right hand. After using Dark Moon Clear Sky, he formed a fist and threw a punch at the woman!

This punch contained ancient power, but it also used the most powerful Black Tortoise spell he had learned from the old Vermillion Bird in the Fallen Land!

Waves of vibration formed ripples around Wang Lin’s punch. From afar, these ripples made the area between Wang Lin and the woman look like the water’s surface.

The two of them met from the two sides of this surface!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. Wang Lin gave it his all and borrowed all the rebound force and collided with the woman’s hand.

Intense pain filled his body, making him feel as if his body was going to collapse. Blood mist erupted from his body and dyed his clothes bright red. His right arm shattered from the joint and he was knocked back.

The rejection force inside his body raged and was already unbearable, but he was still able to suppress it by a sliver.

That woman also didn’t feel good. Blood started flowing from the corner of her mouth and she was knocked back several hundred steps. Her body trembled and the dark moon appeared once more. Even more cracks appeared and the dark moon spread to her neck.

As it spread, the spell displayed its viciousness. The intense pain caused the woman to let out a muffled groan. At this moment, she was completely disfigured and looked like a ghost!

The damage from Dark Moon Clear Sky caused the woman to cough out blood and retreat several hundred more feet. She suddenly looked up and stared at Wang Lin. She then waved her right hand and an ancient harp appeared before her.

This woman looked at Wang Lin profoundly and touched the ancient harp.

The harp music echoed across the world. As the music continued, it formed a heaven-shaking killing intent!

The music became even more urgent and entered Wang Lin’s mind, making him feel as if invisible ripples were bombarding him. This pushed him back several thousand feet and caused blood to start leaking from his orifices!

“My harp music is something only the former celestial sovereign could hear. For you to hear it today, you can smile as you die. Listen to my song Buried in the Underworld…” The woman’s voice was calm and her hand over then ancient harp moved faster and faster.

The harp music filled the world, but it felt like demonic thoughts had filled Wang Lin’s mind. The countless demonic thoughts wanted to tear Wang Lin’s heart apart. Wang Lin let out a miserable smile as blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, but he began to laugh.

“What a good Buried in the Underworld!” As he laughed, Wang Lin turned around and there was a flash of blood light. The dim blood sword appeared and howled through the air.

In an instant, another woman silently walked out behind Wang Lin. The moment she appeared, the blood sword shot toward her.

She was not surprised Wang Lin could find her. If he couldn’t do this, he wouldn’t be worthy of them setting up this plan to kill him.

She allowed the blood sword to pierce through her. Her body was an illusion, as if she only existed in Wang Lin’s eyes and had no real body. She gently smiled.

An ancient expression goes “a glance back and a smile can charm all life.” Although she didn’t turn around, that smile seemed to make the world light up and was unimaginably beautiful.

“I haven’t heard Big Sister’s harp music in a long time. To be able to hear it today is all thanks to you.”

The blood sword was useless and was knocked back, circling Wang Lin. Wang Lin had already retreated when he threw out the blood sword. The harp music was filled with killing intent as it filled the world.

“I really don’t want to kill you…” The woman that had no real body looked at Wang Lin. She raised her jad- like hand and gently pointed at Wang Lin.

“I divine with my celestial soul that you will die in three breaths… My prediction will come true with my soul as the catalyst.” The woman smiled and nodded at Wang Lin.

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