Chapter 1581 - Kill One Person

Chapter 1581 - Kill One Person

The moment the ancient umbrella appread, monstrous realm-burning fire appeared in the sky and rapidly plummeted downard.

Before this fire, the world became distorted; it was as if everything had become fragmented and was going to be torn apart. Dense smoke appeared and roared with the fire. 

The expressions of those three changed greatly. With this monstrous fire incoming, they wouldn’t have time to kill Wang Lin, so they quickly retreated. The appearance of this fire umbrella made them feel like they were in a life and death crisis!

Although they were only here as projections and their original bodies wouldn’t die if they died here, if their projections died, they would be seriously injured and would need time to recover. At this moment, the three of them retreated in fear.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!! This person is indeed worthy of being the Lord of the Sealed Realm. He is able to use a realm-destruction spell with his current cultivation level!” The grey-robed old man’s expression changed greatly.

“The previous Lord of the Sealed Realm was extremely difficult to kill. I didn’t expect this generation to be the same!” The old woman in black took a deep breath and looked at Wang Lin with powerful killing intent. However, she rapidly retreated.

The Realm Burning Umbrella was a spell that shouldn’t belong in this world. Wang Lin also hadn’t fully comprehended it, so the amount of vitality consumed was incredibly large.

The sea of fire that came out from the umbrella came from his life force, so his face rapidly aged. However, the coldness in his eyes didn’t decrease but became stronger.

“You want to escape? Do you think you can escape? If you want to kill me, you haven’t paid enough of a price!” Wang Lin let out a roar and even more of this life force was sacrificed for the ancient umbrella. The realm-burning fire became even stronger and then turned a big mouth that devoured everything before it.

The man in white was deathly pale, and as he retreated, he clenched his teeth and hit his forehead. A snowflake mark appeared on his forehead.

The moment this mark appeared, a chilling aura appeared in this world and resisted the sea of fire. At the same time, the man reached at his mark and pulled it out.

He threw it at the ancient umbrella that was releasing large amounts of fire.

“With this old man’s life force as dao, with the soul of ice and snow as heaven, with the coldness as the catalyst, Eternal Ice!” The man in white clearly had a higher standing than the other two. He was someone who was just below the five masters of the Ancient Star System.

The world changed colors when he attacked!

In this well-like world, as the cold aura spread, cracking sounds came from the surface of the water. The coldness increased and the ice spread in all directions. In the blink of an eye, ice covered a boundless area.

The large amount of ice emitted wisps of cold energy that confronted the sea of fire, making the entire world tremble.

A snowflake mark 100 feet wide appeared in the sky where the ancient umbrella was. The sky rumbled and then was completely frozen!

The sky was frozen!

The earth was frozen!

Snowflakes appeared in this world. As the man roared and pointed with his right hand, all the snowflakes in the world rushed toward the ancient umbrella.

All the white snowflakes moved to form a storm around the ancient umbrella. The ancient umbrella was covered in fire, so the snowflakes melted rapidly. Then the melted snow fell like rain.

At this instant, endless coldness came from the frozen water and fused with the coldness coming from the sky. This coldness shot toward the ancient umbrella.

Cracking sounds echoed and the fire from the ancient umbrella was frozen. Even the ancient umbrella itself became an ice sculpture!

Countless icicles formed from the melted soul under the ancient umbrella; they gave off endless amounts of cold light. Countless icicles came from the sky and earth to connect with the frozen ancient umbrella. It was a shocking sight.

The man let out a big breath and the two people retreating also stopped. However, at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he pointed at the frozen ancient umbrella. After sacrificing a large amount of his life force, muffled rumbles came from the umbrella.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed once more and he retreated with terror in his eyes. The other two that had stopped also quickly retreated, their scalps tingling.

The sea of fire inside the ice rushed out and the ice collapsed. The first to collapse were the icicles connected to the sky, then came the icicles connected to the earth. Finally, the ice around the ancient umbrella collapsed and was scattered in all directions.

Killing intent flooded Wang Lin’s eyes and he pointed at the escaping old woman. As he pointed, a portion of the sea of fire that had collided with the ice separated and shot toward the old woman. Her face turned pale and her hand formed a seal. However, her body was instantly devoured by fire and her scream echoed. After the fire swept by, her projection body collapsed.

The moment she was killed by the Realm Burning Umbrella, in the eternal floating palace in the Ancient Star System. There were several people sitting next to the well inside the hall.

One of them was the old woman. She suddenly opened her eyes and coughed out a mouthful of blood. She stared at the well before her! This well showed the world Wang Lin was in!

After a long time, the old woman raised her head and looked into the depths of the hall.

“Give me an explanation!”

“It’s not the time… This child has something in his hand…” An old voice came from within the depths of the hall.

The old woman silently pondered. She no longer spoke and her gaze looked at the world inside the well.

The fire inside the well spread out. After killing the old woman in black, it surged forward as Wang Lin pointed. The fire divided into two, racing toward the grey-robed old man and the man in white.

These two masses of fire were like fire dragons, and one of them got close to the grey-robed old man. His expression changed and his hands formed a seal before hitting his forehead. A large amount of yellow light appeared and turned into layers of earth around him. The sea of fire arrived and devoured him.

Thunderous rumbles echoed until the sea of fire left, leaving a giant ball of earth. Cracking sounds echoed and then the ball of earth collapsed, revealing the old man inside.

The old man coughed out a large amount of blood and looked dispirited. He was seriously injured but hadn’t died. He looked at the sea of fire and revealed a bitter smile. His right hand took out a jade and crushed it. His body dissipated just as the sea of fire was about to devour him.

Although he had coughed out blood, it was only an illusion, so even though he had coughed it out, there was no trace of it.

In the hall in the Ancient Star System, there was a grey-robed old man sitting next to the old woman. At this moment, he opened his eyes and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He bitterly shook his head.

“We’ve underestimated him…”

In the well world, the last fire from the ancient umbrella swept over the man in white. He was covered in a large amount of ice, and as the fire swept by, large amounts of ice melted and reformed around him.

He was knocked back and stopped hundreds of feet away. As the layers of ice around him reformed, they formed a seal that trapped the fire.

Wang Lin’s face had aged greatly. He had sacrificed too much life force with this use of the Realm Burning Umbrella; otherwise, it wouldn’t have had this much power. The rejection force inside him made his entire body tremble.

At this moment, as his life force weakened, the ancient umbrella no longer had the power it had before and slowly dissipated. Killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He no longer considered if he could survive this life and death calamity!

“So what if I die? I’m already sick of cultivating. Killing a few more before I go is enough!” Wang Lin’s hair was disheveled and he was going all out. He charged toward the man in the ice; he was going to kill!!

However, just as Wang Lin closed in on the man in white, his pupils shrank and he suddenly looked up. A person silently walked out from the void above the man inside the ice.

This person was a woman who had a blurry figure, but her eyes revealed coldness. She raised her jade-like hand, stretched out her fingers, and pressed toward Wang Lin.

“Five Burial Celestial Dao! First are the kidneys. Kidneys, decay to injure!” The woman’s voice was soft, but as she spoke, her pinky bent and touched her palm.

Wang Lin’s body trembled. He faintly felt a strange force surround the world. As the strange force spread out, his kidneys gave off a burst of indescribable pain!

Wang Lin coughed out blood and subconsciously retrated. If his body was transparent, you would see his kidneys rapidly withering. Not even his ancient god body’s recovery rate could heal it.

When he retreated the third step, his two kidneys rapidly withered into a pool of blood and disappeared from his body.

Under this intense pain, Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot and his body trembled. However, the killing intent in his eyes reached a peak thank to this pain.

“The second is the lung. The lung dies as the end!” As the woman spoke, the ring finger bent to touch her palm.

“The third is the spleen. The spleen breaks to rot!” After the ring finger her middle finger bent to touch her palm.

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