Chapter 1580 - Fierce Battle!

Chapter 1580 - Fierce Battle!

The moment the golden palmprint appeared, Wang Lin took a step forward. Ripples echoed and he suddenly appeared above the palm. He bit the top of his tongue and spat out golden blood into the palmprint, causing its golden light to intensify.

“If you want to kill me, then you all must pay the price!” Wang Lin let out a roar and his expression became fierce. His right hand pressed down and the golden palmprint descended. The pressure from the palmprint caused vortexes to appear on the water below.

The grey-robed old man’s eyes lit up. The moment the War Spirit Print closed in, he waved his hand and a round bottle appeared in his grasp.

The bottle was transparent and was filled with yellow soil. He waved his hand and the soil flew out. More and more soil flew out until the mass of soil gathered was hundreds of feet wide.

“Earth essence, Spirit Burial!”

As the old man spoke, the soil rushed into the air toward Wang Lin’s golden War Spirit Print!

At the same time, the black-robed woman calmly waved her hand. Her nails extended and flew off her fingertips. Then nine rays of black light shot out.

Inside the black lights were nine ghosts standing on the nine nails as if they were flying swords. They rushed forward with the monstrous soil.

The cold-looking man in black stared at the War Spirit Print descending and bit his right hand so that blood flowed out. He quickly drew a seal with his blood and the blood seal quickly froze. He then threw the seal.

The heavens and earth trembled. This was the collision of spells from third step cultivators. Wang Lin’s War Spirit Print collided with the monstrous soil.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the soil covered the entire palmprint. At the same time, the nine nails pierced through the soil toward the palmprint.

Shortly after, the frozen blood mark from the man in white suddenly closed in. The moment it touched the soil, it collapsed, then a cold energy surrounded the soil and froze the whole thing!

“Earth Collapse!”

“Soul Slaughter!”


The three stood below and looked at the palmprint that was surrounded by their spells. They spoke almost at the same time, then a thunderous rumble echoed and the palmprint shattered!

The five fingers fell like mountains. As it collapsed, a powerful impact spread. Wang Lin coughed out blood and was pushed back. Nine nails stabbed into his body, and the wounds showed sign of turning to dirt. A cold aura spread through his body with the intent to kill.

His eyes were blood red and he coughed out blood once more as he retreated. In this short period of time, he was already seriously injured. Wang Lin revealed a miserable smile, but his eyes were filled with monstrous killing intent.

His right hand reached at the void and a bottle of pills appeared in his hand. Just as he was about to swallow them, the three below stepped forward. They seem to break through the void, instantly closing in on Wang Lin!

The grey-robed old man revealed a serious expression. He didn’t know what the golden light was, but he felt like he had seen it before. He appeared on Wang Lin’s left and he raised his right index finger. There was a flash of yellow light and it seemed as if his entire finger was made of soil. He pointed directly at the area between Wang Lin’s eyebrows!

As he pointed forward, countless Joss Flame souls rushed out. The countless Joss Flame souls turned into grains of soil and surround Wang Lin. They were going to destroy Wang Lin like the War Spirit Print!

At the same time, the black-robed old woman appeared on Wang Lin’s right. Her eyes lit up and her right hand pressed down toward Wang Lin’s chest!

Joss Flame souls formed ghosts inside her five fingers. They let out cruel roars as they shot toward Wang Lin! It was as if this old woman’s fingers contained hell itself and were filled with monstrous killing intent!

The indifferent man in white stepped out before Wang Lin. His expression was still cold and ruthless as he raised his right hand. Cold energy gathered and he slammed down on Wang Lin’s head!

“It’s over!” the man said softly. The three of them attacked at once and charged at Wang Lin!

At this critical moment, Wang Lin’s ancient god stars flashed rapidly and the Emperor Furnace appeared. It collided with their killing moves and trembled. It then collapsed into specks of light and returned to Wang Lin’s ancient god star.

Using the moment that the Emperor Furnace blocked, Wang Lin let out a roar and the Light and Shadow Shield appeared once more. It spread outwards, but it only lasted for a moment before shattering.

All of this happened too fast. It had only been a few breaths of time since the beginning of the attack. In such a short period of time, Wang Lin had experienced countless life and death situations. He couldn’t even use many of his spells and magic treasures; even his War Spirit Print was interrupted once.

Wang Lin had to divide his mind to observe his surroundings. He didn’t believe that there were only three people here to kill him. Killing him now was just like when they killed the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm, a big move by the entire Outer Realm.

The Sovereign still hadn’t appeared!

The imperial celestial concubines hadn’t attacked yet!

This was the biggest danger Wang Lin had faced in his life!! This was a death calamity!!

The moment the Light and Shadow Shield collapsed, there was a flash of light from Wang Lin’s right arm. The ancient gauntlet appeared. He needed time, time to use more spells, but the enemies weren’t giving him that chance!

Since they weren’t going to give him the chance, he had to create it himself. As their killing moves closed in on him, the gauntlet on his right arm erupted with a powerful ancient god power.

This ancient god power was astonishing and the giant ancient god shadow that had protected him several times appeared. That ancient god shadow was covered in scars, but that warm feeling was still there.

That ancient god shadow that held up the sky appeared and the trio’s attacks landed on its body. Time seemed to stop and the ancient god shadow trembled and seem to look down at Wang Lin. Its body collapsed, and at the same time, all the ancient god stars between its eyebrows exploded!

An extremely powerful ancient power erupted from its body and pushed toward the three people behind it.

Their expressions all changed and they coughed out blood while being forced to retreat. Before their eyes, the huge ancient god shadow quickly dissipated. First its legs, then its body. In an instan, only the right arm holding Wang Lin was left. It threw Wang Lin at the water below.

After it threw Wang Lin, the right hand dissipated.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with sorrow and blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth. His body was surrounded by an ancient god aura as he fell into the water.

A large ripple spread out on the water’s surface.

Those three stared at the water. After adjusting themselves, killing intent filled their eyes once more and they were about to gave chase.

Inside the water, Wang Lin’s ancient gauntlet on his right arm shattered and dissipated. His eyes were filled with sorrow and contained a hint of madness. The three chased after him and were about to enter the water.

A shocking vortex suddenly appeared in this calm water. A giant fist of water shot out toward the man in white.

The man white’s eyes lit up and his hand slammed down on the water first. A cold aura spread out and the fist became ice before collapsing. However, Wang Lin let out a roar as he charged through everything and his right fist collided with that palm.

This punch was the strongest punch Wang Lin could throw while ignoring the rejection force inside his body!

The ancient head appeared behind Wang Lin and thunderous rumbles echoed as the man in white was knocked back several thousand feet. He coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Golden blood sprayed out of Wang Lin’s body, but he didn’t stop. After forcing back the man in white, he stepped toward the grey-robed old man. He raised his right hand and the golden thunder in his right eye flashed.  The blue sky was filled with endless thunder, and monstrous amounts of thunder gathered in Wang Lin’s hand as he smashed toward the old man!

The old man couldn’t escape at all. He was instantly hit by the golden thunder. This thunder was filled with celestial energy, making it celestial thunder. As the power surged, the old man’s expression changed. He quickly retreated as the golden thunder swam through his body and he coughed out blood.

“Celestial energy!!! This is celestial energy!!!” The old man retreated in horror. He finally remembered what this gold light was!!

Wang Lin’s injuries were even worse. He was desperate and ignored the rejection force in his body. Fire surged out from his left eye, and his left palm hit the old woman in black. The endless golden fire surged out and surrounded the old woman. Blood flew out of her mouth and she quickly retreated.

Her eyes were filled with the same terror. She was terrified of what the grey-robed old man had said.

“Celestial… celestial energy!!”

Wang Lin had suffered serious injuries to push the three of them, but this had bought valuable time. Wang Lin retreated and pointed at the sky with a fierce expression.

“Realm Burning Umbrella, open to destroy the realm!!”

The blue sky darkened and a giant umbrella pole appeared. The blue sky became its canopy. From afar, this looked like a blue umbrella!

However, just as this umbrella appeared, a sea of fire appeared and surrounded the umbrella, turning it into a realm-burning umbrella!

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