Chapter 1577 - Foreign

Chapter 1577 - Foreign

Time slowly passed. There wasn’t much blood in the left eye left, and as time passed, most of its power dissipated. However, the left eye was formed by a 9-star ancient demon, so although there wasn’t much blood, it was still great nourishment for Wang Lin!

The ancient demon power refined from the blood entered Wang Lin’s body through his right arm. After making a cycle around his body, it went into the ancient demon statue in his left hand.

That ancient demon statue gave off a demonic red glow as if it was awakening, and it continued to absorb the ancient demon power.

One day, two days, three days… Until the tenth day.

Perhaps the time here flowed differently from outside, but Wang Lin felt like 10 days had passed. The ancient blood before him slowly dried up, but the ancient demon statue beside him was like heaven and earth compared to before.

Ancient demon stars gradually appeared in its left eye!

One, two… five ancient demon stars appeared. The demonic red light it gave off almost colored the entire world.

On the eleventh day, the ancient blood collapsed into fred fragments and floated before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand without hesitation. He immediately pulled all the red blood fragments into his hand, so now his hand looked like a dark red blood palm. He looked at the ancient demon statue and pressed his palm between its eyebrows!

There was a thunderous bang when the palm landed. All the dried blood fragments in Wang Lin’s palm entered the ancient demon statue. This caused the statue to release a shocking amount of demonic energy that howled through the sky.

At this moment, the five ancient demon stars in its left eye flashed rapidly and a faint sixth vortex appeared. This vortex was rapidly condensing toward a real sixth star.

“There wasn’t much ancient blood here…. And over the years, most of the power has dissipated… But I still have that other ancient demon!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his left hand reached out to open a rift to his storage space. He took out the ancient demon he had captured from Blood God!

This ancient demon was sealed and was asleep. Wang Lin ripped away the seal, and the moment he awakened, Wang Lin’s hand landed on his body.

A thunderous bang rang out and the ancient demon stars in the ancient demon’s left eye collapsed. A surge of demonic energy moved toward the ancient demon statue under Wang Lin’s control.

After fusing with the demonic energy, the ancient demon was red enough that it looked like blood. The sixth ancient demon star directly formed and the vortex for the seventh star appeared. With the last of the blood from Ye Mo’s left eye and the power from the ancient demon inside Blood God, Wang Lin’s ancient demon statue was able to from its seventh star!

Just as Wang Lin had promised, he didn’t kill the ancient demon inside Blood God but kept his soul. The ancient demon was sealed and placed in Wang Lin’s storage space. Wang Lin was going to release the ancient demon after exiting this place.

Since I can’t find Ye Mo’s left eye, I’ll raise my own!” Wang Lin could feel a powerful blood connection when he looked at the ancient demon statue. He waved his sleeve and put the bright red statue inside his storage space.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin looked at the giant arrow below him and his eyes lit up.

“This arrow now belongs to me! With the Li Guang bow, I wonder how powerful it will be!” Wang Lin slowly placed his right hand on the arrow.

He endured the rejection force inside his body and used the celestial bloodline power inside his body. The moment the celestial energy moved, his body trembled. Golden light came from his origin soul and his body seemed to become transparent. A bow slowly appeared from his body!

This bow was like Wang Lin’s tendons and gave off bursts of golden light from his body. At this moment, Wang Lin was that bow!

The moment the bow appeared, the giant arrow below Wang Lin trembled. It seemed to sense the bow, and a powerful arrow energy erupted from the arrow and shot toward Wang Lin.

At this instant, Wang Lin felt an ancient soul. This soul was the soul of the arrow. It seemed to have awakened from its slumber and rushed into Wang Lin’s body. It made contact with the bow.

Wang Lin remained calm and slowly said, “Smaller!”

The moment he spoke, the giant arrow trembled and shrank. The arrow immediately slid out from the hole and dropped tens of thousands of feet before it got stuck once more.

“A bit smaller!” Wang Lin’s voice was cold and the arrow trembled as it shrank a lot more. As it shrank, it continued to fall from the hole until it landed on the ground.

A thunderous rumble echoed when the arrow fell on the ground, stabbing into the earth. The arrow trembled, and Wang Lin landed on the end of the arrow, where the nine feathers were.

These nine feathers were very soft. Wang Lin stood on the arrow and his body bobbed up and down as the arrow trembled.

After shrinking twice, the arrow was still 100,000 feet long and thousands of feet wide. It was like a giant pillar stabbed into the earth diagonally.

As Wang Lin stood on the arrow, he looked at the hole in the sky. It was completely black inside, leading to an unknown place. The edges of the hole were slowly moving; it was actually slowly healing.

“This place is strange…” Wang Lin lowered his head. His right hand formed a seal and then pointed at the arrow.

“Smaller, smaller, smaller!”

The giant arrow trembled once more and shrank rapidly. Eventually, it started shining. Wang Lin landed on the ground and the arrow was now normal-sized. Wang Lin’s right hand reached out and the arrow flew into his hand.

Holding this arrow, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He saw four runes on the arrow. They were slender and spread across the entire arrow, giving of a faint glow.

“These four runes are related to the soul and can increase the power of the arrow! Back then, Li Quang used this arrow to shoot out Ye Mo’s left eye. I wonder what souls he used.” Wang Lin pondered for a bit before his left hand pointed at his forehead. His ancient god stars appeared and the Emperor Furnace flew out.

The moment the giant Emperor Furnace appeared, it started rotating slowly. Wang Lin could clearly see the souls of two people inside the furnace!

Esteemed Nan Zhao, Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao!

Their souls were being suppressed inside the Emperor Furnace by Wang Lin!

“I’ll use their souls to reinforce this arrow!” Wang Lin’s expression remained indifferent and his left hand pointed at the Emperor Furnace. The furnace trembled, the lid opened, and their souls flew out. Before they could escape, Wang Lin’s left hand grabbed them. Their souls screamed as Wang Lin pressed them into the arrow in his right hand.

The runes on the arrow trembled violently and their souls stopped screaming. Their souls fused with two of the runes, and at this moment, a heaven-shaking aura erupted from the arrow.

This aura was very strong, so much so that even Wang Lin was shocked.

“There are still two souls to go… As for which souls to seal…” Wang Lin pondered and his left hand reached out. The rift to his storage space appeared and a giant pavilion flew out!

This was the Earth Palace Wang Lin had found in the Ancient Tomb!

There were several windows inside this pavilion. Back then, Wang Lin saw three powerful souls inside. Unless it was the last resort, it couldn’t be opened. At this moment, Wang Lin stared at the Earth Palace and the three souls inside. After pondering for a bit, instead of acting recklessly, he put the Earth Palace away.

“Those three souls are too powerful; they were Ye Mo’s enemies he sealed back in his homeland. If I release them now, with my current power, I would suffer.”

While pondering, Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the circle at the tip of the arrow. Wang Lin looked at it for several hours. This circle was the key to the rejection force formed by the fusion of celestial and ancient energies.

However, after a long time, Wang Lin still couldn’t see through the mystery of this circle. He let out a sigh and gave up observing. He then waved his right hand and the arrow dissipated into seven strands of light that entered his body through is orifices. 

After putting away the arrow, Wang Lin looked around. He took a step and his body entered the earth. He followed the rings and headed toward the stone gate.

He was extremely calm and calmly arrived at the last circle where the stone door was. He didn’t hesitate to wave his right hand to open the stone door. He then stepped through and returned the 18th layer.

Standing in the 18th layer, Wang Lin looked back at the stone door and the stone door closed. He placed many seals before he was ready to leave.

“I need to refine the Dao Fruits to allow my life and death, karma, and true and false essences reach completion…” Wang Lin turned to leave, but then he suddenly stopped. His gaze fell on the wall that had been hit by the force he had used to open the stone door.

That wall was filled with cracks and a large amount of rocks had fallen off. One crack was very deep and seemed to penetrate the wall, revealing the scene behind the wall.

Wang Lin’s attention had been fully focused on the door, so he hadn’t noticed the crack on the wall before. Now that he had calmed down, he immediately noticed that it was strange!

His gaze followed the crack and he faintly saw that the outside was a dark void. The aura that leaked in from the crack was very familiar to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin murmured, “Foreign Battleground!”

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