Chapter 1576 - Reason

Chapter 1576 - Reason

He saw sky!

The sky was calm, with no clouds or wind. It was like a blue picture hanging in the air! However, there was giant hole to the left of the sky!

This hole was tens of thousands of feet wide, it was a shocking sight!

It was like a piece of paper that had a hole poked through. There was even debris along the edge.

In the hole, he saw something that was tens of thousands of feet thick, and the part that was outside the hole was hundreds of thousands of feet long. It was an… arrow!

This arrow penetrated through this sky, but it was half-stuck inside.

Under this sky was a vast earth. There were no mountains, it was a bare plain that seemed to go on forever. It was as if a powerful force had come through and destroyed this place, leaving nothing but death… Wang Lin appeared above this earth and looked directly at the arrow!

Wang Lin’s entire body was startled there. A chilly aura came from the arrow and bombarded the area between his eyebrows. This caused his body to tremble violently.

At this moment, his left eye felt violent pain. The ancient inheritance and the memories inside erupted like a storm. Blood flowed out from Wang Lin’s left eye and fell on his clothes.

“Li Guang shot down my left eye. That left eye contained all my thoughts and memories of my hometown…” That voice in Wang Lin’s mind became louder and louder until it became a roar.

“Give me back my left eye!!”

Wang Lin’s body trembled, and his face was filled with confusion and struggle. The scene in his memory was something he couldn’t forgot. In that scene, Li Guang held the bow with his left hand and pulled the string with his right. The arrow shot out with a monsterous howl.

That arrow broke through the void and the ancient spell. It shot through his head and took the left eye before disappearing among the stars.

After a long time, Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood. His body trembled and he retreated a few steps before sitting down to cultivate. He cultivated for a long time, and after an unknown amount of time passed, he let out a breath of foul gas. He opened his eyes and looked at the arrow in the sky with a complicated expression.

“Ye Mo’s left eye is not here, only this arrow…” Wang Lin looked at the arrow. He had to admit, his guess was only half-correct.

Aside from Ye Mo’s left eye, which had the ancient aura, and the bow, which had the celestial energy, there was one more thing that could contain the rejection force.

That was the arrow!

Wang Lin looked at the dried black blood marks on the arrow and felt the ancient aura coming from it. This blood was from Ye Mo’s left eye...

He saw that the tip of the arrow wasn’t sharp like a thorn, but round like a ring! This wasn’t a piercing arrow, and the circle looked like a seal.

“Precious things must be hidden in a place no one can find… The kind of treasure that you can’t use must especially be hidden well… Once it is discovered, it could cause a disaster for your entire clan...

“The Tattoo Clan hid it very well…” Wang Lin looked at the arrow in the sky. He understood a lot now.

Various scenes appeared in his head. These connected with his memories, forming the whole situation.

Ye Mo had used his spell to kill countless people before him. Li Guang’s arrow had pierced through his left eye and taken it away. It then flew off into the stars, into the endless void.

That arrow was very large, and the power inside could pierce Ye Mo’s left eye, much less space. As it flew, nothing could stop it at all.

At that time, there was no Realm Sealing Formation. As it flew, it penetrated several large cultivation planets, causing them to collapse before it disappeared into the distance.

However, as the arrow flew, the left eye fell in the Outer or Inner Realm. It fell into the vastness of space and went somewhere unknown.

When the arrow arrived in the Inner Realm, not much of its power remained. It pierced through into a separate space someone had set up at an unknown time.

This separate space was what Wang Lin was seeing right now.

Perhaps there were many beast and plants before. Perhaps there were cultivators here and this place was once filled with life. However, on the day the arrow arrived, it broke through the sky, forming that giant hole. Due to most of its power having dissipated, it was stuck inside the hole it had created.

As the giant arrow pierced through the sky, the remaining killing intent released and fused with the ancient blood. This was the fusion of celestial energy and ancient energy, forming that shocking rejection force.

This rejection force didn’t collapse but gathered at the tip and then was absorbed by the seal at the tip of the arrow. It would then turn into rings and shoot toward the earth below.

At the beginning, these rings were the same as the tip of the arrow, tens of thousands of feet wide. However, the further the rings went, the smaller they became.

The rings pierced through the earth and got smaller and smaller as they made their way underground. Finally, the ring would only be the size of a fist, which was what Wang Lin had seen on the stone door.

As the rings spread, they would into storms that swept this area. All the mountains collapsed and all the rivers dried up. The dried-up rivers’ paths shattered.

The ocean here flew into the air and dissipated. The basin that was ocean disappeared as if a giant hand had flatten edit.

The countless beasts all died tragically and their flesh dissipated. Perhaps they didn’t even have time to let out cries before they died.

There was no need to talk about the vegetation. It turned to ashes and flew away with the storm.

There was also the cultivators that might have existed there. It might had been one person, a sect, or a lot… However, they all died in this storm.

The storm stirred up the world and destroyed everything. That’s why this world was flat but filled with death aura.

This world was hidden within space. It was due to the celestial energy from the arrow that no one could find it. It wasn’t until after the Realm Sealing Formation appeared and the Inner and Outer Realms had battled countless times that on a certain day, someone from the Outer Realm calculated its vague position.

As a result, the Tattoo Clan entered...

Perhaps the Sovereign’s daughter’s purpose was to scheme against Qing Lin, or perhaps her real purpose was to find this arrow...

After enduring many twists and turns, the Tattoo Clan found this world where the arrow was. However, they also found that they couldn’t dissipate this rejection force, so they were unable to control it.

They sealed this place. Perhaps the Sealing Extermination Clan had helped them. In the end, they left that door here. That door was placed in an ingenious spot and used the circle to form the first seal on the door!

They were waiting, they were waiting for the Sovereign to personally come and take this arrow...

However, during this time, a huge upheaval occurred. The Sovereign’s daughter was sealed by Qing Lin in the Demon Spirit Land. The Tattoo Clan was slaughtered by the four Celestial Realms and left in ruins.

A portion of the clan members were taken as slaves by the celestials and became the Chosen Immortal Clan...

A group of them left and came to planet Suzaku and survived here. That door was in their hands and was buried here. The truth gradually dissipated and was replaced with a legend that the 19th layer was sealing a portion of their ancestor’s soul.

Perhaps the Sovereign had come here before. He was willing to enter the Sealed Realm no matter the cost. Maybe aside from killing the Lord of the Sealed Realm, he had also come for the arrow the Tattoo Clan found...

However, the roar from the Inner Realm broke the Sovereign’s plan. It terrified him and he was forced out from the Inner Realm with serious injuries.

This arrow remained here forever and was sealed by the Tattoo Clan for countless years. Eventually, not even Yun Quezi knew the truth, until Wang Lin’s arrival.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. He didn’t know if his guess was correct. This was all formed by connecting things he knew. Perhaps this was the truth...

While silently pondering, Wang Lin took a step forward. With that step, Wang Lin arrived next to the arrow that was half-sticking out of the sky. Beside it, Wang Lin looked very small; it was like a person next to a mountain.

He took a deep breath and sat down on the giant arrow. He then pointed at the dried ancient blood and closed his eyes. The ancient god stars between his eyebrows rotated rapidly and he began to absorb.

He was going to absorb the blood from Ye Mo’s left eye!

This blood contained a very well-hidden demonic energy. This demonic energy was very useful to Wang Lin!

As he absorbed, Wang Lin waved his left hand and his storage space appeared. The ancient demon statue appeared and his left hand grabbed it.

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