Chapter 1575 - Point of Origin

Chapter 1575 - Point of Origin

Wang Lin’s heart was pounding. He was shaken by his bold guess. He stared at the last tattoo sealing the door and let out a deep breath.

The tattoo seal contained the celestial bloodline and ancient aura, creating the rejection force. However, this circular tattoo not only made it so the rejection force didn’t break the door, it was also sealing the door.

The ingenuity of this tattoo shocked Wang Lin!

This tattoo opened a door for him, another path for him to take to get rid of the rejection force inside him.

“This tattoo seal fuses celestial and ancient energy. Too few people in the world can open it… Only someone like me can!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with deduction, but after a long time, he couldn’t help but sigh. He felt a sense of complication and absurdity. He felt that it was like a reincarnation cycle that layered upon of itself.

If he didn’t leave planet Suzaku, he would have never gone to the Demon Spirit Land. Then he would have never used the rift there to enter Allheaven. If he hadn’t gone to Allheaven, he couldn’t have entered the Nether Beast.

If he hadn’t know about the Nether Beast, he wouldn’t have had the idea of making it his life essence beast. With that, he wouldn’t have been devoured by the Nether Beast in the first battle at the Cloud Sea. Then he would have never met the madman, let alone get the celestial bloodline. He naturally also wouldn’t have had to deal with the rejection force.

Now that he had returned to planet Suzaku, he had arrived back at the place where he had taken his first step. He had returned to the point of origin.

However, at the point of origin, he found that if one thing went wrong, he could never open the 19th layer...

He was the only one in the world who could open this seal. This kind of thing made Wang Lin feel emotional and confused.

After a long time, Wang Lin gently shook his head and no longer thought about such absurd things. His eyes shined and he slowly raised his right hand. He didn’t use any celestial energy or ancient energy. Instead, he controlled the rejection force to spread out from his index finger!

An instant later, Wang Lin felt pain in his body. It was like a soft sword that moved around like a twisted thorn. It went through his right arm, shredding his flesh and blood. Even his bones trembled as the rejection force gathered in his index finger.

Wang Lin’s index finger trembled and a large amount of sweat appeared on his forehead. It took him a moment to regain his breath, and he used his great fortitude to stop his index finger from trembling under his intense pain.

Wang Lin’s right index finger slowly stretched out and landed on the circle tattoo. At this moment, the rejection force inside Wang Lin roared inside his body and erupted as if it had found its companion.

Wang Lin’s face immediately turned pale, but his right index finger didn’t tremble.

His gaze was focused on the tip of his finger and he was ignoring the rejection force inside his body. He slowly manipulated his index finger to sketch the circle tattoo. He was going to completely sketch it once.

By doing this, he could open the tattoo!

Every time he moved, the rejection force inside his body erupted. He could feel the rejection force continue to rush out from the tattoo and enter his finger. The intense pain caused him to sweat a lot in just a few breaths.

Blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth. His internal organs felt like they were churning and about to collapse.

The tearing between his celestial body and flesh was like pulling someone’s soul out of their body. This kind of pain was difficult to describe unless you have experienced it yourself.

Time slowly passed, and in a flash, seven minutes went by. This room was filled with Wang Lin’s rough breathing.

His eyes became bloodshot and the veins in his right hand swelled up greatly, resulting in a shocking sight. Not only his right hand, but the veins on his face were also swollen. They were wiggling as if the rejection force wanted to erupt from his body.

Wang Lin clenched his teeth and stared at his finger. He slowly moved and continued to sketch. The rejection force rumbled violently inside him. The popping sounds from his body overshadowed his breathing. The thunderous rumbles echoed across the room.

“A bit more…” Wang Lin’s right hand was almost numb. The difficulty of absorbing the rejection force was like fighting a vicious battle against a third step cultivator.

It was even tougher than that!

This tattoo could only be opened with this method. If one only had celestial energy, they couldn’t open it. If one only had ancient energy, they also couldn’t open it. If one had either, they could destroy and refine the entire place and it wouldn’t harm the tattoo one bit!

Time passed. Wang Lin used almost 15 minutes to draw this last small portion. When he finished drawing and his numb finger returned to the starting position, a powerful rejection force erupted from the tattoo and entered his right hand.

There was a loud bang and Wang Lin was forced back. Light came from his body and the Light and Shadow Shield activated, but it only lasted a few breaths before collapsing.

Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood. The moment the Light and Shadow shield collapsed, the Emperor Furnace appeared. With a bang, the Emperor Furnace became distorted. It was knocked back into Wang Lin’s star.

Thanks to the Light and Shadow Shield and the Emperor Furnace, the power from the tattoo had weakened greatly. It landed on his body and blood flowed from his mouth once more. His body was knocked back several hundred feet into the wall. Cracking sounds echoed and the wall behind Wang Lin began to crack.

The circular tattoo gave off a powerful light that lit up the entire room. As the bright light shined, the stone door rumbled. It slowly opened, revealing the passage inside!

As the stone door opened, an ancient aura came out, surrounding the area.

Wang Lin wiped the blood from the corner of his month. He raised his head and immediately  saw the entrance to the other world!

This was the greatest secret of the Tattoo Clan. This place was the 19th layer!

When the stone door was opened, that ancient aura was mixed in. Wang Lin clearly felt this, and without hesitation, he hit the side of the wall.

Thunderous rumble echoed. Borrowing this force, Wang Lin flew out toward the open stone door. In an instant, he entered the 19th layer of the Tattoo Clan that no one else had entered after it was sealed countless years ago!

The moment he entered, the stone door slowly closed.

Wang Lin didn’t turn around. His mind trembled from what he saw before him.

The place he was in wasn’t the real 19th layer but a strange passage. The 19th layer was at the end of the passage.

This passage was formed by increasingly large circles, and they spread out as you walked forward. This wasn’t enough to shock Wang Lin, but each of these rings was the same as the tattoo on the stone door!

They were formed after celestial and ancient energy were fused together!

It was because of their existence and them being connected to the stone door that the circular tattoo had appeared!

“How was this place formed!?” Wang Lin looked ahead. Even though he had gone to many places and seen many strange worlds, he was still shocked.

The larger the circle in the tunnel, the greater the rejection force! There was also a sharp spiritual energy here. The deeper Wang Lin went, the more he felt like he was being locked on to by a sharp sword.

The area outside the circles was completely dark, and not even divine sense could spread out. However, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank as he looked over and vaguely noticed something.

“There is dirt outside the rings that make up this tunnel…” Wang Lin’s mind was in disarray. He was deep within planet Suzaku, so it was natural to see dirt. However, when he entered the door, he felt like he had entered another world. When he saw dirt, he had an indescribable feeling.

After silently pondering for a moment, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Since he had come here, he had to see what this place was like! Wang Lin charged through the passage toward the end.

The circles before Wang Lin gradually became larger and larger until they were thousands of feet wide. The ancient and celestial energies became even stronger along with the sharp spiritual energy. The surroundings were cold, but there were no sign of ice.

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin saw the last circle. He arrived at the end of the passage. The circle was tens of thousands of feet wide!

Standing here, Wang Lin looked back and couldn’t see the stone door. All he could see were the circles that were getting smaller and smaller.

While pondering, Wang Lin turned around and stepped toward the last circle. He turned and stepped into the center of the circle with a boom!

Then he saw it...

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