Chapter 1574 - The Secret at the 19th Layer

Chapter 1574 - The Secret at the 19th Layer

The hole of the Tattoo Clan hadn’t changed much after the reconstruction of planet Suzaku. Over the years, it had become the most mysterious place on planet Suzaku.

Cultivators would often go explore inside.

During the recent few decades, as foreign cultivators came to planet Suzaku, there were many that went into this deep hole but in the end found nothing.

No one could get to the deepest layer.

Wang Lin and the madman instantly appeared outside the hole. He looked at the hole and was about to enter. However, the madman behind him was unwilling and began to roar at Wang Lin.

“Not going, not going, this king will not go. This king will wait for you here, haha, go on you own. Once you come out, find this king.” The madman’s eyes turned and he retreated, shaking his head.

Wang Lin looked at the madman with gaze like lightning. The madman blinked and his voice lowered a lot, but he still vigorously shook his head.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He knew the madman’s thoughts. The madman only wanted to play around planet Suzaku. Wang Lin didn’t want to force him and only nodded. He no longer paid attention to the madman and entered the deep hole.

When the madman saw Wang Lin leave, excitement filled his face. He ran off into the distance while murmuring.

“Those three little girls didn’t want to tell this king their names. Their expressions were really strange before. Haha, if this king finds them again, they will definitely tell me their names.” The madman looked extremely proud as he disappeared over the horizon.

Wang Lin had come to the Tattoo Clan’s land many times in the past, so he was extremely familiar with it. He remembered the entrance to each layer and he quickly flew through each layer.

Along the way, he didn’t stop at all. He often he appeared in a layer and would then disappear and reappear at the entrance to the next layer. Soon, he arrived in the 16th layer.

There were 13 coffins with flashing tattoos on the 16th layer.

These 13 coffins were placed in a circle with a black pool in the middle. They gave off a chilling aura that spread across this area. The coffins were still as Wang Lin had see them before, they gave off a chilling aura. The corpses lying inside were the ancestors of the Tattoo Clan.

The entrance to the 17th layer was inside the black pool. Wang Lin looked at the pool and spotted a seal. This seal could only be broken by Corporeal Yang or higher cultivators. Back then, Wang Lin couldn’t enter himself, so he had relied on Big Head’s strength.

Now, Wang Lin calmly stepped forward. When he got close to the pool, the pool couldn’t withstand the pressure from Wang Lin’s body. The pool collapsed, revealing a giant vortex.

The vortex pulled the black water and revealed the entrance to the next layer. Wang Lin stepped in and disappeared.

When he appeared, he was in the 17th layer. Back then, countless chains filled this place. Many celestial corpses were sealed here to be guards.

Everything that had happened was still fresh in Wang Lin’s memory. He had begun a vicious battle here, causing the 17th layer to collapse. He looked over and saw that the 17th layer was in ruins. Only the giant vortex at the center was still there.

This vortex was entrance to the 18th layer that had appeared after the 17th layer collapsed.

Looking at the entrance, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He spent a lot of effort back then to get here, but now it all seemed so easy. Back then, he still remembered the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor’s avatar appearing to stop him from entering the 18th layer.

Then the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor’s avatar changed his mind and allowed Wang Lin to enter to comprehend under his protection.

Wang Lin shook his head and calmly walked into the vortex. Howling sounds echoed across his ears, but they couldn’t mess with his mind at all. After the howling disappeared, Wang Lin appeared in the deepest part he had been to before, the 18th layer!

This was a room that was 1,000 feet wide!

The surroundings were black; only a faint fire emitted a small amount of light at the center. This light fused with the darkness, making this place look extremely dim.

As the fire flickered, there seemed to be myriads of ghosts floating around, and there were sounds of ghostly howls. Some ghosts seemed to want to punch at the fire. However, fluctuations came from the fire and destroyed them all.

It was here that Wang Lin had absorbed a strange of essence with the help of the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor. Just that silver of essence had almost caused him to explode. He looked at the fire with deep fear in his eyes.

After pondering for a bit, Wang Lin approached the fire. As he closed in, the countless ghosts in the dim room retreated. Their mournful screams echoed within the room.

It seemed Wang Lin’s arrival had scared these ghosts greatly. They all retreated to the corner while trembling, not daring to get close.

Looking at the fire, Wang Lin found that the essence inside it was far too small and chaotic. It was as if someone had created it by force, and it held no attraction to him.

“The last layer… What is exactly hidden there… Yun Quezi said there is a portion of his Tattoo Clan ancestor’s soul in the 19th layer…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“However, the Tattoo Clan’s ancestor is the Sovereign’s daughter, and she was sealed by Qing Ling in the Demon Spirit Land. There is no way her soul is here!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and grabbed the fire.

The essence inside the fire erupted and seemed liked it wanted to resist, but its power was simply insignificant to Wang Lin now.

Wang Lin mercilessly squeezed and the fire collapsed with a bang. The fire seemed to diffuse across the room, and all those ghosts hiding in the corners seemed to dissipate.

A circular door slowly appeared where the fire collapsed.

This door gave off an ancient aura. It was being sealed by a large amount of tattoos! There was a large amount of tattoos on the door, and they hadn’t been placed at the same time. Instead, it seemed like people had come to place tattoos on it over the countless years, and as time passed, this was the result.

Although it was chaotic, these tattoos fused together to create a powerful sealing force. While the seal prevented outsiders from going in, it also sealed whatever was inside the door, preventing it from coming out!

No one knew if these seals had been placed to prevent people from going in or to trap the things inside.

As Wang Lin looked at those tattoos, his expression became serious. He now knew why the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor still wasn’t able to enter the 19th layer!

Because the power of this seal had reached a peak, it was comparable to the full force of a fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator. Even a fifth Heaven’s Blight cultivator would find this door difficult to open unless they reached the third step!

“Planet Suzaku has such an amazing seal…” Wang Lin looked at the tattoo for a long time before raising his right hand. There was a flash of light as he touched the door. Cracking sounds echoed as the countless runes collapsed and his hand swept across the door.

In a flash, the countless seals on the door shattered, leaving only one!

Only the Wang Lin of today could do this. If it was the past, this seal could stop tens of thousands of cultivators!

The last tattoo on the door was very simple, and it was formed by one stroke. It was just an ordinary circle, but from Wang Lin’s view, this last tattoo contained a strange force.

This force was also a seal, but it sealed aura! It was sealing the aura of the door, so no matter what was inside, none of the aura would leak out.

Under Wang Lin’s gaze, he vaguely saw a glimmer of gold in the circle! An extremely well-hidden celestial energy!

“This tattoo… Is not something the Tattoo Clan can possess!” As Wang Lin stared at the last tattoo, he took a deep breath and his pupils shrank!

This tattoo gave off no aura, but Wang Lin could clearly feel the pressure inside with his divine sense.

“This is the pressure of the celestial bloodline!” When Wang Lin felt this aura, he retreated a few steps. His eyes lit up and he raised his right hand that was shining gold. The celestial energy in his body gathered in his finger and he pointed at the last tattoo.

That circle tattoo flashed and the golden light flashed. Another aura Wang Lin was extremely familiar with appeared.

Just as his finger was about to land, his expression changed greatly. His right hand stopped and his eyes were filled with disbelief as he stared at the circle.

“This… There is ancient aura here!!”

The aura he was familiar was ancient aura, it was the aura of Ancient Ye Mo! The moment he felt this aura, his body trembled and a shocking guess appeared in his mind!

“The left eye was shot out by the Li Guang Bow and disappeared into space. There is ancient aura here… Could it be that the 19th layer is where Ye Mo’s left eye is sealed!?”

Wang Lin’s heart began to pound.

“That should be right, this place contains both the power of the celestial bloodline and the ancient aura. Aside from the left eye that was taken by the arrow, there is nothing else!

“That left eye originally didn’t have the power of the celestial bloodline, but the Li Quang Bow that injured it did. As a result, the two fused.

“This fusion is like my body and there is a rejection force. I don’t know what the Tattoo clan did to turn that rejection force into a seal, but thanks to this seal, no one else in the world has found out that Ancient Ye Mo’s left eye is actually here!!”

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