Chapter 1573 - Soul within the long hair

Chapter 1573 - Soul within the long hair

Wang Lin’s hand that was holding the wine paused due to Zhou Wutai’s words!

That extremely prideful soul appeared before his eyes. That red soul filled with pride and loneliness had shined brightly on planet Suzaku.

Red Butterfly’s life was very short, but the brightness of her existence was something even someone like Wang Lin found hard to forget.

That woman that would rather die than submit. That extremely cold woman who had made all the juniors of planet Suzaku bow and not dare to raise their heads. Red Butterfly, just like her name, was a butterfly formed by the most bright red light in the heavens!

This butterfly was very beautiful and was remembered by countless people!

Wang Lin recalled the past as he slowly put down the wine and looked at Zhou Wutai.

Zhou Wutai raised his head to look at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Red Butterfly belonged to the country of Xue Yue… The country of Xue Yue disappeared over the ages, which was related to your seal… The cultivators of the country of Xue Yue that remain are now scattered between the nine main sects. 

“However, after the country of Xue Yue disbanded, I found an empty area there…” Zhou Wutai’s expression became serious and he took a sip of wine.

“Do you still remember Red Butterfly’s teacher… Her teacher once divined that Red Butterfly would face a life and death calamity. If she could survive it, her five element body would be completed…”

Wang Lin nodded.

Zhou Wutai calmly said, “The place I found was sealed by Red Butterfly’s teacher before her death! Red Butterfly’s teacher’s cultivation level was not high, so one thing confused me… How did she place such a complex formation? In this formation, there is a strand of Red Butterfly’s hair.”

“What formation?” Wang Lin felt that this was a bit strange and his eyes narrowed.

“I don’t know much about formations, so I couldn’t see through much. I know about the relationship between you and Red Butterfly, so I preserved the formation. Now that you’re here, you will know when you see it.” Zhou Wutai got up and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at parents’ grave. His purpose for returning was to pay his respects to his parents. He took a deep breath and didn’t awaken the sleeping madman. He stepped toward the sky along with Zhou Wutai.

In the northern part of planet Suzaku stood a mountain range. At the heart of the mountain range, there was a large Suzaku statue. It was something from the past, and it was Zhou Wutai’s cave.

The sky became twisted when Wang Lin and Zhou Wutai appeared. Zhou Wutai led the two into the large Suzaku statue. There was a large mansion inside.

In one of the stone rooms, Wang Lin saw the mysterious formation Zhou Wutai had moved here!

This formation was about 100 feet wide and occupied the entire room. This caused the room to be covered in ice.

There was a strand of hair frozen at the center of the formation. The formation seemed to have been inactive for many years and showed no signs of operating.

“This is the formation.” Zhou Wutai looked at the formation and his face revealed the bewilderment he had in the past.

“I don’t believe Red Butterfly’s teacher could have placed this formation with her cultivation level.”

Wang Lin stepped into the formation and lowered his head. He began to carefully examine it. It was very complex and contained a lot of restrictions. It was as Zhou Wutai had said, it was not something a first step cultivator could place.

Zhou Wutai slowly said, “If not for the fact that the formation had already stopped when I found it, I would have been injured by it.”

Wang Lin squatted down and placed his right hand on the ice. The ice twinkled and thunderous rumbles echoed, causing the formation to show signs of activating.

Deduction light appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes, and a moment later, he released his right hand. After he removed his right hand from the ice, the formation stopped.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then calmly said, “This is a soul splitting transfer array!

“This must’ve been placed by a cultivator at the peak of the Nirvana Cleanser stage or higher… It is not something Red Butterfly’s teacher could place, or she was hiding her cultivation level… However, if she was hiding her cultivation level, what happened to Red Butterfly later can’t be explained.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he analyzed. “The role of this array is to separate a portion of the soul using his strand of hair and then transfer it away. I don’t know where it will be transferred to… This strand of hair does contain Red Butterfly’s aura. Maybe Red Butterfly really isn’t dead!”

This matter surprised him. He didn’t expect to find such a secret on planet Suzaku.

“Back then, Red Butterfly’s teacher divined that Red Butterfly would face a life and death crisis. She likely knew that this crisis was difficult to avoid and somehow found this formation. She placed this formation here before Red Butterfly faced her calamity. She took a part of her soul and sent it away… She wanted to use this method to give Red Butterfly a chance of survival...

“As a result, even though Red Butterfly died, with this portion of soul, she can be reborn and avoid that calamity!” Wang Lin got up and looked at Zhou Wutai.

Zhou Wutai began to ponder. After thinking for a long time, he said, “After I found the formation, I searched the records of the previous lords of planet Suzaku. I found a secret: the cultivators of the country of Xue Yue were foreign cultivators, just like the Giant Demon Clan.”

Wang Lin silently pondered and left the room. He stood on top of the Suzaku statue. His gaze seemed to penetrate the world and enter the vastness of space.

“No matter what the truth is, Red Butterfly being alive is a happy thing… Perhaps, at this moment, she is somewhere else, looking at planet Suzaku… However, I wonder if she still has memories of this place, if she remembers the past…” Wang Lin’s voice was light as it entered Zhou Wutai’s ears.

“I’m also happy that she is not dead… There are not many friends left, I hope I can meet her again in my lifetime.” Zhou Wutai smiled before letting out a sigh and nodding. The hatred of the past had long dissipated in the passage of time.

“Perhaps I have seen her…” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he recalled the past 2,000 years, but he couldn’t find an answer.

“Forget it. If she wants us to know, we will meet her one day. If she doesn’t want to, then we can just think that she is dead…” Zhou Wutai seemed a bit depressed. He looked at Wang Lin as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t.

“Brother Zhou, I’m leaving.” Wang Lin turned toward Zhou Wutai and clasped his hands.

Zhou Wutai’s expression became complicated, and after hesitating a bit, he clasped his hands and asked, “You… Have you seen Liu Mei over the years?”

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Wutai, and after a moment, he slowly said, “I have seen her… She is dead.”

Zhou Wutai’s face became pale as he bitterly shook his head and no longer said anything.

Wang Lin left.

His figure disappeared from the Suzaku Statue. Zhou Wutai silently stood on the statue, looking at where Wang Lin disappeared to. He looked even more dispirited.

“Liu Mei died…” Zhou Wutai sat down and let out a sigh. He picked up a wine jug and began to drink. There had always been a figure in his heart over the past 2,000 years, and it had never disappeared.

He drank until the sky was dark. Zhou Wutai looked at the sky and began to laugh. His laughter was filled with sadness.

No one knew that back then, he had always admired Liu Mei.

Even Wang Lin had only noticed this from Zhou Wutai’s expression just now, but what could he even say...

Wang Lin showed his filial piety by staying before his parents’ grave for seven days. During these seven days, he didn’t leave. He just sat before the grave, drinking wine.

During these seven days, Wang Lin’s heart slowly calmed down. He was like an old man who had stopped thinking. He stopped thinking about the rejection force in his body and was immersed in the warmth of the sorrow of accompanying his parents. He silently watched the days go by.

The madman had woken up a long time ago. He stretched his body and began to chatter nonstop in Wang Lin’s ears. After he took Wang Lin’s wine jug and downed a few drinks, he became even more talkative.

After drinking a lot of wine, he seemed to be drunk and began to sing. This caused the sadness around this old house to dissipate a bit.

On the eighth day, Wang Lin kowtowed before his parents grave and took a deep breath of the air in his hometown. He looked at parents’ grave before turning around and leaving!

With this step, he turned from a mortal that had returned to his hometown back into a cultivator!

A ruthless cultivator!

With this, Wang Lin returned to the bloody cultivation world from the mortal world! What he would face now would not be the warmth of his parents but the treacherous and dangerous cultivation path!

This was a path of no return! Once you stepped on this world, you would have to continue! You couldn’t stop, and even if you looked back, it would only be for a brief moment.

“There is one last place I need to go on planet Suzaku!” Wang Lin flew in the sky with the madman and his gaze looked into the distance.

That was where the deep hole of the Tattoo Clan was located. That was the place where the old Vermillion Bird Divine Emperor wanted to go into!

The secret that was inside the 19th layer had troubled Wang Lin for a long time.

In a flash, Wang Lin brought the still chattering madman and they flew toward that giant hole in the Tattoo Clan!

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