Chapter 1570 - The Fallen Leaf Searches for Its Roots

Chapter 1570 - The Fallen Leaf Searches for Its Roots

Standing on the stairs, Wang Lin looked down on planet Suzaku below him. This planet had become unfamiliar. The mountains and rivers had changed; it no longer looked like it did in the past.

The ground was covered in grass, and as the wind blew, a fragrance filled the air.

“Interesting, this place looks fun. Look at the mountain there, haha, it’s not very good. It’s too rough, the mudmen this king makes are better.” The madman clapped his hands and laughed.

The four people originally had serious expressions as they bowed at the stone statue before them. After hearing the madman’s words, the three disciples all looked back with fierce stares and disdain in their eyes.

This mountain was connected to the stairs. This mountain was the highest mountain on planet Suzaku, and a powerful spell had been used to shape it into a large statue. It was a cultivator with his left hand forming a seal and his right hand holding a giant axe looking at the sky. The invisible pressure it gave off made it feel like this person was going to fight the heavens!

The staircase was connected to the bottom of the statue. As a result, all the cultivators that came to planet Suzaku would immediately see this statue. As they descend, due to the difference in height, the pressure from the statue would become even stronger. It would be as if they were worshipping the statue as they descended.

This was a statue of Wang Lin!

This was Wang Lin during the first battle at the Cloud Sea!

However, the face of this statue was blurry, which made it impossible for others to get a good look.

“This is a statue of the Lord of the Sealed Realm in the first battle of the Cloud Sea. It was right after he killed the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor and Esteemed Nan Zhao. He stood before the Outer Realm army of tens of thousands of cultivators, and none of them dared to take half a step forward!” The old man’s words echoed, causing his three disciples to turn around and pay their respects.

“After the first battle, the name of the Lord of the Sealed Realm became famous in the Inner Realm and people found out that he came from planet Suzaku. The cultivators of the Inner Realm gathered, and under the lead of several powerful seniors and the lord of planet Suzaku, Zhou Wutai, the highest mountain was made into a statue of the Lord of the Sealed Realm.” The old man’s voice echoed.

Wang Lin silently looked at the statue and gently shook his head, letting out a sigh. He vaguely remembered that this mountain belonged to the country of Suzaku and was its holy land. However, now it had been changed.

This was not the change Wang Lin wanted to see. He stepped forward and took the madman away. It wasn’t until they disappeared that one of the you men among the three disciples sneered.

“Such a vulgar person is not fit to come to the Lord of the Sealed Realm’s hometown!”

The two disciples beside him nodded and glared at where Wang Lin and the madman went toward.

“The two of them are so rude and will surely be punished. I can’t wait to see their sorry state when they are forced off the planet.”

Wang Lin slowly walked through the sky and looked at the earth below. The earth felt even more unfamiliar, which made him even more lonely. Everything other than his heart had changed. However, these changes just made him even more lonely and out of place.

“Too much has changed… There is no feeling of home…” Wang Lin silently pondered and tried very hard to find a trace of familiarity. However, when he looked at the earth, he still couldn’t see it.

Many of the cultivation countries on planet Suzaku had changed, and now planet Suzaku was just one country. Even the large amount of sects were gone and became the nine great sects of planet Suzaku.

These nine great sects occupied most of planet Suzaku.

As Wang Lin moved forward, he saw the Soul Refining Sect. The memory of Du Tian was still there, but the Soul Refining Sect was not the same.

The mountain had disappeared and turned into a lake. There were many pavilions around the lake, giving off waves of spiritual energy, but it was another sect.

Situ Nan had awakened here. Those domineering words still echoed in Wang Lin’s ears, but he couldn’t find any familiar aura.

The Giant Demon Clan of the past appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes, and it had also changed. The area where the Giant Demon Clan was located was now a prairie. There were many nomadic mortals on his prairie, dressed in simple clothes or topless. They walked among a flock of sheep while sing cheerful songs.

There were a few dogs among the flock of sheep that barked excitedly. The barking mixed with the singing and didn’t seem out of place. Instead, it gave the song a leisure feeling.

“This place… also changed…” Wang Lin felt melancholy and slowly moved forward. The madman followed Wang Lin and was silent. He could feel the loneliness from Wang Lin, and he also felt homesick.

After a long time, the country of Xue Yu appeared before Wang Lin. The snow-covered land was no longer there.

That snow had melted a long time ago. This place had become a dense jungle and no longer looked anything like it did in the past. Even the cities had been turned into ruins by the jungle.

What was also buried was that special mortal city that chronicled nearly 100 years of Wang Lin’s life. A mortal child named Ceng Niu had grown up there.

Looking at the jungle below, Wang Lin’s heart felt terrible. It was an indescribable feeling. He vaguely felt like this was no longer his home...

He couldn’t find any familiarity on planet Suzaku.

Without that sense of familiarity, he only had memories. It was like a traveler that had left for a long time and finally returned home only to find that everything had changed. It was unfamiliar to the point that it made him want to cry. It was unfamiliar to the point that it made him sad. It was unfamiliar to the point that he couldn’t find his way… home.

Wang Lin had returned to planet Suzaku before and had seen changes, but they weren’t as drastic as now. He couldn’t adapt at all. He didn’t dare to spread out his divine sense to see the entire planet at once, to see the country of Zhao and his parents’ tomb...

He was afraid that he would continue to see unfamiliarity, leaving him with only memories but no home.

He was also equally afraid to look at the cave in the Sea of Devils where he had lived with Li Muwan. He was afraid to look for that heartwarming valley. He was afraid that those were gone as well.

Looking at the jungle below, Wang Lin silently walked in as if he was looking for something. Eventually, he removed the leaves before him and saw the ruins of a city.

A few small beasts were moving between the ruined buildings inside the city. When Wang Lin arrived, the small beasts were frighten and all scattered.

Wang Lin walked within the ruins of the city and looked for something. He faintly felt a hint of familiarity and almost grasped that sense of familiarity. However, a moment later, that sense of familiarity faded as he looked at a giant hole before him. It was this hole that buried his sense of familiarity and the street he used to live on.

After being startled there for a long time, Wang Lin let out a sigh and left.

He went to the Sea of Devils. The entire Sea of Devils was no longer there. Back then, although the fog had dissipated, the giant basin remained. Now someone had filled the basin and it was one of the nine great sects.

The cave he lived in with Li Muwan was naturally gone. Wang Lin looked at it from the sky and he felt his heart sting. He wanted to look at the cave, to look at the body of the huge dragon, to look at the place where Li Muwan put her heart and soul into making that jade.

He sadly turned around.

Unconsciously, Wang Lin arrived in the valley where he accompanied Li Muwan until she grew old and where he felt warmth. That was also where Zhou Ru had grown up.

However, even this place had been flattened and turned into an inner sea. It was beautiful, but it was just painful for Wang Lin...

“This place is also gone…”

The various changes on planet Suzaku made it much more beautiful, but it was only on the surface. This was not the planet Suzaku that Wang Lin wanted!

Others only knew that this was the hometown of the Lord of the Sealed Realm and wanted to transform this place into a holy land. However, they didn’t understand that this holy land was hollow. Was it really what Wang Lin wanted...

All of this was just dust on the outside. Wang Lin was not one to care about his personal prestige and fame. He was just an ordinary person, and even as a cultivator he was just a little cultivator.

He only wanted a home, a hometown where he could calmly recall the past. He just wanted a trace of familiarity that would allow him to feel warmth after more than 2,000 years of cruel cultivation. Just a trace of warmth...

However, the warmth had become a luxury. He wanted to find it, but along the way, he hadn’t found any.

Wang Lin turned around and looked at the confused madman as he whispered, “Why is it like this…”

The madman gave a silly smile. “This king this is quite pretty, hehe…”

Wang Lin silently pondered and looked at the sky. After a long time, he let out a sigh and stepped forward. He left with the madman to go the place he was afraid to look at the most: his real home. The old country of Zhao!

Wang Lin looked at the country of Zhao from above and his eyes became blurry.

“This place didn’t change…”

He was the Lord of the Sealed Realm, but at this moment, he was just someone who had returned to his hometown. He was an old man looking for trace of the past...

Below him was the country of Zhao, and the old man and his three disciples had already arrived here.

“This is where the Lord of the Sealed Realm grew up…” The old voice slowly echoed...

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