Chapter 157 - A Sad and Beautiful Complexion (Teaser)

Chapter 157 - A Sad and Beautiful Complexion

The devil’s face immediately became very grim as he slowly spat out one soul after another. After spitting out more than 40 souls, his golden core was on the brink of shattering.

Wang Lin waved his hand and all 43 souls flew into his forehead. They entered his consciousness and floated next to the soul of the Core Formation cultivator from Xuan Wu.

The Ji Realm red lightning flew through each of the souls. As they disappeared, Wang Lin could feel his own soul become a bit stronger.

The devil secretly relaxed a bit as he stared at Wang Lin but complained in his heart, “This is too much! These are all souls I managed to steal back from the damn sword! Sooner or later, I’ll have my revenge! Just wait until my cultivation recovers to the Nascent Soul stage!”

Just as he was thinking about how he was going to deal with Wang Lin once he recovers to the Nascent Soul stage, his body was grabbed by Wang Lin and was thrown back into the dragon tendon. The devil let out a few frustrated sighs....

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