Chapter 1568 - Dealing With Evil Servants

Chapter 1568 - Dealing With Evil Servants

These cold words were like a cold wind blowing from behind them. When they entered Liu Jinbiao’s ears, his pupils shrank and he was frozen on the spot. His mind went blank.

He trembled and subconsciously turned around. This caused him to almost lose his wits, and he knelt down. His face was pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. This time it was real blood, and it was scared out of him!

No matter how good of a scammer he was, he couldn’t think of anything. He trembled and wanted to say something, but under Wang Lin’s gaze, his mind trembled and he felt like his body was being torn apart. That gaze pierced through his body and origin soul like a sword. It was as if Wang Lin only needed one thought to kill him.

That terrifying gaze contained a killing intent that caused Liu Jinbiao’s scalp to go numb. He was so scared, he became mute and couldn’t say a word. He could only kneel and kowtow constantly. Even though his forehead was bleeding, he didn’t care.

Xu Liguo was still proud and was screaming miserably, but when he heard this voice, he trembled. He was very familiar with this voice, very, very familiar. It was the voice of the fiend he feared!

The anger and coldness in this voice caused Xu Liguo’s spirit body to almost dissipate. His mind trembled and his face turned pale. The swords in his body collapsed, and this time he truly looked dispirited. He turned around and saw Wang Lin’s cold gaze.

This gaze caused him to almost pass out, and his eyes were filled with extreme fear.

“Ma… Master!!!” Xu Liguo was frozen for a moment and let out a miserable scream. This sound could shake one’s soul, and it completely transmitted his fear.

“Master, have mercy, Master, listen to me. This matter is not as you see. This matter…” After all, Xu Liguo had followed Wang Lin for a very long time. Although he was filled with fear, he could still somewhat speak, which was much more than Liu Jinbiao could do. Although his voice was trembling, he seemed to want to hug Wang Lin’s leg and beg.

This sudden change shocked remaining cultivators. The more than 10 vicious cultivators all turned around and looked at Wang Lin. When they saw Wang Lin, they felt the cold eyes penetrate them, and their minds rumbled. They all coughed out blood and fear filled their eyes.

That woman also turned pale and coughed out blood, forcing her to retreat a few steps. The panic in her eyes reached its limit. She didn’t know who this new person was, but the pressure he emitted was almost enough to make her collapse. Even her master and all the powerful cultivators she had met were like mere ants before this person.

“You… Who are you?!” Trembling, the female cultivator retreated. Even her words and face became twisted from fear under the pressure.

Not only her, but almost everyone felt like they were standing before a storm. This storm was connected with the world and contained the power to destroy all life. They were small before the storm and would die just from touching the storm.

The young man in black, Fan Huazi, was standing in the distance. Blood was flowing down from the corner of his pale mouth. However, he looked at Wang Lin with a dull gaze before revealing excitement. He seemed to recognize Wang Lin but couldn’t believe it.

The madman was the person with the least pressure. The moment he saw Wang Lin, he immediately revealed a wronged expression. Tears appeared in his eyes and he rushed over the crowd toward Wang Lin and began to cry.

“They bullied me!! I clearly didn’t do anything, I only asked what that little girl’s name was. I really did nothing. Xu Liguo told me how I could have a lot of fun by doing this and that. But before I could do this and that, they came in. I did nothing…” The madman felt wronged and eventually began to cry.

Xu Liguo’s heart trembled when he heard this. He didn’t dare to move forward under Wang Lin’s indifferent gaze. Just as he was about to speak, Wang Lin pointed forward.

With this point, Xu Liguo spat out large amount of spiritual body essence and his body turned almost transparent. Then his body flew back and smashed into the stone wall. There was a flash of restriction light, causing him to let out another miserable scream, as he bounced off.

This point had wasted almost 30% of his cultivation, causing his spirit body to almost collapse. That intense pain caused him to scream miserably.

This time he was completely afraid. He had followed Wang Lin for many years and knew how cruel Wang Lin was. He didn’t call Wang Lin “fiend” for nothing!

“Master, Master!! I have accomplished great deeds for Master!! I have shed blood for Master!! Master, do you still remember the Giant Demon Clan ancestor on planet Suzaku, does Master remember…” Xu Liguo screamed and listed almost everything he had done for Wang Lin.

He was afraid that if he was late, he would not have a chance of speaking again.

“If it wasn’t for all of that, that point wouldn’t had just wasted 30% your cultivation, it have killed you!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold. He had vowed to be kind to this madman, yet Xu Liguo had dared to go against his command! It was as he said, if not for the fact that Xu Liguo had followed him for so long, Wang Lin would have already killed Xu Liguo.

His gaze swept toward Liu Jinbiao, who was kowtowing nonstop, and there was a flash of killing intent.

“The world can easily change, but one’s personality is difficult to change. Liu Jinbiao, you disappoint me! You achieved great merits at the Fire Sparrow Clan and I promised to let you go. I planned to give you a great fortune as a gift for taking care of him…” Wang Lin’s voice was cold as he spoke. His voice was like a cold wind that filled the area. Liu Jinbiao’s body trembled and he kowtowed even faster, smashing his forehead on the ground.

Looking at Liu Jinbiao, Wang Lin pointed forward and a gust of wind landed on Liu Jinbiao’s body. Liu Jinbiao trembled and coughed out blood before being knocked back a few dozen feet.

“You have made a great achievement, that is still there, but I won’t give you that great fortune. You can forget about being free, you will be my slave for 1,000 years!” When he heard Wang Lin’s words, Liu Jinbio revealed a bitter smile, but he let out a big breath of relief in his heart. He could accept this punishment.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!!! You’re the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!!” Fan Huazi excitedly  called out. He wasn’t sure before, but when he heard Wang Lin talk about planet Suzaku and the Fire Sparrow Clan, he was certain. He excitedly walked toward Wang Lin and bowed.

When he spoke, the surrounding cultivators were filled with disbelief and excitement filled their bodies. They all clasped their hands and bowed.

“Greetings, Lord of the Sealed Realm!!”

The female cultivator was startled for a moment before clasping her hands like everyone else. She trusted Fan Huazi’s words. Only the Lord of the Sealed Realm could give off such a terrifying pressure.

Wang Lin’s gaze was still the same as he looked at the young man in black and slowly said,

“You have seen me before?”

The young man was extremely excited. He quickly walked up and respectfully said, “Junior lived in Allheaven for a period of time and was there in the first battle at the Cloud Sea. Junior was among the Allheaven army and saw the Lord of the Sealed Realm from a distance. Also, Junior received the jade from the Cloud Sea, so I had a vague idea of your appearance.”

After he spoke, he looked at the madman behind Wang Lin and looked ashamed. He wanted to explain something, but in the end he found it difficult to say.

Wang Lin silently pondered and coldly looked at the cultivators inside the cave. His gaze brought a large amount of pressure on these cultivators. They all lowered their heads, ashamed, and didn’t dare to speak.

“This matter, don’t repeat it!” A moment later, Wang Lin waved his sleeve. He took Xu Liguo, Liu Jinbiao, and the madman into the ripple and they all disappeared.

Only after he was gone did the cultivators in the cave dare to look up. Their backs were soaked in cold sweat and they looked at each other, their hearts beating rapidly.

“Ce Nizi, this is your doing! If you didn’t force me, we wouldn’t be looked down upon by the Lord of the Sealed Realm. You… Alas! I’m also to blame for becoming greedy because of Xu Liguo’s words. To actually do such a thing to deceive a madman…” Fan Huazi looked extremely ashamed as he looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to.

Wang Lin was someone he respected, and he had dreamt of meeting the Lord of the Sealed Realm. However, he never actually dreamt that it would come true under such circumstances...

The female cultivator also felt ashamed and gnashed her teeth. “It’s all that Xu Liguo’s fault. That man… If I meet him again, I’ll definitely make him pay for this matter!”

Among the stars, Wang Lin slowly walked forward. Liu Jinbiao and Xu Liguo were stored inside his storage space. Most of the golden blood they had obtained was taken by Wang Lin.

The madman still looked wronged and chattered nonstop behind Wang Lin. This matter had left a profound impression on the madman.

“The human heart is sinister, the human heart is sinister, ah… Also, spirit stones and silver are very important, very important. In the future, if I get spirit stones or silver, I must use them carefully and not careless spend them… Can’t carelessly spend them at all… Can’t careless spend them…”

Even Wang Lin didn’t expect that this experience would change the madman’s personality a bit. Once he had spirit stones and silver, his stinginess could shock anyone!

Listening to the madman chattering behind him, Wang Lin gradually calmed down. He looked back at the madman. Especially given the chatter, this madman really looked like a certain person...

A person he only met once in the Outer Realm and had almost completely forgotten.

Wang Lin shook his head and smiled. He felt like his thoughts were a bit absurd. He no longer thought about this and slowly walked toward planet Suzaku.

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