Chapter 1566 - The Madman’s Roar

Chapter 1566 - The Madman’s Roar

An invisible ripple spread in all directions with the two of them as the center. This ripple spread out across the world.

Wang Lin turned his comprehension of thunder and fire into a seed and buried it deep within Thirteen!

“I won’t gift you any treasures, only this essence seed!”

Thirteen’s body trembled. When Wang Lin’s palm landed on his forehead, a golden seed appeared in his mind. This golden seed contained Wang Lin’s comprehension of his complete fire and thunder essences. It was the aura of the third step!

This seed also contained Wang Lin’s celestial bloodline, that’s why it was gold in color!

This seed was comparable to a heavenly treasure. It was precious enough to cause a catastrophe. Wang Lin was giving it to his first disciple, Thirteen!

“Teacher is leaving…” Wang Lin looked profoundly at Thirteen and took away the ancient demon statue. He then stepped into the sky and gradually disappeared. Just as he was about to completely disappear, he turned his head and looked down at Thirteen with a gentle gaze as if he was looking at his own child and gently nodded.

“If you want to do something, do it… As long as you can live with your decision, then no matter how big of a disaster you cause, Teacher is here… You should find a woman you like, don’t be like me…”

Thirteen bit his lip and tears appeared in his eyes. He silently watched his teacher leave and kowtowed nine times.

Wang Lin silently walked among the stars. He had come alone and left alone. After more than 2,000 years, he was used to this loneliness and used to looking at the bright stars by himself. He was used to breathing and savoring this unspeakable sense of loneliness by himself.

He had long become used to this...

He didn’t immediately absorb the ancient demon statue into his left eye and instead kept it inside his storage space. He could still maintain the rejection force in his body. Only by absorbing it at the critical moment could the ancient demon statue display its full effect.

Wang Lin didn’t want to absorb it if he could avoid it.

He wanted to wait for this ancient demon statue to grow a bit more. As for the ancient demon he had caught in Allheaven, it was still sealed by him. It was not time to use it yet.

He once promised the ancient demon a chance at survival, Wang Lin didn’t forget.

The starry sky was silent at night unless there were rumbles of cultivators fighting. Right now, Wang Lin was silently walking into the distance.

He looked slow, but in truth every step he took covered vast distances. It was no different than Spatial Bending.

Wang Lin didn’t go to the Rain Celestial Realm. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but he didn’t have enough time. He passed by the hidden Rain Celestial Realm entrance and looked back. He had to go pick up the madman first.

On the other edge of the Brilliant Void, there was a planet. This planet wasn’t planet Suzaku but a rank 7 cultivation planet.

It was surrounded by several smaller planets, and it looked very quiet from a distance.

Because this area was quite empty, not many cultivators came here.

At this moment, in a mortal city on this planet, it was already autumn. The cold, autumn wind swept through this city as if it had taken something away and then left.

This was a small town, it wasn’t big. There weren’t many people living here, so the street was mostly vacant. Only some shops were open, and the autumn wind was causing the shops to shake, making it look a bit depressing.

There were several stalls in the corner of the street, and the servers were all lazily chatting with each other. They were wearing layers of clothing, but they could still feel the coldness of the autumn wind.

The rustling sounds on the ground echoed as the withered leaves were blown along the street. Some of the leaves were sent to these stalls and were blocked by the tables. The leaves went around and glided off into the distance.

Some autumn leaves flew into the sky and off into another street. Then they hit someone’s face.

That person was originally walking forward while swaggering with two men following him. They had flattering smiles and were whispering something to him, making this person laugh happily.

This laughter was interrupted by the autumn leaves. He muttered something before slapping his face and removing a leaf. He threw it on the ground and then mercilessly jumped on it a few times.

As he stomped the leaf, he roared at the same time.

“Little leaf, you dare to have ideas about this king?! Hmph, hmph, let’s see how this king will deal with you!” He stomped on the leaf more than 10 times before the wind blew it away; only then did he finally give up.

He was the madman. The two people behind him were Xu Liguo and Liu Jinbiao. They were used to the madman’s actions, so they only looked at each other.

Xu Liguo blinked as he watched the leaf fly away and sent a message to Liu Jinbiao. “Old Liu, why do I think there is something about his words… He couldn’t have seen through us.”

Liu Jinbiao rubbed his chin and send a message back. “According to my analysis, this person is really crazy, so he will not see through us. Master Xu can rest assured.” 

Xu Liguo nodded. He believed in Liu Jinbiao’s judgement. During this time, they had worked together to scam the madman and had gained a lot of benefits.

Thinking of this, Xu Liguo quickly revealed a flattering smile and walked up to massage the madman’s shoulders. He viciously stared at the flying leaf and said, “That’s right trample it to death. Who let it dare to bully this king? King, do you want this little one to catch it so you can trample it some more?”

The madman waved his hand and proudly smiled. “Forget it, this king will let that leaf go. Little Xu, where is that little girl you spoke of? Quickly, take this king there. If this king is satisfied, this king will reward you.”

When Xu Liguo heard there was a reward, his eyes lit up. However, Liu Jinbiao let out a dry cough. His expression was calm, as if he was unmoved.

“King, you didn’t like any of the ones before. This time, I, Xu Liguo, spent a lot of effort to find another that you will be satisfied with, but…” Without waiting for Xu Liguo to finish, the madman bit his finger. Blood flowed out and he wiped it on Xu Liguo.

“That’s enough.”

Xu Liguo’s expression filled with excitement. He carefully wiped away the blood and put it away before he quickly nodded.

Even Liu Jinbiao’s eyes lit up. He licked his lips and made himself look calm, but his gaze constantly looked toward Xu Liguo.

Under the madman’s eagerness, the trio arrived at the edge of the street, where there was a shop. Liu Jinbiao walked into the shop first.

When the madman and Xu Liguo entered, he immediately closed the door. After forming a few seals to seal the door, he quickly followed.

“Why is it so troublesome!?” Before he got close, he heard a roar from the madman.

There was a transfer array in the backyard of this shop. This array was very rough, and it was obvious that it was placed not long ago. The madman stood outside the transfer array and roared at Xu Liguo.

Xu Liguo put on a flattering smile and rubbed his hands together. “King, this little one found you a cultivator at the Corporeal Yang stage. This person originally refused, but this little one spent a lot of effort to make this person agree. However, due this person’s noble status, that person is extra careful.”

The madman’s face was filled with impatience and he pursed his mouth. “We came here for so many days and haven’t succeeded once. If it’s not successful this time, this king won’t play anymore! This can’t be as fun as you say, what kind of fun thing has this king not played with before?”

Xu Liguo smiled with a look of intoxication and quickly said, “Once King has a taste, you will know this little one is not lying. It’s just that this little one doesn’t have enough spirit stones to activate this formation.”

The madman muttered and hesitated for a bit before he squeezed out a drop of blood to give to Xu Liguo. He then muttered to himself, “This king’s blood is very precious. Back then, that who, who, who…”

Xu Liguo ignored the madman and excitedly caught the blood. After putting it away, he winked at Liu Jinbiao. Liu Jinbiao remained calm and activated the transfer array when the madman wasn’t paying attention. There was a flash of light and the three of them disappeared.

Array light flashed inside a valley and three people appeared.

However, shortly after, the madman began to roar once more.

“Why is there another transfer aray? This king… this king is not going to play!” Xu Liguo had somehow managed to convince the madman, and a moment later, there was another flash of light. The valley calm down once more.

Just like this, after the madman roared, there were flashes of light in more than 10 locations. The madman’s roar became even more intense.

“How many transfer arrays are there? This king is really not going to play, not going to play!! You’re bullying me, you’ve all gone too far! I’m going to tell my teacher!”

It seemed that this last sentence had an effect. Xu Liguo’s body trembled and even Liu Jinbiao’s eyelids twitched. He anxiously looked at Xu Liguo. It seemed that last sentence had scared him to death. During this period of time, the two of them had gotten the information that the madman had taken Wang Lin as his teacher.

Xu Liguo was shocked for a moment. During these days, he had almost forgotten about the fiend. He quickly said, “This is the last one, this is the last one! This one doesn’t need spirit stones. Once we go, we can see that little girl.”

At this moment, a ripple echoed outside the planet and Wang Lin walked out. He looked at the planet and frowned. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.


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