Chapter 1564 - Thirteen

Chapter 1564 - Thirteen

Master Hong Shan’s eyes became more and more clear. He took a deep breath and popping sounds echoed inside his body. A red mist came out of his pores and formed blood-colored cloth over his body.

He looked at Wang Lin and clasped his hands.

“Thank you, Lord of the Sealed Realm!” He raised his head and turned to look at the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord. His eyes shined with wisdom.

“Qing Jiuyan, even if you burn your cultivation, you won’t escape. You will not die, this old man will refine you into a blood puppet and you will become a great help for my Inner Realm!” After he spoke, Master Hong Shan turned into a red shadow and charged ahead.

The old man in black was pale. Although he was a third step cultivator, he was still a cultivator. He was powerless to fight against four of them. As Master Hong Shan closed in, the old man in black quickly retreated.

However, Master Long Pan calmly raised his right hand behind the old man in black and the Mountain and River Painting blocked the old man’s path.

Qing Shui’s expression turned cold and he pointed at the old man. The five cracks on the old man’s face began to tear open once more! Dark Moon Clear Sky was a spell that engraved itself on the enemy and could continuously erupt with terrifying power.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, and the moment the other three attacked, his eyes shined. Golden light gathered in his finger tip and he pointed at the old man in black.


This was a battle without any suspense. The Seven-Colored Realm collapsed and the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord Qin Jiuyan was captured and taken away by Master Hong Shan.

Master Long Pan’s burning soul stopped burning with the help of Master Hong Shan. He left with his disciple, Master Zhong Xuan, to silently wait for the next battle against the Outer Realm.

Master Hong Shan invited Wang Lin to the Cloud Sea and use the name of the Lord of the Sealed Realm to ignite the fighting spirit of the Inner Realm cultivators. Then he led the Inner Realm cultivators to carry out the final counter attack.

Wang Lin didn’t go as he had obtained three Dao Fruits. The most important thing right now was to complete his three daos before the rejection force inside his body exploded. He had to break open the void gate and complete his dao!

Qing Shui left. His green robe fluttered among the stars with a sense of sadness and loneliness. He went to find his daughter. Perhaps he would find her, perhaps he would never find her in his entire life.

However, no matter what, as long as Wang Lin asked, he would come back from the end of the world. There was no need to speak too much between them. The things they experienced together was something Qing Shui wouldn’t forget.

Among the stars, there were only two people Qing Shui still cared about. One of them was his junior brother, Wang Lin.

Master Hong Shan’s escape brought joy to the Inner Realm. The retake of Summoned River gave the remaining Inner Realm cultivators hope!

The death of Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao, the addition of Master Long Pan, and the capture of the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord reignited the confidence of the Inner Realm.

There were no Seven-Colored Realms left in the Inner Realm. After decades of war, the remaining cultivators were all seasoned warriors. They had to fight because once they failed, the only remaining path would be death.

Master Hong Shan spreading the news that the Lord of the Sealed Realm had returned was the most impactful! This caused the Inner Realm cultivators to raise their heads, and the flame of battle in their hearts became even more intense.

In the Brilliant Void Realm, there was a place near the border between the Cloud Sea and Allheaven. This place quickly developed into a large trading area.

Many planets like this appeared at the bounders of the four great star systems. Lots of cultivators from all four systems gathered on these planets to trade for the resources they needed.

This caused the four star systems to slowly fuse together.

At this moment, on this planet in the Brilliant Void called One Spirit, there were cultivators from all four star systems. As the cultivators came and went, it was extremely lively.

The female cultivators of the Summoned River were the most famous. Although a large amount of them had died, many of them had gained prestige during that counter attack.

Although the Summoned River had just been recovered, a large amount of female cultivators from Summoned River returned. The Summoned River showed signs of recovery.

The Summoned River had the most female cultivators, and they were all beautiful. The fragrance they gave off made the single male cultivators in the other three systems do their best to find themselves dao partners that would accompany them for the rest of their lives.

With female cultivators from the Summoned River present, the city became even more lively.

There were some inns in the this city that provided a place for cultivation for the cultivators that came. There was a large amount of spirit stones and some celestial jades in every room.

Some inns with deep backgrounds had origin crystals to provide origin energy for those old monsters.

In the eastern part of this city that covered most of the planet, there was a medium-sized inn. There were many cultivators sitting inside the hall in this inn.

Although cultivators didn’t have to eat, celestial fruits, wine, or some simple mortal foods would often evoke some memories of the past. The inn was often full.

Due to the war with the Outer Realm, this became a good opportunity to meet all kinds of fellow cultivators. They would learn from each other, and perhaps simple acquaintances would have a chance to meet again on the battlefield in the future.

At this moment, there were several cultivators sitting at the table in the northern end of the inn. One was a middle-aged scholar that was smiling and talking to his friends.

“I have already said before that I knew the Lord of the Sealed Realm, but none of you believe me.”

On the opposite of the scholar were two women who were both beautiful. However, their ages were somewhat different. The woman in a pink robe that was younger became curious.

“Where did Big Brother Zhou meet the Lord of the Sealed Realm?”

The woman in purple beside her was a bit older, she was already middle-aged. There were traces of time on her face, and she was calmly sitting there and hadn’t said a word.

Beside the middle-aged scholar was a old man. He smiled and interjected, “Lady Xu, don’t believe Fellow Cultivator Zhou’s words. Everytime this guy meets female cultivators from the Summoned River like you, he says the same thing. I have almost grown calluses in my ears from listening to him.” 

“It was on planet Suzaku. The Lord of Sealed Realm at that time could not match his cultivation today. I remember back then, he was still a little Core Formation cultivator. I didn’t think he would become the Lord of the Sealed Realm one day!” The middle-aged scholar smiled and ignored the old man’s words. His face was filled with emotions.

The woman blinked and revealed a hint of interest. She looked at the woman in purple and smiled.

“Senior Sister, I remember you saying you came from planet Suzaku. Have you met the Lord of the Sealed Realm before?”

After she spoke, everyone, including the middle-aged scholar, became silent. They all looked toward the woman in purple with shock and envy. There was also a faint look of respect.

Even the nearby cultivators became silent when they heard this. They stopped speaking and looked respectfully at the woman in purple.

The middle-aged man that spoke before quickly stood up. He clasped his hands at the woman in purple and said, “I, Zhou Dongde, greet Fellow Cultivator from planet Suzaku. What I said before was false, I hope Fellow Cultivator doesn’t mind.”

Not only him, but even the old man and the large amount of surrounding cultivators all clasped their hands to greet her.

The cultivators from the Cloud Sea walked up to her and clasped their hands.

This kind of occurrence was not common in the four star systems, but it had happened several times. The fame of the Lord of the Sealed Realm was not a personal glory but was obtained through shocking events that happened in the war. In the minds of the Inner Realm cultivators, the Lord of the Sealed Realm was the soul of the Inner Realm!

The Lord of the Sealed Realm was from the Brilliant Void, so the Brilliant Void cultivators were respected by the cultivators from the other three systems. Although it wasn’t much, it was there. The Lord of the Sealed Realm came from planet Suzaku, it was something all the cultivators knew now.

There was naturally respect toward the cultivators from planet Suzaku!

However, planet Suzaku was a small place, and very few cultivators could leave it. As a result, it was rare to meet someone who was really from there.

However, it was because of this that once one was found to be a cultivator from planet Suzaku, they would be respected greatly.

Planet Suzaku had obtained the respect of the entire Inner Realm due to Wang Lin.

The woman in purple seemed to be unaccustomed to this kind of attention, so her face turned slightly red. She raised her jade-like hand to move her hair to side and then greeted all the cultivators that greeted her. She softly replied her junior sister’s words.

“I… I should have seen him….” The woman began to recall, and her words caused everyone to begin to listen.

“However, I’m a bit unsure if the person I met was him…” The woman sighed.

“Senior Sister Zhou, quickly tell me.” The woman in pink quickly rushed her senior sister.

“At that time, he was called Ma Liang… At that time, he was only at the Foundation Establishment stage, and he was very cold and ruthless… He returned to the country of Hu Fen from the Foreign Battleground. If he was really the Lord of the Sealed Realm, he and Li Muwan should have met there… Li Muwan was my best friend…” The woman in purple was a bit unsure as she spoke.

The surrounding cultivators all listened seriously. This kind of thing was very rare to hear from a planet Suzaku cultivator.

Only a young man in black sat in the distance, occupying a table to himself, drinking silently. His expression was indifferent and he gave off a cold aura, so no one dared to get close.

“Teacher… Where are you…” The young man drank wine and looked out at the inn as he recalled the past. However, in an instant, his body trembled and looked at the man in white that had entered the inn. His eyes became filled with disbelief and excitement.

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