Chapter 1563 - The Third Dao Fruit!

Chapter 1563 - The Third Dao Fruit!

The Dao Fruit was faintly transparent, and one could see a boy covered in red sitting inside it. The boy’s face was filled with pain. Countless lines were connected to his body as if they were absorbing nutrients.

This boy was Master Hong Shan’s original body. But he didn’t have the Heaven Defying Bead to absorb the chaotic dao intent inside. The only result would be his death!

Slaughter continued and waves of miserable screams came from all directions. The strange beasts that were helping the old man in black attack Master Long Pan scattered and shot toward the slaughtering Qing Shui.

“Mere ghosts, you dare to bare your fangs against this lord?” There was a flash of coldness in Qing Shui’s eyes and he waved his right hand. A black storm filled with slaughter essence formed and shot into the sky. When it closed in on these strange creatures, the storm suddenly exploded.

The slaughter essence inside rapidly scattered and swept by those strange creatures.

The creatures trembled and crackling sounds echoed. They all turned into pieces of black ice!

They were all frozen!

Countless black ice thorns appeared inside the ice and pierced these strange creatures.

Wang Lin stepped forward. He didn’t look at Qing Shui slaughtering the Outer Realm cultivators or at Master Long Pan’s fight. He instantly arrived below the Dao Fruit hanging in the seven-colored cloud!

All of this happened in an instant. It had only been a few breaths of time since Wang Lin and Qing Shui entered! The Heaven Punishment Palace’s palace lord turned around and looked at Wang Lin in shock.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!” There was a flash of killing intent in the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord’s eyes. He wanted to retreat to intercept Wang Lin; however, Master Long Pan revealed an indifferent gaze and spread out an ancient aura to block the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord

“No victor has been decided between us.”

With Master Long Pan blocking him, the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord’s eyes glinted with a cold light and he decided ignore Wang Lin, who was heading toward the Dao Fruit. In his view, Wang Lin was only the Lord of the Sealed Realm in name and was far too weak. Attempting to save Master Hong Shan was just asking for trouble.

At this moment, his hands formed a seal to gather Joss Flames and he began fighting Master Long Pan once more!

Wang Lin arrived next to the Dao Fruit and looked at Master Hong Shan. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand at the Dao Fruit.

There was a thunderous bang and a rejection force came from the Dao Fruit and landed on Wang Lin, forcing him to retreat a few steps. The light of deduction flashed in his eyes.

When the Dao Fruit was hit by Wang Lin, the filaments connected to Master Hong Shan twisted as if all the force had been transferred to him. Master Hong Shan’s expression became even more painful and he opened his eyes, revealing a hollow gaze.

Wang Lin stepped forward and waved his hands six times. A thunderous rumble echoed, but there seemed to be no change to the Dao Fruit. Only Master Hong Shan’s expression became even more painful and his eyes more hollow.

“With your mere cultivation, you dare to try to destroy the Dao Fruit to save him? Forget you, not even this old man can destroy it. I want to see how you can save that Master Hong Shan! The Sovereign’s seal is not something you can break!

“The more attack, the more you will help the Dao Fruit refine Master Hong Shan to become a puppet for my Outer Realm!” When the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord looked over, he sneered.

Wang Lin heard the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord’s words. He turned around and slowly said, “Is that so…”

The Heaven Punishment Palace Lord sneered. He was originally slightly worried that Wang Lin had some special method to break the Dao Fruit because of the title “Lord of the Sealed Realm.” After all, the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm was extremely powerful, and he had a profound memory of him.

However, he put away his worry. He was confident that Wang Lin could not break the Dao Fruit. His eyes lit up and he continued to fight Master Long Pan while looking toward Qing Shui.

The more he watched, the more shocked he became!

“Slaughter essence, it is actually the slaughter essence… Once they join forces, it will become difficult. I need to escape!” While fighting, the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord moved and knocked away Master Long Pan. He stepped toward the exit of the Seven-Colored Realm.

“If the three of you work together, perhaps you all can really save Master Hong Shan. This old man is leaving!” The Heaven Punishment Palace Lord was about to leave when Qing Shui suddenly looked up. He waved his right hand and black clouds filled with slaughter essence spread. Ice began to form, but it didn’t attack. Instead, it went toward the exit of the Seven-Colored Realm and sealed it by freezing it in ice.

“This lord hasn’t killed enough.”

Master Long Pan also formed a seal and the Mountain and River Painting appeared to block the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord. He then stepped toward the old man in black.

“This old man hasn’t fought enough, don’t be so eager to leave.”

There was a flash of coldness in the eyes of the old man in black as he looked back at Qing Shui and Master Long Pan. His expression became gloomy and simply gave up on leaving. Instead, he waved his sleeves and his Joss Flame Realm appeared.

“Since you won’t allow this old man to leave, then you will have to pay the price!”

Master Long Pan silently pondered and then his right hand formed a seal. The Mountain and Rivering Painting gave off a suction force. The mountains and rivers inside seemed to come to life and suddenly appeared in the Seven-Colored Realm.

Master Long Pan took a step forward and disappeared. He fused with the Mountain and River Painting! The mountains and rivers smashed toward the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord!

He had already burned his life force, and now he was attacking without regard for his life. The mountains and rivers turned into a huge palm that burned with Master Long Pan’s most powerful cultivation. The palm reached toward the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord.

At this moment, Qing Shui raised his head and his right hand formed a seal. He then calmly said, “Dark Moon!”

The moment he spoke, Qing Shui waved his right hand and pointed at the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord. The Seven-Colored Clouds trembled and dark clouds appeared around the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord.

These dark clouds appeared very suddenly, and at the same time, a round tattoo appeared on the Heaven Punishment Palace Lord’s face.

This tattoo looked like a bright moon!

“Clear Sky!” A glint of killing intent flashed in Qing Shui’s eyes. The bright moon on the old man’s face shined brightly like the sun. The light seemed to be trying to destroy the bright moon on the old man’s face.

“Bai Fan’s spell!! This is one of Bai Fan’s six great spells! Bai Fan is dead, you’re… you’re Qing Shui!!” The bright moon on the old man’s face became twisted. Normally, with his cultivation level, he would resist this spell by force. However, just as the moon on his face lit up, Master Long Pan’s huge palm closed in behind him.

Qing Shui stepped forward and a shocking slaughter essence shot toward the old man in black.

With the attacks from both Qing Shui and Master Long Pan, a thunderous rumble echoed across the entire Seven-Colored Realm and a shockwave quickly spread in all directions.

The three continents collapsed before this shockwave. As the countless fragments were being pushed back, they collapsed once more into dust.

The many Outer Realm cultivators that hadn’t been killed by Qing Shui had no place to hide. No matter how powerful of a treasure they took out, they all died to this shockwave.

The entire Seven-Colored Realm seemed to be wiped clean and began to collapse on a large scale.

The palm formed by Master Long Pan shattered under this impact, then Master Long Pan’s figure appeared and he retreated several dozen feet. He coughed out a mouthful of origin essence and looked weakened, but his eyes were still calm.

Qing Shui’s body was knocked back as his cultivation was lacking. Although the slaughter essence was powerful, he was still injured. Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, but his expression was extremely cold.

The Heaven Punishment Palace Lord coughed out blood and his body trembled. The countless Joss Flame souls used to block the attack all dissipated. When the moon on his face disappeared, five deep cracks replaced it and spread toward his body.

Flashes of sunlight came from the cracks, delivering intense pain throughout the old man’s body. The slaughter essence raged inside his body. The clothes on his back were broken and there was a large palmprint on his skin. There were mountains and rivers inside that palmprint, causing the old man’s body to instantly wither.

His expression was gloomy as he coldly said, “I can help you save Master Hong Shan. We can work together to open the Dao Fruit. In exchange for doing this, let me to leave! Otherwise, this old man will risk serious injuries to bury you two here!”

“There is no need.” What answered him was Wang Lin’s cold voice.

Under the old man’s gaze of disbelief, Wang Lin raised his right hand and directly reached into the Dao Fruit without arousing any rejection. He grabbed Master Hong Shen, who was inside the Dao Fruit, and dragged him out.

The countless filaments connecting to Master Hong Shan collapsed when Wang Lin sent out a shockwave. Master Hong Shan’s hollow eyes showed signs of awakening!

“No one knows the Dao Fruit better than me… Not even your Sovereign can match me…” Wang Lin let go of Master Hong Shan and waved at the branch. There was a flash of blood light and the blood sword cut off the branch. Wang Lin caught the Dao Fruit and turned to look at the shocked Heaven Punishment Palace Lord.

“Impossible!!” The Heaven Punishment Palace Lord subconsciously retreated a few steps as he stared at all of this. He couldn’t believe that Wang Lin was able to rescue Master Hong Shan so easily.

Wang Lin put away the Dao Fruit in his hand and calmly said, “I have devoured a Dao Fruit and absorbed it completely.”

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