Chapter 1560 - Strong Wine!

Chapter 1560 - Strong Wine!

Fortunately, both of them were this type of person.

The ninth thorn was within his spine; it was completely buried within his spine and not an inch was sticking out. There wasn’t even a wound, it was as if it was just hiding in a void inside his body.

The unconscious Qing Shui’s face was still twisted from pain, but there was a hint of relief and joy on his face. His sense of relief was because of Wang Lin, and his sense of joy was also because of Wang Lin.

After a brief moment of cultivation, Wang Lin’s exhaustion dissipated a bit. He took a deep breath and lifted the unconscious Qing Shui with his back facing toward himself. Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning as he stared at Qing Shui’s thin back.

Qing Shui’s spine was swollen, it was a shocking image.

After a long time, Wang Lin’s expression became serious. He raised his right hand and his index finger slowly moved down along Qing Shui’s spine as if he was looking for something. Wang Lin’s eyebrows were locked tight as if he was thinking of something.

“Fortunately, it hasn’t completely fused with his spine. If even more time had passed, this thorn would have completely fused with his spine, then it could never be removed… It’s sealing his body and his origin soul. Even if the body was changed, it would still be there…” Wang Lin’s index finger suddenly stabbed into the first section of Qing Shui’s spine.

Qing Shui’s body trembled and he opened his eyes. He clenched his teeth so the sound of his pain wouldn’t come out.

Wang Lin softly said, “Senior Brother, the pain of this ninth thorn will be even more intense than the previous eight combined…”

“I have suffered throughout my entire life, I’m already used to it.” Qing Shui’s voice was hoarse, but it was extremely calm.

There was a hint of sorrow in Wang Lin’s eyes. After letting out a sigh, he no longer hesitated and softly said, “Endure.”

As he spoke, his right hand pierced through Qing Shui’s flesh toward the spine. Wang Lin’s finger gripped the thorn.

A weak thorn was being held by Wang Lin’s fingers.

Qing Shui’s face became deathly pale and cold sweat secreted out. However, he clenched his teeth and turned this pain into the flame of hatred that burned in his eyes.

Wang Lin pinched the weak thorn and slowly pulled it out. This was like extracting bone marrow; very few people could endure this pain.

Wang Lin’s expression was extremely serious and didn’t allow his fingers to tremble at all. He pinched the thorn and slowly pulled it out. Every inch he pulled out would cause Qing Shui to let out a muffled groan. Qing Shui’s hand gripped the ground hard and dug out a deep hole.

Wang Lin couldn’t see Qing Shui’s expression, all of his focus was on his fingers. He slowly pulled up and always maintained a gentle speed. He didn’t dare to be too violent. Although this soft thorn hadn’t fully integrated with Qing Shui’s spine, a majority of it had, so he had to be careful.

Time passed. The ninth thorn was very long. After 15 minutes, Wang Lin had pulled out most of it. Sweat covered his forehead, but he ignored the sweat and focused on the thorn.

The thorn that was pulled out was completely black, and drop of black blood fell on the ground, making sizzling sounds.

“Pull the rest out at once!” Qing Shui’s calm voice squeezed through his teeth and entered Wang Lin’s ears.

Wang Lin silently pondered. An instant later, his right hand mercilessly pulled the thorn out from Qing Shui’s spine. Black blood sprayed out and Qing Shui coughed out a mouthful of black blood. His back bulged out and then slowly returned to normal.

Intense breathing came from Qing Shui’s mouth, and it took a long time for his breathing to calm down. His hands formed a seal and he began to cultivate.

Wang Lin’s face was pale, and after throwing away the thorn, he also closed his eyes to cultivate. When he pulled out the ninth thorn, he also suffered the same pain, as if his bone marrow was also being extracted. Although it wasn’t as strong as Qing Shui’s pain, it was still very strong.

After half an hour, Wang Lin opened his eyes.

Wang Lin softly said, “Senior Brother, the last one…”

Qing Shui slowly exhaled and turned around to face Wang Lin. He silently looked at his junior brother from the past. When he saw that tired expression and the dried, red blood, a hint of softness appeared in his eyes.

“You’ve grown up…” Qing Shui revealed a smile. The junior brother before him was no longer the little cultivator that needed his protection but an extremely powerful individual that could shake the entire star system.

Wang Lin looked at Qing Shui and smiled. Although this smile was filled with exhaustion, it revealed his true sense of happiness.

“Do you have any wine?” Qing Shui waved his hands. His body had been confined for many years, so now it felt somewhat strange.

Wang Lin nodded and his right hand reached at the void. His storage space appeared and a wine jug flew out.

Qing Shui laughed and grabbed the wine jug. He took a big gulp and the spicy feeling spread across his body. He let out a big breath and then handed the wine jug to Wang Lin.

After Wang Lin took it, he also took a big gulp, and the spicy feeling spread across his body as well. The two looked at each other and began to laugh.

Their laughter was filled with joy. It was very rare for the both of them to laugh so heartily.

“After this thorn is removed, my cultivation will be restored and will be increased greatly! Slaughter essence, slaughter essence…” As Qing Shui spoke, there was a hint of sorrow in his eyes, but he buried it deep within him. He took the wine jug form Wang Lin and took another gulp.

“Come, take out the last thorn!” Qing Shui put down the wine jug and his eyes shined. This gaze made Wang Lin feel like he was looking at the Qing Shui from the past!

Wang Lin looked at the swollen veins on Qing Shui’s body and slowly said, “The last thorn has penetrated all your blood vessels in your body! I fear this is the longest one!”

“I remember that this thorn entered from here.” Qing Shui raised his right hand to point at his chest where his heart was. As he pointed, a bloody hole opened and revealed the blue blood vessels within.

After taking a deep breath, Qing Shui pinched without hesitation and dragged the blood vessel out from the wound. Although he looked calm, the contraction of his pupils revealed how painful it was.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. He cut off the blood vessel that Qing Shui had pulled out. Just as blood was about to spray out, Wang Lin placed a seal on one end to stop the blood, and his finger went into the other end.

It seemed like Wang Lin had caught something and pulled. Qing Shui’s body trembled like it never had before. His face that had somewhat recovered instantly turned pale, but he clenched his teeth. He stared at his chest and the purple thorn that Wang Lin was pulling out from his blood vessel!

The thorn was soft like a snake, and the part that was being pulled out was still wiggling.

Every time it wiggled, even more cold sweat would appear on Qing Shui’s forehead. He grabbed the wine jug and took another big gulp.

When he took that gulp, Wang Lin pulled hard and seven feet of the thorn was pulled out. Qing Shui’s face turned blue and his body trembled. Faint roars came out of his throat. He stared at the sky and the anger burned once more in his eyes. The intense pain caused him to crush the wine jug, causing wine to splatter everywhere.

“Wang Lin, do you have wine…”

Wang Lin’s left hand reached at the void and a green gourd appeared. This wasn’t wine but the dragon blood the old Vermillion Bird had given him!

This blood was fierce!

Qing Shui took the jug and took a gulp. He sucked in a breath of cold air and smiled. “A bit fishy but still sweet. What kind of wine is this? This is clearly blood, but this blood wine is strong enough! Wang Lin, pull the entire thorn out!”

Wang Lin’s gaze became serious and he mercilessly pulled the thorn out! The veins all over Qing Shui’s body bulged and gathered toward his chest.

As Wang Lin pulled, Qing Shui’s frozen cultivation loosened. A slaughter aura spread into the air, causing black clouds to cover the sky. The slaughter aura was extremely dense at this moment!

Black snow began to fall from the clouds, covering the earth.

“Take a break, I’ll do it myself.” There was a flash of coldness in Qing Shui’s eyes and he stood up. He took another mouthful of the wine before his left hand grabbed the purple thorn and mercilessly pulled.

There was a thunderous bang and the bulged veins all over his body moved violently. A lot of the purple thorn was pulled out.

“You have sealed his Celestial Lord for so long, now get the hell out here for this Celestial Lord!” Qing Shui’s voice was cold, as if he didn’t care about the pain. He grabbed the last piece of the purple thorn and the thorn snapped!

The part connected to his blood vessel wanted to shrink back in, but Qing Shui didn’t even look at it. He threw away the other half and his fingers moved like a sword toward his blood vessel. A shocking amount of slaughter essence surged out into his blood vessel.

“Since you don’t want to leave, then die inside this lord’s body.” Just as Qing Shui’s fingers descended, the black snow fell even more rapidly. The slaughter essence that even shocked Wang Lin rushed out from Qing Shui’s fingers into his body.

Popping sounds echoed inside his body and a miserable roar seemed to come from the bulged veins before calming down. It seemed the thorn that looked like it was alive was instantly killed by Qing Shui’s slaughter essence.

Qing Shui’s body trembled and he coughed out a mouthful of black blood. His thin body began to grow and he recovered to his original appearance.

At this moment, the slaughter essence inside his body erupted and the sky turned dark. As the black snow fell, a phantom door appeared!

The Void Gate!

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