Chapter 1553 - Master Zhong Xuan

Chapter 1553 - Master Zhong Xuan

The expression of the old man inside the white light changed after hearing Wang Lin’s roar. He raised his head and his ancient gaze looked at Wang Lin.

“You’re the Lord of the Sealed Realm?”

Wang Lin held the bow with his left hand. The bowstring was original broken, but after fusing with Wang Lin, it was restored. However, pulling this bowstring was the same as pulling Wang Lin’s tendon!

However, Wang Lin didn’t care about the consequences right now. Although he was as cunning as a devil, his personality hadn’t changed. Once he decided on something, he wouldn’t back down! He was going to save Qing Shui no matter what!

Wang Lin’s right hand grabbed the bowstring. This caused the veins on his face to swell. He let out a roar and pulled the bowstring back!

After the bowstring was pulled, Wang Lin felt every tendon in his body being pulled. His face went pale, but his eyes were bloodshot.

At this moment, he didn’t care about the rejection force or his tendons being pulled. His only thought was how to kill anyone who blocked him from saving Qing Shui!

“You can ask your disciple if what I said is true or false!” Wang Lin’s words were cold, and he pulled the string a bit more. The force inside the bow could collapse the world.

The old man inside the white light looked at the bow in Wang Lin’s hand and confusion appeared in his eyes. This was the first time had awakened since he went to sleep, and he had been awakened by his disciple. He didn’t know what had happened before and after, he only saw Wang Lin trying to destroy the planet.

Wang Lin’s words shook his mind. Although he had been asleep for a long time, he remembered that he was an Inner Realm cultivator and the help he had received from the Lord of the Sealed Realm...

While pondering, the old man looked down at the giant planet below him and waved his right hand. Three figures were surrounded by white light and pulled out of the planet by him!

The three figures were three frightened old men. One of them was Master Zhong Xuan, but his appearance had changed from middle-aged to that of an old man.

The two people beside him were the two head elders of the Alliance!

The senior elders trembled as they looked at the old man in white in awe. They knelt down and said, “Greetings, Grand Elder.” 

“Greetings, Teacher.” Master Zhong Xuan was extremely nervous. He was terrified after hearing all of Wang Lin’s words. He was quickly thinking about what to say.

“Teacher, this matter is not as that junior says, it’s…” He raised his head while trembling and tried to explain.

However, Master Long Pan coldly looked at him. This caused Master Zhong Xuan to swallow his words. His body trembled and he didn’t dare to speak.

“You are Zhang Xi… When you went to sleep, you were a child under me.” Master Long Pan’s gaze fell on the old man to the left.

“That’s right, junior is Zhang Xi!” The old man’s eyes were filled with excitement. He didn’t expect Master Long Pan to remember him.

“Tell me if what this person said is true or false!” Master Long Pan’s voice was calm, but it was filled with a sense of majesty.

Zhang Xi’s eyes were filled with hesitation and fear as he subconsciously looked at Master Zhong Xuan.

“Useless trash!” Master Long Pan let out a cold snort and waved his right hand. A ray of white light shot out and landed on the old man. The old man screamed and his body exploded into flesh and blood that splattered Master Zhong Xuan and the other old man.

Wang Lin coldly watched. His right hand pulled the bowstring back a bit more.

After killing Zhang Xi, Master Long Pan looked at Master Zhong Xuan, revealing a powerful sense of regret. He let out a sigh and grabbed the other elder. The other elder let out a fearful scream as Master Long Pan placed his hand on the elder’s head. His powerful divine sense swept the elder’s mind. Master Long Pan’s expression became more and more ugly.

“Traitor!! You’ve got guts!!” Master Long Pan squeezed his right hand and the old man let out a scream before being crushed. 

Master Zhong Xuan’s face turned pale and he subconsciously retreated a few steps. He knelt down on the ground in fear and his voice was distorted.

“Teacher, have mercy. Teacher, have mercy!! There is a reason for this. The Outer Realm cultivators invaded and the Inner Realm was no match at all. Even if disciple resisted, it would have been pointless!

“Disciple had to guard the Alliance. In order for the Alliance to continue, I had to resort to making an agreement with the Outer Realm… The Outer Realm’s Sovereign Council has promised to protect the Alliance!

“Teacher, you have been asleep, so you don’t know that nearly one thousand years ago, Allheaven launched an attack on the Alliance. The Alliance was torn apart and only the Alliance Headquarters was preserved. Back then, Disciple tried to call Teacher, but Teacher didn’t respond...

“Disciple doesn’t have any feelings toward the Inner Realm. If they came and attacked my Alliance, then why can’t my Alliance help the Outer Realm cultivators?

“Moreover, this Seven-Colored Realm was found by you, Teacher. The Outer Realm cultivators that appeared were killed by you and you sealed the Seven-Colored Realm. You even established the Alliance Headquarters here to guard this realm. You have been asleep for all these years, so you don’t know the changes that took place over the years...

“What’s the use of dying for the Inner Realm?! The Outer Realm’s Sovereign is extremely powerful; I fear not even Teacher is his match. What can we resist with?

“The loss of the Inner Realm is already set, and you can’t change that, Teacher! With your power, we can defect to the Outer Realm and obtain great, great fortune there. Why toil for the Inner Realm?”

“You!!” Master Long Pan looked at Master Zhong Xuan, and the regret in his eyes became even stronger. He actually hadn’t found much in the elder’s memory; everything he had done was to scare Master Zhong Xuan. Master Zhong Xuan didn’t know about this and said everything out of fear.

“No matter how much the Inner Realm fights, it has nothing to do with the Outer Realm. As long as they don’t enter, this old man won’t awaken. The rise and fall of the Alliance is up to fate. This old man let you set up the Alliance not to control the Brilliant Void, but to allow our cultivators to grow stronger in this cruel environment! It was all for the war against the Outer Realm!” Master Long Pan let out a sigh.

“Cultivation Alliance, Cultivation Alliance… The reason the Outer Realm even made a deal with you is because they saw me inside the planet. You also told them of my existence in exchange for a great fortune!”

Master Long Pan understood his disciple too well. He looked at the pale Master Zhong Xuan and faintly saw the past before there was a Cultivation Alliance. A beggar boy was climbing a mountain with determination. It took the boy 17 days to appear before him covered in blood.

All of this was because the body wanted to cultivate. There was a rumor in his hometown that when one climbed up the mountain, if they were fated, they could see an immortal.

“Song Er, you said in your earlier years that your greatest wish was to become rich and return home…” Master Long Pan began to recall the past, and his voice gradually became gentle.

However, his expression made Master Zhong Xuan overflow with despair. His body trembled and he roared,

“Teacher, Disciple originally didn’t intend to open the seal on the Seven-Colored Realm!! It was Celestial Lord Qing Shui who slaughtered his way here and forced Disciple to break the seal!! It was he who opened the Seven-Colored Realm! Disciple had nothing to do with it, he is the culprit!”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed on Master Zhong Xuan. Master Flamespark was filled with monstrous hatred, and even his breathing became rough.

Master Long Pan seemed to not hear any of those words; his gaze toward Master Zhong Xuan became even more gentle.

“Back then, your body was not good and you couldn’t cultivate. Teacher pitied your fortitude and help nourish your body. I obtained the heavenly five veins for your body and gave you dao bones… However, now, you no longer have a dao heart…” Master Long Pan recalled the past and let out a sigh. He waved his right hand and a white storm appeared.

Master Zhong Xuan’s expression changed greatly and he retreated like crazy. He let out a mournful scream.

“Teacher, have mercy. Teacher, don’t kill me!! Teacher!!! Disciple knows he was wrong, Disciple admits his mistake, Teacher!!!” He retreated with desperation. As the storm closed in, he let out a miserable smile and closed his eyes.

The storm wrapped around him but didn’t hurt him. Instead, it pulled him behind Master Long Pan and outside of the range of Wang Lin’s bow.

“You have committed a monstrous sin and brought forth disaster. You also no longer have the heart of an Inner Realm cultivator… However, you are my disciple… I have a responsibility toward my disciple’s sins… Teacher will take you to repay your sins…” Master Long Pan looked at the startled Master Zhong Xuan and then bowed toward Wang Lin.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm, I will take responsibility for all the sins he has committed!” He raised his right hand and hit his chest. Master Long Pan coughed out a mouthful of essence origin energy and his expression became dim. The cultivation planet below him instantly turned grey. The vegetation withered, mountains collapsed, rivers evaporated, and the gullies widened. The entire planet was torn apart!

As it collapsed, strands of white gas came out and entered Master Long Pan’s body. At the same time, an Ethereal Fire began burning inside his body.

“I will cut off my vitality, and in exchange I will burn my origin soul to allow me to reach the strength of early stage Arcane Void… I’m going to kill all the Outer Realm cultivators in the Inner Realm… destroy the remaining Seven-Colored Realms, and take back the Summoned River in exchange for Master Zhong Xuan’s life…” Master Long Pan clasped his hands at Wang Lin before he looked at Master Zhong Xuan with a gentle gaze.

“Teacher!!!” Master Zhong Xuan became sober and kowtowed constantly on the ground. His eyes were filled with extreme sadness and a strong sense of remorse...

“Let’s go…” Master Long Pan let out a sigh. He took Master Zhong Xuan and walked into the distance.

“I understand my disciple, he always prepares for both ends. The reason Celestial Lord Qing Shui is fine is because he did this for his own survival…”

As his voice echoed, a white storm and shot toward the bloody spatial rift. Cracking sounds echoed and the red light collapsed, revealing seven-colored light!

Qing Shui was there!

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