Chapter 1552 - What Did You Say?

Chapter 1552 - What Did You Say?

In the Allheaven Star System, the almost-destroyed Thunder Celestial Realm was now in ruins. There was no trace of any living being there.

There would be flashes of broken spatial cracks that would flicker and disappear. They were like broken pieces that were being swept by the wind.

Master Flamespark had taken away most of the continents in the Thunder Celestial Realm. What remained were just some irregular rocks that slowly floated through this broken world.

In the depths of the ruined Thunder Celestial Realm, there was a circle of light. This circle was almost ten thousand feet wide and looked like a ball of light.

Inside, one could see a grass hut, and it was surrounded with some flowers and plants. Inside the hut sat an old man in black. He wasn’t cultivating but holding a green leaf as if he was observing the veins on it.

This old man was an extremely powerful cultivator that had appeared in the first battle, Old Ghost Zhan!

No one knew where Old Ghost Zhan was hiding or could have expected him to be hiding in the collapsed Thunder Celestial Realm!

Old Ghost Zhan was holding the green leaf in his hand and observing it carefully when he suddenly looked into the distance. His eyes shined, but if you looked closely, you would see a faint hint of gold!

However, this gold color was too weak, almost insignificant.

“Celestial!!” Old Ghost Zhan’s pupils shrank and the green leaf in his hand collapsed.

Old Ghost Zhan was moved and slowly got up. His eyes lit up as if he was going to pierce the void and see what had caused this feeling.

His gaze could see through the world, the Inner and Outer Realm, but at this moment, he couldn’t find the person that gave him this feeling!

“Could it be royal celestial?” Old Ghost Zhan was shocked and took a deep breath. He only calmed down after a long time. He knew that if a real celestial’s bloodline was very pure and noble, it would make it so he could feel the celestial spiritual energy but not find where it was coming from!

This was very mysterious spell, a bloodline spell!

The more pure the celestial’s bloodline, the more difficult it was for others to find that celestial. Even the general location seemed to be covered by fog.

Due to this, the young man from the Summoned River misunderstood and thought that a celestial had descended. He couldn’t see what was happening at the Alliance Headquarters, he only felt the shocking celestial spiritual energy coming from the Inner Realm.

“The celestial the descended has a very pure bloodline and should have noble status. However, his cultivation level is not high, only a rank 7 celestial… I once obtained a great fortune and won a celestial inheritance. My current cultivation level is early stage Void Tribulant, which is equal to an earth celestial. If I can obtain his bloodline…” Old Ghost Zhan silently pondered.

There was another place in the Inner Realm. This place was a vast land and with a dim sky. It existed inside the Inner Realm, but at the same time, it didn’t exist.

To be more accurate, it was a world that overlapped with the Inner Realm but was stationed above the Inner Realm.

It was a painting hiding inside a painting. Only after ripping open the first painting could one see the truth within.

There were endless ancient god, ancient demon, and ancient devil statues spread across this area. This was the place Wang Lin saw when he went through his divine retribution. It was also where the young man in the Summoned River was from.

This was the rumored Ancient Celestial Realm that had disappeared according to the rumors in the Inner Realm...

There were almost 10,000 statues here, and they were spread out all across this area. There were four statues in the enter that were much bigger than the rest.

The ancient god had no ancient god stars between his eyebrows; it was as if they had been absorbed by someone. Looking closer, there was a deep hole between the ancient god’s eyebrows.

There was a figure shrouded in a golden light sitting inside the hole.

The three main statues were the same.

“Celestial spiritual energy… What powerful celestial spiritual energy… If Master can obtain it, it could speed up his awakening and restore his memory!” the golden figure inside the first statue murmured before raising his right hand to reach out of the ancient god. However, as soon as he lifted his hand, there was a strange force from the ancient god that quickly gathered between the eyebrows and turned into a strange seal.

The golden figure’s right hand touched the seal and was knocked back. An angry roar came from inside the hole.

Inside the second statue, there was another golden figure, and he slowly said, “Damn it, don’t waste any more celestial spiritual energy. This seal has trapped us for all these years, but it won’t be long before we can break out!”

“Vermillion Bird, you’re good at scheming. What is the chance of that plan succeeding?” A somber voice came from the third statue.

“It won’t fail, and the result will soon appear…”

These four huge statues sealed the ancient celestial emperor’s four great generals: the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, the Black Tortoise!

If Wang Lin were here and saw this, he would be shocked. His first thought would be that if the real Vermillion Bird was sealed here, then who was the person that proclaimed himself to be the first generation Vermillion Bird?

Brilliant Void Star System, Alliance Headquarters. Wang Lin’s right hand pointed at the sky and the giant palmprint descended upon the Mountain and River Painting.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but he was serious. When Master Long Pan had just awakened, he was only at the Nirvana Void stage, so Wang Lin was able to break his two arms.

However, when the Mountain and Rain Painting appeared, Master Long Pan, who had fused with the planet, gave off the powerful aura of a mid stage Spirit Void cultivator!

With the Joss Flames from the Mountain and River Painting, his aura became even more solidified and real!

Wang Lin was not surprised that Master Long Pan was a third step cultivators with Joss Flames. He was Master Zhong Xuan’s teacher and had lived before the Celestial Realm collapsed. He was in the same generation as the previous Lord of the Sealed Realm.

Before the four great Celestial Realms collapsed, they were used to produce Joss Flames. Master Long Pan must have obtained a great fortune during that time.

Although it was unknown when he had to fuse with the planet, he must have been extremely powerful!

“Mid stage Spirit Void…” Wang Lin silently pondered and his eyes shined. Although it looked like he had easily killed Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao, in truth, he had used his full power while ignoring the consequences of the rejection force.

That was already his limit! The consequences were very serious and the rejection was very difficult to suppress. It raged through his body, making him feel like his body was going to collapse. Although others couldn’t see it, Wang Lin was bitterly enduring.

At this moment, facing a mid stage Spirit Void cultivator, Wang Lin had no confidence. That’s why he had risked it all and used the War Spirit Print!

Using the War Spirit Print was the second time Wang Lin had used his full power without caring about the rejection force. All the celestial spiritual energy inside him had erupted and the rejection force was rampaging throughout his body. The veins under his clothes were swelling and were clearly visible.

However, Wang Lin didn’t care about this, he had come here to save Qing Shui! Wang Lin was going to save Qing Shui no matter what!

Wang Lin’s expression was fierce and he took a step forward. He then lowered his right hand and a thunderous rumble echoed. After absorbing so much celestial spiritual energy, the War Spirit Print had become a real celestial spell!

The thunderous rumbles were heaven-shaking. There was a large amount of ripples around the palm as it closed in on the Mountain and River Painting. From afar, this scene looked extremely shocking.

The palm seemed like it was going to rip the Mountain and River Painting before it apart. At this moment, the ripples around the palm touched the Mountain and River Painting. The suction force from the Mountain and River Painting increased and caused the ripples to distort.

The moment the ripples distorted, the giant palm touched the Mountain and River Painting!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world and turned into a powerful impact that scattered in all directions. Wang Lin’s body trembled and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He retreated a few steps and the rejection force inside his body rapidly erupted. It raged inside his body!

His origin soul-like celestial body was frantically attacking his flesh. His flesh also erupted  in an attempt to destroy the celestial body.

The collision of the two forces caused a tearing sound to come from Wang Lin’s body, making it seem as if his body was going to be split in half.

As for the War Spirit Print, it landed on the Mountain and River Painting and unexpectedly tore off a corner. It went into the painting and crushed all the mountains and rivers inside!

However, the Mountain and River Painting was extremely mysterious. The moment the mountains and rivers collapsed, they were quickly redrawn onto the painting. At the same time, a giant palmprint appeared and seemed to start studying the War Spirit Print. A moment later, it took shape and collided with Wang Lin’s War Spirit Print.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the world trembled. The aura from the old man inside the planet seemed to increase once more, revealing the terrifying power of a peak mid stage Spirit Void cultivator!

“Anyone who attacks the Alliance will be destroyed!” An ancient voice rang out and then the torn-apart Mountain and River Painting quickly recovered. It spread out and descended toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin smiled angrily and stared at the old man inside the white light. He waved his right hand and a bow came out of his body!

“What’s the use of your Alliance? The Outer Realm has invaded and the Inner Realm has suffered heavily. The Cloud Sea was almost wiped out, the Summoned River has fallen, Allheaven is giving it their all, and the Brilliant Void is struggling! But your disciple became a lacky of the Outer Realm and your Alliance has been occupied by the Outer Realm! There is also a Seven-Colored Realm hiding here!

“I’m the current Lord of the Sealed Realm. I came to destroy the Seven-Colored Realm and save my senior brother Qing Shui and kill the Outer Realm cultivators. What right do you have to stop me!?”

“What… Did you say?” The ancient voice paused for a moment.

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