Chapter 1551 - Mountain and River Painting!

Chapter 1551 - Mountain and River Painting!

Wang Lin cared a lot about those that helped him!

Even if the world decayed due to the passage of time, Qing Shui’s kindness would not disappear!

Wang Lin always repaid those who helped him!

Qing Shui recognized Wang Lin as a cross-generation junior brother due to one spell and had taught Wang Lin the complete spells. He had also acted like a mountain for Wang Lin when Wang Lin was weak!

“You are my junior brother, I won’t let anyone hurt you!” That line was enough to keep Wang Lin warm for thousands of years.

Back then, Wang Lin had to escape in fear as he didn’t have the power to save Qing Shui. He had made a decision that as long as there was a chance, he would go to the Cultivation Alliance and save his senior brother!

Bai Fan was a stranger to Wang Lin and he didn’t recognize Bai Fan as his teacher. However, Wang Lin recognized Qing Shui as his senior brother in his heart… his senior brother for life!!

Qing Shui’s life was sad; his life was not happy. His wife had died by his hand and all his relatives were killed by him during his madness. Eventually, Bai Fan sealed him. The teacher he respected died, but he was left alive due to the seal.

However, this made Qing Shui feel even more pain. As his memories slowly reawakened, he went completely mad.

Mad from sorrow! He faced devastation in his early years. He was the prince of the country of Clear Water. He was pursued by killers and, facing the sadness and despair, he awakened his Ji Realm. Then he returned to the country of Clear Water with monstrous hatred and killing intent!

That night, rivers of blood flowed in the country of Clear Water! Many cultivators died!

He got his revenge, but the joy in his life disappeared. In his life, all he did was kill, kill, kill! His killing intent was shocking, and as he killed, he entered the Thunder Celestial Realm!

In the Thunder Celestial Realm, after spending his entire life in grief and slaughter, he met his teacher. He also met the woman that warmed his cold and closed-off heart.

For this woman, he gave up slaughter and gave up everything. He eventually became Celestial Lord Qing Shui of the Thunder Celestial Realm!

He thought he had found the joy that had left him for many years, and during those days, he was indeed very happy. However, all of this evaporated during his madness. It was like the moon reflected in the water, much too fragile.

He personally killed his wife, and her blood filled with affection flowed to her face. That blood caused his soul to tremble and awaken him from the madness. The moment he awakened, he saw his wife struggling to touch his face with her hand. As her hand lost all strength and fell, Qing Shui let out the most desperate roar in his life!

From then on, there was no such thing as happiness in his life...

The roar that came from the cultivation planet caused Wang Lin to tremble. The composure in his eyes collapsed, he couldn’t remain calm anymore. Excitement appeared in his eyes. Qing Shui was not dead!

Although his roar was filled with madness and slaughter, Wang Lin began to laugh. His laughter was filled with joy as he knew Qing Shui was not dead!

As long as Qing Shui was not dead, then Wang Lin was confident he could make Senior Brother Qing Shui regain his sanity!

The Joss Flame black dragon was hit by the roar from Qing Shui as it charged toward the planet, making its body tremble. It felt the killing intent from the roar and the dense slaughter essence.

Wang Lin took a step forward as he laughed. He grabbed the black dragon and threw it behind him.

“I’ll let you go! But if you kill even a single person in the Inner Realm, I’ll destroy you!”

The black dragon’s body trembled and then it revealed unimaginable joy. It nodded at Wang Lin before disappearing without a trace.

Wang Lin’s figure gave off a monstrous golden light, and with a step, he closed in on the planet. At this moment, the many smaller planets that formed the right arm smashed toward Wang Lin.

After learning that Qing Shui was still alive, Wang Lin ran out of patience. He no longer suppressed the rejection force in his body. When the arm arrived, the golden light in his body disappeared and seven golden stars appeared between his eyebrows. Wang Lin’s right hand formed a fist and he punched at the incoming arm.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, then the large right arm of the cultivation planet collapsed and countless fragments were knocked in all directions.

Wang Lin paused for a moment and quickly recovered. At this moment, the cultivation planet’s left arm closed in and smashed toward him.

“Scram!” A flash of golden light radiated from Wang Lin’s eyes as he looked over. A bolt of golden thunder shot out, and it was covered in golden fire. It collided with the left arm on the cultivation planet.

There was a thunderous bang and large amounts of cracks appeared in the planet’s left arm. Golden fire rushed into the cracks, and as the heat spread, the arm collapsed.

It was as if there was no force that could stop Wang Lin and his determination to save Qing Shui. With his third step, Wang Lin arrived above the giant planet.

Just at this moment, the old man’s eyes shined and he raised his hands. His hands formed a seal then he closed them before jerking them open.

The moment the seal appeared, the entire planet trembled and the earth moved. Countless mountains collapsed and two large mountain ranges slowly rose. From afar, these two mountain ranges looked to be straight and tens of thousands of kilometers long, parallel to each other!

They looked like two branches, and if there was a scroll between them, it would look like a  painting that was spread out!

“Mountain and River Painting, protect the Alliance!” An ancient voice came from the old man’s mouth. At this moment, ripples appeared in the area between two mountains!

From away, this looked like a painting!

When the painting appeared, the entire planet trembled. Then ripples echoed and ink began to fly out as if it had a soul. It gathered before the old man and formed a phantom painting that was more than 100,000 feet large!

The painting spread out and became even more clear. It was filled with magnificent mountains and rivers!

Wang Lin had seen the Mountain and River Painting before. Greed had a screen that had a copy of the Mountain and River Painting on it. Today, Wang Lin was looking at the real Mountain and River Painting that was a treasure from the Rain Celestial Realm!

“Back then, the Cultivation Alliance were the first to enter the Rain Celestial Realm when it collapsed, obtaining a lot of treasures. It looks like that is true!” Wang Lin felt a powerful pressure as he looked at the Mountain and River Painting!

Wang Lin even felt Joss Flames inside. It seemed that there were Joss Flame disciples inside! The Mountain and River Painting formed its own realm, and its origin was unknown to many.

At this moment, the Mountain and River Painting opened and rapidly spread. A suction force appeared and attempted to pull Wang Lin in. At this moment, Wang Lin felt like he was being devoured by the Nether Beast. Space itself seemed to be absorbed by the Mountain and River Painting.

A sense of time seemed to appear, as if countless years had passed as it sucked.

Wang Lin’s clothes fluttered and he raised his right hand as his eyes shined golden. As the Mountain and River Painting sucked, countless ripples spread and a thunderous roar came from the distance. A giant palmprint suddenly appeared above Wang Lin and the painting!

The lines on the palmprint were extremely clear. What was even more shocking was the golden light this palmprint emitted and the shocking celestial spiritual energy that spread across the Brilliant Void!

This celestial spiritual energy was very pure, far stronger than the celestial thunder and fire Wang Lin had used earlier! It had reached a terrifying degree.

War Spirit Print!

The most authentic War Spirit Print used by Wang Lin with his celestial bloodline!

The celestial body that was like an origin soul inside Wang Lin’s body released a large amount of celestial spiritual energy into his right arm. This caused the War Spirit Print to be filled with even more celestial spiritual energy!

Such pure celestial spiritual energy appearing in the Brilliant Void Star System was the same as dropping a drop of water into boiling oil! The moment the water falls into the oil, it will explode!

Since the birth of the Brilliant Void Star System, such pure celestial spiritual energy had never appeared before!

The moment the War Spirit Print appeared, this pure celestial spiritual energy set off a monstrous wave. It shocked a number of people and caused them to be filled with disbelief!

In the Summoned River, although it had fallen to the outer realm, there was a young man without any mark between his eyebrows walking with a lazy expression.

“Ah, where is the place Uncle-Master Ma mentioned, why is it so hard to find… It should be here, but I still can’t find the entrance…” the young man muttered, then his expression suddenly changed. This kind of change had never appeared on his face before since he came to the Inner Realm!

“This… This is… This is celestial spiritual energy!! This celestial spiritual energy is so pure that not even Uncle-Master Ma can compare!! This is a royal celestial! Who is it? Who descended!? Damn it, how could a royal celestial come here, how did they find it!?”

The mysterious Old Ghost Zhan and the noble Ancient Celestial Realm were also shocked by this celestial spiritual energy...

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