Chapter 1549 - Ask the Heavens Who Can Control Life and Death!

Chapter 1549 - Ask the Heavens Who Can Control Life and Death!

Although Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao sounded arrogant and revealed a look of contempt, he was extremely serious. Although he hadn’t seen Wang Lin before, the name of the Lord of the Sealed Realm was often talked about in the past several decades.

In particular, how the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was cut in half brought him shock. However, if this was it, he wouldn’t mind. After all, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was only at the early stage of Nirvana Void and not worthy of his attention.

What really shocked him was Esteemed Nan Zhao. Esteemed Nan Zhao’s cultivation level was similar to his, but in the end he died miserably to this Lord of the Sealed Realm.

He was seeing Wang Lin for the first time now, and he had watched him stop and tear apart this vortex that had been rotating for countless years outside the Alliance Headquarters.

This caused his scalp to go numb.

However, right now he had to speak like this; otherwise, if he revealed any intent to retreat, the minds of these tens of thousands of cultivators could immediately collapse.

“This person borrowed the formation spirit from back then, there is no way someone at his cultivation level could kill Nan Zhao! Today, he was able to pause the vortex due to his understanding of restrictions. This old man doesn’t believe he can do anything without the Heaven Splitting Axe!” Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao calmed down after thinking about the thing inside the Seven-Colored Realm. At this moment, he waved his big sleeve and the three Joss Flame black dragons shot toward Wang Lin.

The tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators were all nervous. Wang Lin had appeared too suddenly, and before they could adjust their thoughts, they were already filled with fear. They didn’t even dare to resist.

Wang Lin had left a profound impression on them back then. It was a sense of madness that could make their souls quake, a sense of glory and might that made them tremble in fear!

Before the first battle, the Ancient Star System had placed Wang Lin as the number one person to kill. Most people in the Ancient Star System felt disdain toward this, but after the first battle, no one questioned it!

Wang Lin was someone the Outer Realm cultivators feared a lot. It was a painful tear in the flesh, it was very painful!

The three Joss Flame black dragons let out a heaven shaking roars and charged at Wang Lin. Before they even got close, a gust of wind caused Wang Lin’s long hair to flow and his white clothes to flutter.

Even the space around Wang Lin seemed like it was going to collapse under this wind. Crackling sounds echoed and large amounts of spatial rifts appeared.

Master Flamespark was behind him, and his pupils shrank and all his hair stood up. He could clearly feel an extremely terrifying force inside the wind from the black dragons.

This power could collapse space itself. If one sliver landed on him, his body and his origin soul would be destroyed. He felt that even if Master Lu Fu arrived, Master Lu Fu would have to quickly retreat. A bit of carelessness would lead to Master Lu Fu being seriously injured!

However, this gust was not what terrified Master Lu Fu, what terrified him was Wang Lin! Wang Lin remained calm as his clothes and hair fluttered in the wind. The wind left no mark on his face.

It seemed as if this destructive wind was a mere gentle breeze to him.

“Three Joss Flame black dragons…” As Wang Lin looked at the three fierce black dragon, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He could only use 20% of his power if he didn’t want the rejection force to kick in. If it was a Nirvana Void cultivator, Wang Lin could instantly kill that person. However, 20% wasn’t enough to instantly kill a Spirit Void cultivator, not even one at the early stage.

However, there were things he had to do today. Save Qing Shui and obtaining the dao spirit were things he absolutely had to do. Wang Lin made a decision.

“I’ll ignore the rejection force for now. Even if it shortens the time I can suppress it, I must go all out this once!” After making a decision, Wang Lin didn’t use any spells. At this moment, when the three black dragons closed in, Wang Lin’s eyes emitted a flash of golden light!

In a flash, the golden light filled the area. Wang Lin’s figure became blurry under this golden light and a heaven-shaking aura spread out from his body!

This aura shook the world as the golden light shrouded the area!

Three miserable roars came from the three Joss Flame black dragons that were charging at Wang Lin. After being swept by the golden light, their bodies trembled and they didn’t dare to approach. They wanted to retreat instead.

However, as the golden light spread out, the three Joss Flame black dragons retreated only a few dozen feet and didn’t dare to continue! They looked at Wang Lin in fear, making their huge bodies seem extremely small. The fear in their eyes seemed to drown them!

They recognize this golden light!

Deep within their memories, this golden like was something that couldn’t be erased!

Although they had been caught by Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao when they were young and had been slowly refined to become his Joss Flame souls, the memory of this golden light from their inheritance couldn’t be erased.

They clearly remembered that a long, long time ago, anyone who had this golden light stood at the pinnacle of the world. Even their parents had to tremble in fear before this golden light.

Even their entire black dragon clan would be wiped out if they dared to resist this golden light!

But this golden light was even more pure than the one from their memories. This was an extremely authentic celestial spiritual energy!

While they were trembling, one of the black dragons couldn’t bear it and let out a miserable scream. As its body trembled, black blood ejected out from between its scales.

The remaining two black dragons also let out miserable screams and spewed out a lot of blood. Trembling, they coiled up and began worshiping Wang Lin.

The tens of thousands of cultivators that were hit by this golden light trembled and felt unimaginable fear and awe. The aura from Wang Lin made them all tremble. They were like mortals just meeting a celestial!

An invisible majesty came from this golden light. One of the tens of thousands of cultivators couldn’t bear it anymore; he coughed out blood and his knees went soft. It was as if a powerful force was pressing down on him. He had to kneel; if he didn’t kneel and worship, his mind would collapse.

While coughing out blood, he knelt down.

A large amount of Outer Realm cultivators beside him followed suit. They all coughed out blood and knelt down. Then tens of thousands of cultivators knelt down, and not a single one had the strength to remain standing!

It was as if there was an extremely noble bloodline in Wang Lin’s body and all the cultivators in the world had to worship him!

As long as one was a cultivator, they couldn’t resist this sense of awe that came from their soul. At this moment, they seemed to forget about the Inner and Outer Realms. At this moment, all they could see was Wang Lin, who stood above them like a king!

The tens of thousands of cultivators were kneeling and the black dragons had been defeated! Ask the heavens who controlled life and death!

Wang Lin, whose expression was calm, walked toward Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao.

Master Flamespark subconsciously licked his dried lips and his mind was blank as he stared at all of this. He didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing.

The moment Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao saw this golden light, his eyes flooded with extreme fear and he let out an uncontrollable scream. He seemed to remember something when he saw this golden light, and his expression changed greatly as he retreated like crazy.

The battle between the Outer and Inner Realm, personal honor, the order from the Sovereign Council? He had forgotten it all as he let out a scream and rapidly retreated in terror.

“This is impossible. This… This… This golden light is…”

Wang Lin’s figure was calm, and the aura of a master could be seen by everyone. He stepped forward toward Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao, who was retreating like crazy, and threw a punch.

Thunderous rumbles echoed, and a golden storm storm appeared to form a giant, golden first. It rapidly pierced through the void and appeared before Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao’s body.

A thunderous bang rang out and Esteemed Teach Tian Zhao coughed out blood before his body was torn apart. Large amounts of Joss Flames appeared in an attempt to form another body.

After the punch, Wang Lin waved his sleeve and golden thunder came out of his right eye. The Alliance Headquarters was filled with golden thunder. A bolt of golden thunder descended upon Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao’s origin soul.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the endless Joss Flame souls around Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao let out miserable screams. They all collapsed and died.

“Celestial Thunder!! This is Celestial Thunder!!” Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao coughed out a mouthful of essence origin energy. His eyes were filled with indescribable fear as he desperately retreated.

“Celestial! You’re an celestial!!” Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao had almost lost his wits and given up all will to resist; he didn’t dare to resist. Back when he captured the three dragons, he saw such golden light from a celestial before. At that time, just one gaze from that man caused him to enter a coma for 10 years!

Wang Lin felt intense pain in his body and the rejection force showed signs of erupting. He decided not to pay attention to it and waved his left hand. He pointed at the retreating Tian Zhao and the golden fire in his left eye flew out. A sea of golden fire swept by and instantly engulfed Tian Zhao. Then the Emperor Furnace appeared and everything vanished!

Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao’s origin soul was instantly collected.

Wang Lin hadn’t spoken a single word this entire time. However, when he easily killed Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao, he silently made his statement!

Ask the heavens who can control life and death!

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