Chapter 1548 - Wang Lin’s excess prestige!

Chapter 1548 - Wang Lin’s excess prestige!

Wang Lin’s calm words caused Master Flamespark to become even more respectful.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, revealing no emotion, but his cold eyes could freeze the world before him. He took the final step.

With this step, the world distorted and the countless spatial rifts collapsed. Wang Lin took Master Flamespark and crossed a huge distance to appear outside the Alliance Headquarters!

There was a huge vortex silently rotating before Wang Lin. Every time it rotated, it felt like origin energy was being absorbed into the vortex.

Looking at the giant vortex before him, Wang Lin recalled the past. Back then, he wasn’t able to enter this place, or he wasn’t qualified to enter.

This was the peak of the Brilliant Void Star System when he was a cultivator on planet Suzaku. The headquarters of the Cultivation Alliance!

The Cultivation Alliance of the past was the ruler of the Brilliant Void Star System, and its power swept across the entire star system! However, due to the battle against Allheaven and Qing Shui entering, the Alliance had collapsed. The headquarters then sealed itself off from the inside.

Wang Lin was now here, looking at the Alliance Headquarters and muttering some words only he could hear.

“Senior Brother Qing Shu, you have to live…” Wang Lin let out a sigh and raised his right hand. He pointed at the giant vortex that hadn’t stopped rotating for countless years.

With this point, a golden light shined from his finger. A ray of golden light flew out and landed on the vortex. At that moment, a shocking rumble began to echo.

The vortex trembled and slowly stopped rotating! This scene caused Master Flamespark’s eyes to widen. He had already guessed that Wang Lin was powerful, but this still shocked him greatly!

As the former elder of the Cultivation Alliance, he knew that this was the first seal, and it could be said to be the first gate for the Cultivation Alliance!

This sealing vortex came from the ancient cultivation world. It was obtained by the Cultivation Alliance when the Rain Celestial Realm collapsed. Later on, it was reinforced by others and became an extremely powerful formation!

Once it was activated, it would never stop; it would constantly withdraw power from the world, making it even stronger!

Although the Inner Realm cultivators were split off to the different Seven-Colored Realms, there was still a large amount of cultivators, along with Master Lu Fu and a third step cultivator from the Summoned River. Even they weren’t able to make the vortex stop, only slow it down.

When Master Flamespark saw that Wang Lin’s casual point had caused the vortex to release a sound as if it couldn’t bear it anymore, he became startled.

“What kind of cultivation is this…” Master Flamespark looked at Wang Lin’s back in terror and his mind went blank.

Wang Lin’s expression remained neutral. As he pointed forward and stopped the vortex, he waved to the side. The vortex rumbled and released loud roars. Thousands of cultivators suddenly appeared from the vortex. They all had a marks between their eyebrows; they were Outer Realm cultivators!

“Who dares to break in!?”

“Ants of the Inner Realm, you’re all looking for death!”

“Haha, it has been quiet for so many years, someone finally tries to break in. This old man wants to see how many people came!”

After these people appeared, they all revealed murderous expressions, but even more apparent was their bloodthirst. They had stopped fighting for a long time, and the killing intent that had been suppressed finally erupted. Now that someone had attempted to break in, they became excited.

In an instant, thousands of cultivators charged out and filled the vortex. A fierce aura erupted and roars shook the heavens.

“Only two people?”

“Two mere ants dared to come here!”

“Eh, this person… This person…” These thousands of cultivators were originally filled with cruel expressions. However, some of them recognized Wang Lin’s indifferent gaze, and their expressions changed greatly! Those cruel and excited expressions collapsed and were replaced with disbelief and monstrous terror!

“This is… He… He is… Lord of the Sealed Realm!!”

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!!!”

“Isn’t he dead? He… He is the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!!” This caused an uproar, and the thousands of cultivators that were charging out all retreated. No a single one of them dared to take half a step out!

Their expressions were filled with terror. Wang Lin’s figure was like their lingering nightmares. Most of these cultivators had been part of the third army. When they saw Wang Lin, it was as if the fear from the past had reappeared!

“It really is him!!”

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm that killed countless Outer Realm cultivators and destroyed the first battlefield!”

Because of how traumatized they were, some people screamed when they saw Wang Lin. As if they had forgotten everything, they tried to retreat.

The thousands of cultivators immediately became a mess.

Watching this, Master Flamespark began to tremble. He understood that in the whole Inner Realm, only one person could do this. Only Wang Lin could cause the minds of thousands of cultivators to collapse just by showing himself!

This momentum, this majesty, this killing intent was something no one else could replicate!

This was the Lord of the Sealed Realm!

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he waved his right hand. The vortex rumbled and a giant crack appeared inside it. It was as if a pair of giant, invisible hands had ripped the vortex open!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the vortex was ripped in half. Wang Lin walked forward. Although he looked slow, he was actually moving extremely fast toward the vortex that was ripped open!

As Wang Lin moved forward, the tear on the vortex became even more intense. Wang Lin was like an invisible sword, and as soon as he got close, the invisible sword energy would destroy anything in his path!

The vortex that had stopped rotating was torn in half and scattered to the side. Hundreds of cultivators let out miserable screams as they were affected by the collapse of the vortex and died!

As Wang Lin moved forward, he stepped into the vortex. He then raised his right foot and mercilessly stomped down!

A thunderous rumble echoed, space itself trembled, and cracking sounds echoed. Spider web-like cracks appeared and immediately collapsed.

Space itself began to collapse, and as it collapsed, Wang Lin waved his right hand. A golden light shot out, forming a golden storm that swept the area. It was as if had wind blown by and lifted off a veil!

The thousands of cultivators that had charged out all died miserably under this golden storm. They couldn’t fight back at all.

When the veil was lifted, the space became clear and the Cultivation Alliance Headquarters was revealed!

It was a giant cultivation planet with countless smaller planets surrounding it. A monstrous blood light was being emitted from below the planet. At a glance, there was spatial rift below the cultivation planet, and the blood light was coming from that rift!

As Master Flamespark followed Wang Lin, he looked at all of this with hatred in his eyes. He stared at the giant planet before him and pointed. “Lord of the Sealed Realm, that is where the main hall for the Cultivation Alliance is located. Master Zhong Xuan is there!”

At the same time, rustling sounds came from all directions. Outer Realm cultivators rushed out from the planet and tens of thousands of cultivators appeared. When they saw Wang Lin, their monstrous killing intent suddenly disappeared and their expressions all changed greatly!

They recognized Wang Lin!

Master Flamespark became nervous after being stared at by tens of thousands of cultivators, but after looking at Wang Lin, he relaxed. Wang Lin’s calm expression revealed that all of this meant nothing to him.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm?” A sneer came from the large cultivation planet, then a black mist appeared out of thin air. An old man in black walked out. The moment he appeared, all the Outer Realm cultivators became spirited.

Master Flamespark quickly said, “He is Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao!”

Wang Lin’s indifferent gaze landed on the old man in black and then he stepped forward. The moment Wang Lin moved, the old man in black smiled. His hands formed a seal and boundless Joss Flame energy appeared.

“So what if he is the Lord of the Sealed Realm? All of you, watch how this old man kills this Lord of the Sealed Realm! After I kill him, this old man will be ranked first in the Ancient Star System ranking!” The old man in black sneered and also stepped forward. He waved his sleeves and the Joss Flames formed three black dragons. They were covered in thorns, looking like three black whips!

The spiritual power unique to Spirit Void cultivators spread out and the strange murmur echoed. The three black dragons opened their mouths, revealing three Joss Flame Realms containing countless Joss Flame disciples. The Joss Flames entered the three black dragons, turning them into three Joss Flame dragons!

This was Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao’s ace; it was even famous in the Ancient Star System. These dragons were not dead; he had gone through a lot of danger to capture these real dragons in a mysterious land!

After being refined for tens of thousands of years, Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao was able to make these three black dragons worship him and become his Joss Flame souls!

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