Chapter 1547 - Decades of Changes

Chapter 1547 - Decades of Changes

The Fire Sparrow Clan cultivator instantly turned pale and quickly retreated. He didn’t know if he could escape, but the only thought in his mind was escape, escape, escape!

However, forget about him, even if the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was reborn, he wouldn’t able to put up any resistance against Wang Lin. The golden light from Wang Lin’s eyes swept the area, causing all the spatial rifts in the area to collapse.

As for the Fire Sparrow Clan cultivator, he only took half a step back before golden light surrounded his body. He let out a miserable scream and his origin soul collapsed without any resistance.

The big black fire bird he had summoned to devour Master Flamespark was filled with fear. It had gained some intelligence and began to panic. However, it was also surrounded by the golden light and erased from existence!

The cultivator from the Heavenly Wolf Clan trembled. He didn’t see the death of his companion as everything before him was replaced by the golden light. He could vaguely see Wang Lin’s blurry figure from behind the golden light.

This figure had been his nightmare for the past several decades. He could never forget that figure that held the giant axe that prevented tens of thousands of cultivators from entering and tens of thousands of cultivators from leaving. He still remembered that name!

Lord of the Sealed Realm!

With him there, tens of thousands of cultivators didn’t dare to take half a step!

The power of that axe had destroyed countless cultivators from the third wave. The shocking spatial rift it had left was still there!

Every time he passed by that rift, his heart would tremble. He couldn’t forget that he was on the other side of that axe back then. Large amounts of his companions had died and he was lucky to survive. He carried with him a lifetime of nightmares as he retreated in fear.

Today, he saw that terrifying figure once more. Under this indescribable fear, the Heavenly Wolf Clan cultivator unexpectedly went crazy!

With a twisted smile, he forgot to retreat. His skin immediately melted and his origin soul collapsed. His existence instantly disappeared!

All of this happened in a flash. For Wang Lin, killing these two little Outer Realm cultivators was like crushing ants. He turned around and looked at the startled yet excited Master Flamespark.

“Allheaven Northwest front line deputy commander, Lord of the Sealed Realm ranking 53rd, Master Flamespark greets the Lord of the Sealed Realm!” Master Flamespark excited clasped his hands and bowed.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm, the Inner Realm has lost… The Seven-Colored Realms were left here tens of thousands of years ago by the Sovereign. After he disappeared, Master Hong Shan and the others launched the full force of the Inner Realm to find them. In the end, including the one inside the Alliance Headquarters, we only found a total of five!

“However, no one had thought that these five Seven-Colored Realm were a trap set by the Sovereign. When two of them were opened, large amounts of Outer Realm cultivators appeared… Then the second battle suddenly began…

“The five Seven-Colored Realms became five portals into the Inner Realm, allowing the Outer Realm cultivators to enter. With the Seven-Colored Realms as bases, they were able to invade the Inner Realm… The casualties were heavy…

“During the second battle, Senior Master Hong Shan was attacked by the cold-looking boy and other third step cultivators from the Outer Realm. In the end, he was trapped inside the Seven-Colored Realm in Summoned River, with 30,000 cultivators guarding it! Currently, the person leading the Inner Realm is one of his avatars.

“Senior Master South Cloud was seriously injured by the Sovereign and went into closed door cultivation. Even today, he shows no sign of coming out!

“The second battle affected the four major star systems. At the most critical moment, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin left the Rain Celestial Realm and led the battle. Even with the third step cultivators from the Summoned River delaying them, we were unable to stop the approach of the Outer Realm army!

“The Outer Realm has far more third step cultivators than our Inner Realm. In the end, Celestial Emperor Qing Lin used an ancient celestial spell that summoned the ancient light to seal the connection between the Seven-Colored Realms and the Outer Realm. This made it so the passages were sealed for a short period of time, allowing us to barely survive the second battle!

“The Outer Realm cultivators that entered the Inner Realm were divided into five armies that remained in the five Seven-Colored Realms. They are like five nails that have been stabbed into our Inner Realm and can’t be removed...

“The battle subsided for a period of time. The Outer Realm will need some time to break the ancient light  open. After that, all the third step cultivators rested and then gathered all the remaining cultivators to launch the third battle. The purpose of the third battle was to shatter the five Seven-Colored Realms...

“But in the end, we only managed to destroy three, and both sides suffered heavy losses. Several Outer Realm third step cultivators were killed and seriously injured, but it was the same for us. Celestial Emperor Qing Lin was seriously injured, two from the Summoned River died, and the rest were all forced into closed door cultivation to heal.

“Now it is the ninth year after the third battle. According to Master Hong Shan’s calculations, it won’t take long for the Outer Realm to break the ancient light. Then they will enter and combine forces with the two remaining Seven-Colored Realms. The Inner Realm is in danger!”

Master Flamespark quickly told Wang Lin what had happened. He had been seriously injured in the third battle and his cultivation level had dropped. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been hunted by two Nirvana Shatter cultivators.

After excitedly saying all of this, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and looked extremely bleak. His injuries erupted and he was at 1his end.

“Lord of the Sealed Realm!! The Inner Realm is in danger. There was no Seven-Colored Realm in Allheaven. The one in the Cloud Sea was destroyed by you. After you disappeared, we found the other five places. Aside from the one in the Brilliant Void, the rest were all at the Summoned River!

“As a result, the Summoned Rivered fell when the second battle began… To this day, we are still unable to take back Summoned River. It has become a territory of the Outer Realm cultivators. They often abuse the cultivators of the Summoned River.

“During the first battle, the Cloud Sea almost collapsed, but it is still within our control. Allheaven is the most calm and there wasn’t much collapse. However, the Brilliant Void is similar to the Summoned River. Due to the Seven-Colored Realm in the Alliance Headquarters, this star system is controlled by both sides!

“Master Hong Shan tried to destroy the remaining Seven-Colored Realms because he was afraid of facing two fronts once the fourth battle began. However, he has tried many times, but the Inner Realm doesn’t have the power to destroy them anymore… Everyone is in closed door cultivation…”

Wang Lin silently pondered, and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He didn’t expect time to flow differently inside the Nether Beast. So much fighting had happened outside!

“The Summoned River has fallen… the Alliance Headquarters is occupied by Outer Realm cultivators…” There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“Why are you here?” Wang Lin’s killing intent caused the golden light  to unconsciously leak out. When it landed on Master Flamespark, he felt like he was an ant before Wang Lin and Wang Lin was like the heavens. He had long felt that Wang Lin was even stronger than before. 

“Lord of the Sealed Realm said that you would come here… I… I didn’t believe you were dead, and I guessed that you would come here once you appeared. So I came here many times over the years...

“In addition, I have orders from Master Hong Shan to observe this place. If anything happens to the Seven-Colored Realm, I need to report it.” Master Flamespark was very respectful and didn’t dare to look at Wang Lin’s eyes. That golden light made him feel fear.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and waved at Master Flamespark as he pondered. A ray of golden light flew into Master Flamespark and his body trembled. The veins on his face swelled and large amount of sweat appeared, but his eyes became even brighter.

In an instant, he let out a painful roar. The sweat from his body was dark and smelled, but his scattering aura began to condense; it was even showing signs of a breakthrough!

In a flash, Master Flamespark’s eyes became bright and his white hair suddenly turned black. His appearance went from an old man to middle-aged. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he stared at this body and became even more excited.

“This… This… Thanks… Thank you, Lord of the Sealed Realm!!” There was fervor in Master Flamespark’s eyes and he deeply bowed at Wang Lin. He could clearly feel that the golden light had caused his body to be reborn. The golden light that made him feel suffocated had changed everything!

He didn’t know what this golden light was, but he guessed that this light had to come from a powerful source!

“Follow me to destroy this realm!” Wang Lin stepped toward the former Alliance Headquarters that was now occupied by Outer Realm cultivators.

This one line revealed Wang Lin’s self-confidence and determination. This filled Master Flamespark with an inexplicable sense of  confidence. As long as Wang Lin went, then no matter how dangerous the Seven-Colored Realm was, the enemy wouldn’t be able to stop Wang Lin at all!

Killing intent flashed in Master Flamespark’s eyes and he nodded. He suppressed the excitement in his heart and followed Wang Lin. When he looked at Wang Lin’s slightly golden figure, he had a feeling that Wang Lin didn’t belong in this world.

This golden light made him feel awe, he even felt the urge to worship.

Master Flamespark followed behind Wang Lin and respectfully said, “Lord of the Sealed Realm, the Sovereign Council’s vice deputy, Esteemed Teacher Tian Zhao, is inside the Seven-Colored Realm in the Alliance Headquarters. He is also a third step cultivator at the early stage of Spirit Void! There is a still large amount of restrictions and treasures left in the Alliance; even Master Zhong Xuan is still alive and became a dog of the Outer Realm!”

“No problem.” Wang Lin’s was calm as he got closer and closer to the Cultivation Alliance Headquarters.

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