Chapter 1544 - Leaving!

Chapter 1544 - Leaving!

“Esteemed Teacher, please accept this disciple!”

The madman knelt down before Wang Lin with the Nether Beast nearby. He continued to kowtow as his eyes were filled with a reverence.

“With my celestial ancestor as my oath, this king, Lian Daofei , worships you as my teacher and will never rebel against you in my life.” As the madman spoke, he raised his right hand and hit the spot between his eyebrows.

A mysterious power came from inside his body and shot toward Wang Lin. In a flash, it entered Wang Lin’s body.

Even Wang Lin was startled by this. He only meant to scare this madman to get the chants for the spells; he didn’t expect this to happen.

“Teacher, quickly teach me the method you used to tame this large beast. I want to learn this so that if I meet another beast that wants to eat me, I’ll just charge in and tame it!” The madman was extremely excited as he looked at Wang Lin.

He sat down on the side and thought, “Hmph, hmph, this king is so smart. Not only did I find my big brother an expert, but I can also learn spells. This deal sure is good, it sure is good. If my big brother knew, he would surely praise me.”

Wang Lin’s expression became strange as his right patted the Nether Beast. The Nether Beast disappeared without a trace and the planet became quiet, leaving only the two of them.

Wang Lin looked at the madman and gradually smiled.

Wang Lin slowly said, “The spell to tame this beast is very difficult; it isn’t the time to teach you yet. Teacher also needs to know what else you know…”

The madman rolled his eyes and blinked. “I don’t know any more. Just those, I forgot all the others.”

“Since you don’t want to tell me, forget it.” Wang Lin smiled and changed the subject. “However, do you want to leave this place?”

The madman’s expression became excited. He quickly got up and said loudly, “I’ve always wanted to leave, but I have looked for a very long time and couldn’t find the way out.”

Wang Lin sat down on the side and smiled softly. “I can take you outside, but I need to know the strongest dao spell you know.”

“Nine Celestial Vanishing Dao…” Just as the madman finished speaking, he quickly covered his mouth and shook his head.


“I can’t say the exact details. There is an oath in my body, and if I say it, I’ll suffer the punishment.” The madman loosened his hand, but he didn’t put it down. He pinched his nose and looked at Wang Lin.

It didn’t look like what he said was true at all.

Wang Lin smiled and shook his head, no longer asking. He was greedy, but he wasn’t going to push too hard. He had already obtained so much from this person, and being greedy for more seemed a bit too much.

Also, all four of those spells Wang Lin was given would take a large amount of time to comprehend. He didn’t have the time to comprehend more spells.

“I’ll take you out of here in three days!” Wang Lin pondered and then closed his eyes. He knew time was of the essence. He had to obtain enough Dao Fruits to deal with the rejection force that was like a sword hanging above his head.

He was going to suppress the rejection force in his body to a certain degree so he would have the power to finish the remaining tasks.

“No, this king has already worshipped you as my teacher. You haven’t even taught me one spell yet, so this king doesn’t agree. Quickly teach me a spell or you’re just bullying this king!” The madman quickly ran up next to Wang Lin when he saw Wang Lin close his eyes. He began to roar once more.

This roars got louder and louder. After a while, he seemed to get tired and sat down opposite Wang Lin and began to ramble.

“You can’t bully me like this. I have already given you so many spells, so you have to give me a few. At least one! Ah, Little Red, isn’t he just bulling this king? This king can endure, but Little Red, can you endure?”

Wang Lin opened his eyes amid all the chatter. He waved his hand and a golden wind filled the sky. Nine golden dragons appeared and blew out a gust of purple wind. As the purple wind swept the earth, the earth began to freeze.

“This spell, Call the Wind, I’ll teach it to you!”

The madman looked at the sky with disdain in his eyes.

“Don’t fool me, I’m not stupid. I’m not going to learn this little spell!”

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the nine dragons disappeared. Then his hand formed a seal and the sky was filled with dark clouds. Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and golden rain quickly started falling. This rain caused the origin energy of the world to quickly gather.

“It’s raining… Little Red, look it’s raining…” The madman was startled for a moment before  yawning. He shook his head and murmured, “Still trying to fool me? What kind of spell is this? This king won’t learn it!”

Wang Lin used Call the Wind, Summon the Rain, Magic Arsenal, and Mountain Crumbles. However, the madman only took a glance and shook his head. He gradually became angry and roared at Wang Lin.

“You old ghost, you’re so stingy, can’t you just give me a good spell? You, you, you, you’re too much!!

Wang Lin stared at the madman. After taking a deep breath, he showed him the Heaven Reversal Stamp, the Light and Shadow Shield, and the dao fusion spell.

“What kind of thing is this? This can be called Heaven Reversal? I won’t learn!”

“Body covered in light, what kind of spell is this? I won’t learn!

“This dao spell fusion is too weak. A mouthful of this king’s blood can melt everything. I won’t learn it!”

Wang Lin frowned and slowly asked, “What exactly do you want to learn?”

The madman became even more angry and cried, “You just don’t want to teach me. I want the spell you used to capture that great beast!”

Wang Lin felt some headache. After thinking for a bit, his right hand formed a seal and pointed. The entire planet suddenly became dark and turned into an endless ocean. Then the sun slowly began to rise and the power of the sundered night began to appear!

The madman’s eyes lit up but quickly dimmed. He shook his head and said, “This is not bad, but I have something even better than this…”

Wang Lin finally became irritated and he waved his right hand. The darkness disappeared and a giant, stone gate appeared. The power of time flowing quickly spread out.

Thunderous rumbles and time rapidly moved as if thousands to tens of thousands of years were going to pass.

The madman carefully looked for a while and then shook his head.

“This stone gate isn’t as good as my mansion’s gate, I won’t learn it.”

No matter how good Wang Lin’s personality was, this was a bit unbearable. He took a deep breath and revealed all the spells he had learned in his life for the madman to choose. However, even until the end, the madman continued to shake his head.

If the madman only shook his head it wouldn’t be so bad, but he was even angrier than Wang Lin. He roared at Wang Lin many times.

“You’re an expert, there is no way you only know these spells. You just don’t want to teach me!”

“Enough!” Wang Lin interrupted the madman’s roar and let out an angry laugh. He coldly said, “This is the last spell. If you want to learn it, learn it, or else forget it!” Wang Lin raised his right hand and didn’t even form a seal. He used the first spell he had ever learned, the Attraction Spell.

With his cultivation level, using the Qi Condensation Attraction Spell was simply too easy. The earth trembled and a large rock flew in circle in the sky.

The madman was startled for a moment and then stared at the rock in the sky. His eyes lit and he jumped up, rubbing his eyes. Then he began to clap.

“This is fun, haha, this is fun. I’ll learn this! Expert, Teacher is really an expert to have such an incredible spell!”

Wang Lin was simply too lazy to pay attention to this madman. He took out a jade and imprinted the Attraction Spell on it. He threw the jade at the madman and closed his eyes to cultivate.

The madman caught the jade and scanned it with his divine sense. He immediately jumped in the air in joy and immediately learned the spell. He quickly ran off into the distance and waved his hand. The earth shook and a piece of rock flew into the air.

“Fun, this is fun!” The madman was filled with excitement and pointed many times. He caused dozens of stones to fly into the air and rotate around him. He rotated with the stones in circles until he was dizzy, but his excited laughter never stopped.

He felt this wasn’t exciting enough, so he ran into the distance and flew into the air. He pointed at the air and the earth below him rumbled. Large quantities of rocks flew into the air, thousands of them.

Three days of time flew by in a flash. Wang Lin opened his eyes and gradually hid the golden light inside them. Unless you looked closely, you wouldn’t notice it.

He looked into the distance and frowned, shaking his head with a bitter smile.

He saw the madman was laughing angrily. He had tens of thousands of rocks beside him like soldiers. Opposite of him there were tens of thousands of rocks that were like enemies.

He was actually manipulating heaps of rocks and directing them to collide in the air as if they were fighting.

“Seven-colored little girl, will you obey this king? This king has an army of tens of thousands. If you don’t listen, this king will be angry!” After roaring, he ran into the opposite side. He wiggled his body and revealed a charming and delicate expression.

“You pervert, if you got guts, then come!”

Wang Lin didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Seeing that the madman was still happily playing, he got up and stepped forward.

“Enough, let’s leave and you can play more!”

The madman didn’t want it to end, but he excitedly followed Wang Lin. He still looked back as if he wasn’t willing to leave. He was wondering if he should take those with him.

Wang Lin helplessly said, “There are plenty more outside.”

The two walked further and further away and disappeared from this world...

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