Chapter 1539 - Ancient Nation’s Three Clans!

Chapter 1539 - Ancient Nation’s Three Clans!

The madman continued to observe Wang Lin’s reaction. He scratched his head and carefully walked close. He rubbed his hand and revealed a mischievous smile. “Let’s talk. What is your name? Tell this king and this king will reward you!”

Wang Lin responded with silence and continued to cultivate with his eyes closed.

“You won’t speak? You dare to not speak?! When Little Red was caught by me, he also didn’t speak, and I pulled out all his hair. Can you guess what happened?” the madman chattered, then he walked even closer. He sat across from Wang Lin and began chatting.

“You can’t guess. This king gave Little Red… Haha… Ha… He…” The madman began laughing like crazy while holding his stomach. After laughing for a long time, he viciously stared at Wang Lin.

“Why didn’t you laugh? Was the king not funny? When this king speaks, even the Li family has to laugh. If you don’t dare to laugh, then I’ll find my big brother! ...It seems as if I haven’t told you what I did to Little Red. Why don’t you ask me what I did to Little Red? Hmph, even if you don’t ask, this king will still tell you. Back then… Eh, I forgot…” The madman frowned and knocked his head. His eyes were filled with confusion.

“Damn it, why did I forget again?”

Once the madman began to chatter. It was almost endless, and he spoke for a few days nonstop, becoming more and more excited as time went on. His only regret was that Wang Lin was only listening and didn’t cooperate by answering. However, having a living creature to speak to was already very satisfying. He spoke endlessly, like a mosquito, and the sound lingered for a long time.

Wang Lin didn’t hear a single word. His body was in a chaotic state. His ancient god body was outside and his celestial origin was inside, acting as his origin soul. Even deeper, the Heaven Defying Bead was slowly rotating.

Going by mortal time, it would take 12 hours for the Heaven Defying Bead to rotate once.

The origin energy inside his body had collapsed and disappeared without a trace. What replaced it was the dense celestial spiritual energy that came from the new blood made by his bone marrow!

This celestial spiritual energy was far stronger than his origin energy, even though there was far less of it than his origin energy. If his original origin energy was like a mighty river, then his celestial spiritual energy was like a stream.

Although this was the case, this small amount of celestial spiritual energy shook Wang Lin’s mind. He could feel a terrifying aura coming from this celestial spiritual energy!

Due the collapse of the seven stars, the second trial had started early. However, before the power of the second trial could erupt, it was absorbed by the Heaven Defying Bead. Right now, his physical strength was several times stronger than before. Every beat of his heart seemed to create an invisible wave that could shake the surrounding area!

A feeling of power erupted inside Wang Lin’s body. He was confident that not even late stage Nirvana Void cultivators would be able to escape from him!

Perhaps a peak Nirvana Void cultivator would have the power to battle him!

Right now he was a fusion of celestial and Ancient Order; an extremely rare mutation among the vast stars!

Wang Lin didn’t know if this change was good or bad, but right now he felt intense pain in his body. Although his body and celestial origin were in a state of fusion, the rejection between them still existed!

Even the Heaven Defying Bead couldn’t seem to stop and change this rejection. It could force Wang Lin’s celestial origin and his ancient god body to fuse, but it couldn’t dissipate the root of this intense pain!

If this rejection force couldn’t be resolved, then Wang Lin would be unable to display his full power. Every time he wanted to use his celestial spiritual energy, it would cause intense pain and be stopped by his ancient god body. He would only be able to display 20% of his power.

However, just this 20% was enough for him to instantly kill a late stage Nirvana Void cultivator! Wang Lin wasn’t sure how powerful his full power would be, but he was certain that people like Esteemed Nan Zhao wouldn’t be his match at all!

Similarly, his physical power would be stopped by his celestial origin inside his body!

If this was all, it wouldn’t matter, but what Wang Lin was worried about was that the rejection force was getting stronger and stronger. Once it reached a limit and erupted, his body and celestial origin would collapse. Even his soul and his everything would be destroyed!

This rejection force was like a knife of death hanging above his head, and it could fall at any moment!

Wang Lin quickly thought of everything as he sat there. He thought of everything he could to get rid of this rejection force, but in the end, he couldn’t think of anything.

Although the celestial ancestor mark looked like it had collapsed, only Wang Lin knew that it wasn’t gone. Instead, it had fused with his seven ancient god stars, causing golden stars to appear. This had never appeared in the Ancient Order before!

Several days later, as the madman spoke excitedly, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes. Two rays of golden light erupted from Wang Lin’s eyes and landed in the eyes of the madman.

The man suddenly stopped speaking when the two rays of golden light stared at his eyes. He looked confused and scratched his head. He then looked at Wang Lin and carelessly said, “Hey, why do you have my clan’s golden eyes? But it is only light gold, that’s not enough… Look at this king’s!”

As the madman spoke, he took a deep breath and his cheeks bulged out. Even his body began to swell, as if an airflow was going into his body.

As he swelled up, his dim eyes became sharp and two rays of golden light erupted from his eyes.

Under this golden light, this madman seemed to become a different person. He was filled with a shocking sense of majesty!

“How is it? How is it? This king is fierce!” The moment the madman spoke, that sense of majesty disappeared.

“Just you wait, this king can be even more fierce!” The madman inhaled and revealed a smug face. His body inflated and crackling sounds echoed. His thin body rapidly grew and became filled with flesh and blood. At the same time, that sense of majesty appeared once more!

However, just at this moment, there was thunderous hiss and a stream of air was ejected from the madman’s buttocks. His body was like a deflating balloon… The golden light in his eyes disappeared and he was no longer as fierce as before.

The madman felt embarrassed and scratched his head. His face turned slightly red and he shook his head. “Accident, this was an accident…”

Wang Lin looked at the madman with a complicated gaze. The madman became even more embarrassed under Wang Lin’s gaze. He held his buttocks and retreated a few steps.

“Accident, I already said it was an accident. Why are you looking at me like that… Strange, this king rarely releases gas. Does someone miss me?” The madman rubbed his buttocks with his right hand and subconsciously sniffed his right hand.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. This madman had given him a great fortune, but it had also nearly killed him. In truth, if not for the celestial ancestor print, Wang Lin’s body wouldn’t be in such a sorry state. Although the rejection force would still be there, it would not be as fierce as it was now.

“Forget it, what’s the point of trying to argue with this madman…” Wang Lin shook his head. What he was most worried about was this rejection force. While pondering, his right hand reached out at the void and a spatial rift to his storage space opened. A surge of devilish energy erupted.

The ancient devil he had obtained in the ancient tomb appeared before him.

This ancient devil’s body was already petrified, but when Wang Lin obtained the Ancient Order inheritance, it was changed back into flesh. The six devil stars were rotating in its right eye, but right now this body had no soul, so it was still a corpse.

Wang Lin stared at the 6-star ancient devil. He originally planned to condense an ancient devil soul for his ancient devil body, but facing the danger of the rejection force in his body, he changed his mind.

His eyes lit up and he pointed forward. The ancient devil trembled violently, and as it trembled, its large body shrank rapidly. All of its flesh, blood, and devilish energy all gathered toward the stars in its right eye.

In a flash, the ancient devil’s body disappeared and gathered inside the six ancient devil stars. Wang Lin grabbed them and they flew toward Wang Lin’s right eye.

In an instant, the six ancient devil stars entered Wang Lin’s right eye and were imprinted below the golden thunder!

The moment the ancient devil stars entered his body, Wang Lin took a deep breath. His hand formed a seal and his body trembled. The seven golden ancient god stars between his eyebrows flashed. The rays of golden light seemed to enter his right eye, then they rapidly fused with the six ancient devil stars!

The madman retreated not far away and stared at this scene. He stared at this while rubbing his eyes and muttering, “To use the ancient god as the body and ancient devil as the avatar. This is the three clans of the Ancient Nation... 

“The three clans of the Ancient Nation. The Ji Country has the demon as their root. The Shi Country has the devil as their root… Strange, he is clearly a member of my celestial clan and he has the immortal body that only me and my big brother have. How can a cultivator from the Ancient Nation have it? Strange, so strange… Hmph, who has the guts to give a cultivator of the Ancient Nation our immortal celestial body!? If my big brother knew of this, he would be extremely angry!

“This can’t go on, this king must find out which bastard dares to be so bold!” The madman became serious.

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