Chapter 1537 - Immortal Celestial Clan Body!

Chapter 1537 - Immortal Celestial Clan Body!

Although Wang Lin’s thunder essence had reached completion, it was still incomplete! However, with the power of his new blood, the imperfection disappeared and his thunder suddenly became… celestial thunder! Real celestial thunder!

The golden fire in his left eye was only at the ethereal state and was far away from becoming dao fire. However, as the power from his new blood rushed in, the fire suddenly evolved to an Ethereal Fire beyond any other fire!

Real celestial fire!

Just the celestial fire and celestial thunder were enough for Wang Lin to kill any early stage Nirvana Void cultivator. Even mid stage Nirvana Void cultivators wouldn’t last for too long before they would also die!

Even late stage Nirvana Void cultivators would be shaken by this celestial fire and thunder and would chose to retreat!

As the new blood created by the bone marrow flowed through Wang Lin’s body, the remaining three essences, life and death, karma, and true and false, began to slowly reach perfection. They only needed the opportunity to reach the grand dao!

The appearance of the madman was like a great fortune comparable to the inheritance he had obtained at the Land of the Ancient God. It was enough to change his life!

This great fortune was still not over yet!

Wang Lin’s mind was clear, but he still couldn’t move at all. He silently felt the changes in his body. This completely different feeling made him speculate a few things.

The new blood that was created from his bone marrow gave off an extremely powerful aura. It was celestial spiritual energy! As the blood flowed through his body, his origin soul was rapidly changing!

What Wang Lin didn’t know was that in the four Celestial Realms, even the four celestial emperors, like Qing Lin, would be mere mortals compared to him!

The bloodline inside Wang Lin had reached a heaven-shaking level!

However, his body was extremely special, something that had never been seen before! His body was that of the ancient god, an inheritance from the Ancient Order. However, his bloodline had been changed by that madman to become the bloodline of a celestial!

This kind of thing was simply too rare!

The two completely opposite forces continued to bombard each other. Although the Ancient Order power was suppressed, the celestial blood couldn’t destroy it. As a result, Wang Lin’s body was incomplete!

During this incomplete process, his lower body was rapidly recovering and being destroyed. His origin soul was also sober but imprisoned!

If this continued, Wang Lin would be a living dead person, or he would be refined into a heavenly treasure!

This treasure would be something both the Ancient Order and the celestials could use!

At this time, he had to make a choice. He had to choose between the previous Ancient Order heritage and give up this shocking fortune, or this new fortune and give up the Ancient Order inheritance that had accompanied him for most of his life!

It was a very difficult choice. Even if Wang Lin wanted to choose, he couldn’t. His origin soul was unable to move, as it had separated from his body to some degree!

“Damn it, I’m tired to death…” At this moment, the madman who had passed out due to excessive blood loss woke up. Although he looked tired, he excitedly look at Wang Lin.

After taking a look, the excitement on the madman’s face faded and was replaced with endless anger!

“Damn you!! You still haven’t recovered!! This old man’s blood, ah, this blood can be traded for so many things. So much blood, ah!!! All that blood I gave you is enough to get that seven-colored chick!! If my big brother knew, he would go crazy, ah!!” The madman sprang up and grabbed Wang Lin’s shoulder. He began shaking Wang Lin like crazy.

“Return my blood!! You took this king’s blood but still haven’t recovered. You’re trying to anger me. Little Yu, take this guy out and chop his head off!!”

The madman roared, still feeling angry. He stared at Wang Lin and directly bit Wang Lin’s shoulder. He then let out a growl like a mad dog.

“This king is going to bite you to death, bite you to death!!” After messing around for a while, the madman was breathing hard. His eyes were red and his expression became fierce. He stared at Wang Lin and loosened his bite, then he covered his mouth and let out painful groans.

“I hate the Ancient Nation cultivators, their bodies are too hard. This king’s teeth are killing me!! Little Red, go to the Zhou family to fetch that something something, this king forgot. Quickly, go. If they won’t give it, tell them I’ll get my big brother to steal it tomorrow!”

The madman walked to the side while muttering and letting out painful groans. He then turned to stare at Wang Lin and gradually showed signs of going crazy again.

“I just refuse to believe this!! You wait, let me think!”

The madman’s blood red eyes flashed, and after thinking for a while, he still couldn’t think of anything. Feeling even more irritated, he roared at Wang Lin.

Ordinary people couldn’t understand the anger of a madman. The longer he couldn’t think of what to do, the more angry he became. Finally, he raised his right hand, grabbed his left arm, and tore it off his body. There was no blood, and the wound was extremely smooth.

While holding his left arm, he didn’t even look at it. He stared at Wang Lin and said some words even he himself couldn’t understand.

He waved his right hand and the left arm he had ripped off landed, giving off a thunderous rumble. His right hand moved faster and faster and the rumble became even more intense. In the end, the madman jumped up and began to scold-curse Wang Lin.

This cursing lasted for several days!

Only when the madman’s mouth was dry did he get tired and stop. He put his left arm back on his body and there was a flash of gold. A round rune appeared on the wound. It gave off an ancient aura and looked very complicated. Just looking at it would make one lose themselves.

This rune gave off the aura of the origin of the world. It was strange and mysterious!

Looking at the rune on the wound on his left arm, the madman was startled for a moment. Soon, a bright light appeared in his eyes.

“That’s it, haha, that’s it!” The madman licked his lips and rubbed his hands. He ran excitedly to Wang Lin’s side. In his view, this corpse was his toy. He had to find some fun to ease the boredom.

However, a person that goes crazy from playing around would be extremely terrifying.

“How could this king forget the Three Prints of the Celestial Ancestors? Haha, the Three Prints of the Celestial Ancestors. Yes, that’s it!” The madman felt like his blood was boiling. He looked at Wang Lin while giggling. However, there was a flash of confusion in his eyes.

“Something seems wrong… It seems that my big brother said that even if I die, I can’t give the Three Prints of the Celestial Ancestor to anyone not of my celestial clan… He even forced me to swear on it. I can give small amounts of blood to people, but the Three Prints of the Celestial Ancestors can’t be given to others?” The madman began to hesitate and look down on Wang Lin.

“That doesn’t seem right. Maybe big brother said that the Three Prints of the Celestial Ancestors can be given to anyone. Which is it?” The madman frowned and raised his right hand to knock on his own head. The more he knocked, the more confused he became.

“This king has to listen to my big brother’s words. The image can be given to others, that’s right, it can be given like this!” The madman solemnly nodded.

“That’s right, even Little Red said that my memory is very good and can’t be wrong.” The madman became excited again after muttering to himself. He licked his lips and then quickly formed a few seals. The entire cultivation planet trembled and the madman’s body also trembled violently.

The round rune that had appeared on the wound on his left arm gradually appeared between his eyebrows!

“The heavens and earth open, the ancestors descend. The three prints form immortality  for all generations! First print summons the heavens! Second print summons the dao! Third print summons… What does it summon? Little Red, what does the third print summon?” The madman froze and shook his head.

“Forgot… Damn it, this king’s memory is too good, I will definitely remember!” he muttered as his right hand hit the area between his eyebrows. An aura rushed out, then an indescribably powerful force rushed out and filled the world inside the Nether Beast!

With a roar, the madman’s right hand reached out and seemed to dig out the mark between his own eyebrows. He then pressed it down between Wang Lin’s ancient god stars!

“Three Prints of the Celestial Ancestor, power of the celestial clan’s immortal body!” At the moment the madman’s right hand fell on Wang Lin, an unimaginable power erupted from Wang Lin’s body. His body shot toward his head and collided with the madman’s right hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The madman coughed out a mouthful blood and was thrown into the distance. When he landed, he felt confused and muttered, “I seem to remember… It can’t be taught… In particular, not to the three members of the Ancient Order clan, as it would cause a lot of trouble… Hey, why is this king worried? This king didn’t teach anything. This king’s memory is very good, and I definitely didn’t teach…” Thinking about this, his eyes rolled over and he fainted.

Wang Lin’s body shook and his eyelids trembled rapidly. His mind roared; he clearly felt the madman’s movement. Just as the madman pressed his hand down, Wang Lin felt the Ancient Order power he had suppressed erupt as if it had gone crazy.

“You madman!!” Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes!

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