Chapter 1536 - All of you wait, this king will rest first

Chapter 1536 - All of you wait, this king will rest first

Every time Wang Lin’s ancient god power reached the critical moment of healing, it was blocked by the blood from this madman. This made Wang Lin’s injury worse and his body was like the raging sea.

This intense pain was enough to make one mad. If Wang Lin wasn’t unconscious, it wouldn’t be too bad, but Wang Lin had regained consciousness a long time ago. However, when he awakened, his body was filled with the blood of this madman.

This blood was filled with an extremely pure power. Wang Lin had never seen this kind of power in his life. Only the No Celestial spell that he saw when he sat on the throne in Ancient Order Tomb could match it in power.

However, this power couldn’t be used by Wang Lin. It was hidden inside Wang Lin’s blood and flowed through his body. As it fought with the ancient god power, it slowly fused with Wang Lin’s bones and blood.

The bones were the source of creating blood. The blood from the madman continued to enter Wang Lin’s bone marrow and change his bloodline!

One’s bloodline was in the bone marrow! To change the bone marrow was to change one’s bloodline. If successful, the blood that would flowed through Wang Lin would be like the madman’s, noble and pure!

Wang Lin could feel an indescribable feeling from this sense of nobility; it was enough to shake one’s mind! Wang Lin was shocked to find that as the blood flowed into his body, his origin soul trembled as if this blood was some unimaginably noble existence!

An existence that was at the peak of cultivators!

As time passed and this pure blood flowed through Wang Lin’s body, his body would undergo a metamorphosis like a mortal becoming a celestial!

The sobered Wang Lin was terrified by this blood, but he also saw all the spells the madman had used on him. It was as if millions of bolts of thunder had exploded in his mind and he couldn’t recover for a long time.

The madman’s muttering caused monstrous waves to surge in Wang Lin’s mind.

However, Wang Lin couldn’t ponder about this in detail due to the intense pain in his body. The pain he felt now was several times stronger than when he faced the Ancient Order trial!

He couldn’t move his body, not even open his eyes. His origin soul was being locked in place by the blood, so he wasn’t able to move at all.

Fortunately, during this intense pain, there were cheers coming from the bow. This cheer gave off a sense of warmth that eased Wang Lin’s pain.

He had a very strange feeling, as if the bow in his hand had fused with him and became part of his blood!

He also saw that the bow that had never recognized an owner didn’t recognize him but his slowly changing bloodline!

If was as if only with this bloodline would it recognize someone as its owner!

“This king’s blood is very, very, very, very…. Eh, I remember there being a little witch named Fei Fei who borrowed something from me…” the madman muttered to himself as he sat beside Wang Lin, confusion filling his eyes.

After a long time, he shook his head and took his finger out of Wang Lin’s mouth. He then put it into his own mouth, and after licking it, he revealed an intoxicated expression.

“Even this king enjoys this king’s blood… However, I can’t carelessly give it away. My big brother said that just one drop of this blood can, can… What can it do?

“Little Red, where the hell did you go? This king has been here for so many years and you still haven’t come to find this king. Just you wait, once this king comes home, this king will eat you!”

As the madman muttered to himself, he seemed to become angry. He got up and walked around Wang Lin several times before he finally stopped. There seemed to be anger inside him. When he saw how Wang Lin was still not recovering and had returned to the state of when he found him, he became even more angry.

“How come it’s so difficult to grow a body? Is it difficult?

“If this king was in your state, I would have already recovered! How many years has it been? Why must you be so stupid!?”

The madman got more and more angry as he spoke. After kicking for a bit, his face became even more angry and he began jumping on Wang Lin’s body. He continued to jump and shout like a crazy person… “My big brother said that my family’s blood can heal all injuries in the world. This king has given you so much, but your body still hasn’t recovered, you, you, you, you!!!” The mandman jumped to the side and stared at Wang Lin. His mouth never stopped talking. “This king just refuses to believe this won’t work! Just you wait!” the madman muttered as he raised his right hand and hit his chest. The moment he hit his chest, a strange mark appeared on it.

The madman’s body trembled and his face became red. He then coughed out a mouthful of blood that landed on Wang Lin’s body.

“This king has plenty of blood. Quickly recover your body to play with this king!”

That mouthful of blood couldn’t compare to the trickle of blood from his finger. It was like the difference between a stream and a mighty river. This blood was golden and filled with a pure energy. When it landed on Wang Lin’s body, Wang Lin trembled.

All the pores on his body opened to quickly absorb this blood. In just an instant, all the blood was absorbed clean.

The large amount of blood entered his body and turned into a storm. It began a slaughter with Wang Lin’s ancient god power, and some of it directly fused with his bone marrow, beginning his metamorphosis!

After spitting out a mouthful of blood, the madman’s face turn pale and he gasped for breath. He stared at Wang Lin, but the anger in his eyes became even stronger.

“Still no effect?? You, you, you… You wait for this king to take a break, just you wait!” The madman sat down while filled with anger. He didn’t sit down to cultivate but just sat there. Then he suddenly got up and stood before Wang Lin.

“Damn it, if this king doesn’t give out my blood voluntarily, even if someone drains all my blood, it will be no use. I refuse to believe you can’t regrow your body!” the madman roared, and his right hand hit his chest once more. This time he hit himself three times!

One mouthful of blood flew out, then the madman’s face turned pale and he retreated two steps. Then he coughed out the second mouthful of blood, and following that came the third mouthful of blood.

The three mouthfuls of blood turned into a rain of blood that fell on Wang Lin!

“Damn your….” The madman’s eyes were red eye, and even if his big brother was here, he wouldn’t be able to stop him. He let out a roar, bit the tip of his tongue, and spat a blood arrow at Wang Lin.

This blood was his life essence, which was many times more precious than his ordinary blood. Then his eyes rolled over and he fell down, passing out due to the excessive loss of blood.

Before he passed out, he was still muttering to himself.

“This king’s blood is very precious… This time, I seem to have overdone it… So dizzy. Little Red, come and massage this lord...”

Wang Lin’s body was covered in blood. This blood seemed to be alive. When it landed on him, it drilled into his body through his pores.

The large amount of blood, especially the life essence blood, caused an indescribable pressure to erupt inside Wang Lin’s body. Wang Lin’s Ancient Order power collapsed and was suppressed, but they didn’t fuse on a large scale.

Nevertheless, because the Ancient Order power was suppressed, the blood that had been poured into his body directly entered his bones and fused with his bone marrow.

This fusion didn’t only take place in small areas like before, it instantly fused together. Wang Lin’s body trembled and a large amount of red dots appeared all over his body. Large amounts of his own blood was being moved!

As the blood fused with his bone marrow, new blood was created. Just as the new blood was born, a noble aura erupted from Wang Lin’s body.

This noble aura was like something that belonged the ruler of the world; even the world itself had to bow before it!

The nine-colored fire in his left eye burned brightly and could vaguely be seen through his eyelids. However, as it burned, the noble aura from his bone marrow caused the nine-colored fire to collapse into countless flames, but they all soon fused back together.

A golden fire suddenly appeared!

This golden fire contained the dao of the heavens, but it wasn’t dao fire! With the appearance of the golden fire, the thunder in Wang Lin’s right eye rumbled. The aura from the blood caused the thunder to collapse, and the nine accompanying thunders also collapsed!

The moment the the thunder and accompanying thunders all collapsed, a bolt of golden thunder appeared in Wang Lin’s closed right eye!

Gold, everything was gold! However, this gold wasn’t very deep, it was very light. However, it was still enough to terrify anyone who knew the secret of this gold color!

Gold, the color of celestials! Real celestials!

Golden fire had appeared in his left eye and golden thunder flashed in his right eye. If Wang Lin were to open his eyes, all the cultivators who saw his eyes would be shocked!

They would feel an indescribable pressure erupting from Wang Lin’s eyes!

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