Chapter 1534 - Search

Chapter 1534 - Search

This giant vortex sucked in the fog that was unique to Wang Lin and became a fog vortex.

This battle was a huge blow to the Outer Realm. This caused the frenzied Outer Realm cultivators to feel sober. The Outer Realm had suffered too much in this battle!

The cultivators of over a dozen tribes all died. There were no survivors from the ones that entered the Inner Realm… The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor had died, Esteemed Nan Zhao had died, and even the lord of Heaven Punishment Palace had perished! More than 100,000 cultivators were buried in the Inner Realm!

The entire Ancient Star System was permeated in sorrow. This sorrow was intense, and it slowly turned into anger, anger for vengeance!

Influenced by this anger, even more Outer Realm clans requested for the war to continue. As the call for war increased, the Sovereign Council gave the order to prepare for the second battle!

The entire Outer Realm began to prepare. They were waiting, waiting for the second battle to get revenge!

Some old monsters that had been in closed door cultivator for tens of thousands of years, like the ones Dao Master Blue Dream had talked about, came out of closed door cultivation. They stared at the Inner Realm with killing intent!

The name “Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin” had been firmly remembered by the Outer Realm. They clenched their teeth in hatred. It was Wang Lin who had killed the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor, killed Esteemed Nan Zhao, killed Grandmaster Yun Luo’s avatar, and destroyed the island she was on, resulting in her whereabouts being unknown!

It was this person who had released the poison ocean and mosquito beasts that became a nightmare for the Outer Realm cultivators!

It was this person who had killed countless Outer Realm cultivators that destroyed the confidence of the Outer Realm!

He was the Lord of the Sealed Realm, he had to die!

Wang Lin’s appearance was distributed by the Sovereign Council and was now known by all Outer Realm cultivators. They had also set an unprecedented reward just to kill him!

The Cloud Sea cultivators had suffered heavy casualties in this battle, with only thousands remaining… The entire Cloud Sea was now almost abandoned due to this battle.

The large amount deaths caused most of the sects in the Cloud Sea to become empty. The ones remaining were the weak cultivators.

The thousands of surviving Cloud Sea cultivators took the burden of educating future cultivators. They gathered the various sects from before to form the future 10 sects of the Cloud Sea!

Fortunately, the God Sect, Demon Sect, and Ghost Sect hadn’t revealed too much of their power. But they could barely maintain the current situation in the Cloud Sea.

Due to the large amount of collapse caused by this battle, the entire Cloud Sea became unstable. Spatial rifts had appeared everywhere, so it was very dangerous to fly through the Cloud Sea.

The Demon Sect had sent out nearly 70% of their cultivators to be stationed at the location of the first battle.

Without the Realm Sealing Formation, it was now the gate into the Inner Realm, even though the area was filled with spatial storms!

The Ghost Sect also had sent a large amount of cultivators to be stationed here. As for the God Sect, under Mu Bingmei’s leadership, they set up powerful formations and formed a blockade for the second battle that would soon occur.

The Summoned Rivered cultivators left a part of their group here outside the fog vortex, with the beautiful middle-aged woman as the leader, and settled down.

The Allheaven cultivators had also left a part of their group. The remainder returned home to prepare for the second battle!

The Brilliant Void Star System that never appeared in this battle sent 10,000 cultivators after the battle ended. They were led by a woman wearing a water blue dress and settled down outside the fog vortex.

This woman was very beautiful but also extremely cold. The coldness in her eyes caused all the cultivators around the vortex to feel like they were facing an iceberg.

In the first battle, the Outer Realm’s Grandmaster Yun Luo shocked Master Hong Shan and the others. It was because of Grandmaster Yun Luo that the Inner Realm army was extremely passive during the battle. They couldn’t even set a formation down.

Grandmaster Yun Luo’s ability to deploy troops and divinate left a deep impression on Grandmaster Hong Shan and the others! If the Lord of the Sealed Realm hadn’t killed her avatar, then even when the Summoned River and Allheaven reinforcements came, they would have suffered heavy casualties!

Very few large wars occurred inside the Inner Realm. As tens of thousands of years passed, they slowly lost the experience in these types of battles. This battle was a lesson, but at the same time, it allowed Master Hong Shan and company to understand that even if one had a high cultivation level, an army without a leader was just a handful of sand!

The woman with the water blue dress was brought here by Master South Cloud from the Brilliant Void Star system. She was not only the leader of the Brilliant Void cultivators, but also the commander-in-chief of all the Inner Realm cultivators here!

After this battle, the name “Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin” had completely spread across the Inner Realm. Almost all the Inner Realm territories knew of the merits of the Lord of the Sealed Realm in this battle!

Killing the Fire Sparrow Clan’s third step ancestor, killing Outer Realm third step cultivator Esteemed Nan Zhao, killing Outer Realm commander-in-chief Grandmaster Yun Luo!

With his axe, he had stopped the third invading army from the Outer Realm and caused tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators to not dare to take half a step into the Inner Realm!

With the power of one person, he had stopped the Outer Realm cultivators from fleeing the Inner Realm!

These various stories gave the Inner Realm cultivators a sense of confidence and feverish reverence. They remembered the name “Wang Lin,” they remember the title “Lord of the Sealed Realm!”

Wang Lin’s prestige increased like crazy in the Inner Realm and suppressed that of Master Hong Shan and company. He became the spiritual leader of the Inner Realm!

In the end of the battle, the Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin released his Nether Beast and eradicated the last of the invading force. The fog vortex was something he had brought out!

Anyone who didn’t believe this would become silent when they arrived at the Cloud Sea and saw the fog vortex. Then a sense of frenzy would slowly appear deep inside their hearts!

Almost all the cultivators stationed outside the fog would silently watch the vortex that shocked their hearts and minds. After a long time, they would respectfully bow and then leave.

If there were still some that did not believe, their words couldn’t be heard by the cultivators of the Cloud Sea, especially those thousands of cultivators that survived the battle. Each of them were absolute fanatics when it came to Wang Lin. They wouldn’t allow any disrespect toward him; to them, Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin was their glory!

Even if a good friend from the other star system said something disrespectful, they would immediately turn on that friend!

Wang Lin’s name became a legend in the Inner Realm! However, this legend had disappeared without a trace. No one knew if he was alive or dead… Master Hong Shan and the others worked together to cast a spell to find Wang Lin, but they found nothing. The Nether Beast that had turned into a seed seemed to have experienced something strange, and no one could find it… However, the Cloud Sea cultivators believed that the Lord of the Sealed Realm was still alive!

Master Lu Fu believed that the Lord of the Sealed Realm was still alive!

Allheaven’s Xi Zifeng and planet Ling Dong’s Xie Qing believed that their teacher was still alive!

Shengong Hu and Zhan Konglei also believed this!

Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin’s slave marks hadn’t faded, and the large amount of poisonous mosquito beasts in the Cloud Sea Star System made many people believe that the Lord of the Sealed Realm was still alive!

Mu Bingmei, who had become the God Sect’s sect master due to one line from Wang Lin, had tears in her eyes, but she firmly believed Wang Lin was still alive!

In sorrow, Situ Nan gave up cultivating in the Rain Celestial Realm and silently went drinking. He drank too much and laughed as he looked up at the sky. However, as he laughed, tears flowed down uncontrollably. He drank for three days, he laughed for three days, and he cried for three days. Later, he resolved to leave the Rain Celestial Realm. He was going to find his brother!

When he left, Zhou Ru was filled with tears. Through her determined request, she left with Situ Nan… Big Head and Lei Ji left two days after Situ Nan left. They were going to search for their master… The first one to leave the Rain Celestial Realm was not Situ Nan but Thirteen. When he heard about the situation, he left without any hesitation with Wang Lin’s statue!

Many people were looking for Lord of the Sealed Realm Wang Lin, but no matter how much they looked, they couldn’t find a single clue… 

“Where are you…” Situ Nan and Zhou Ru looked at the vast star system.

“Where are you…” In the Allheaven Star System, Xizi Feng, Xie Qing, and company silently looked at the starry sky.

In the God Sect, after settling some trivial matter, the very tired Mu Bingmei drank a bowl of medicine soup. She silently looked at the sky outside the pavilion and muttered to herself, “Where are you…” 

Outside the fog vortex in the Cloud Sea, the woman in the water blue dress looked at the fog vortex, and after a long time, she let out a sigh.

“You don’t know who I am… Where are you…”

Thirteen was silently flying through the stars. He had a determined expression as he searched endlessly, relying on his faint connection and the aura from the statue.

The mosquito beasts were also looking for Wang Lin. There were many of them, and with the poison ocean fused into them, they had obtained a powerful toxin. They didn’t attack any cultivators, but the horde howled as they searched. Their sad hiss wases like a young child that had just lost their parents.

Any cultivator who saw this group of mosquitoes would stop and bow toward them.

In the Brilliant Void Star System, or the Alliance Star System, there was an chaotic area filled with shattered rocks in the far northern area. At this moment, there was a piece of gravel the size of a fist floating there.

This piece of gravel was covered in holes that connected to the interior… The Nether Beast that had turned into a seed was hiding here. It was terrified by the destructive storm and had lost its wits. With its personality, it was prepared to hide here until it died. The outside world was too terrifying, too terrifying...

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