Chapter 1532 - Old Ghost Zhan!

Chapter 1532 - Old Ghost Zhan!

The Inner Realm was completely silent. The third step cultivators battling Master South Cloud and Master Hong Shan had retreated from the battle. They looked coldly from the side.

However, the red celestial imperial concubine had a gloomy expression. She didn’t know this bow would appear, and after hearing Feng Yi’s words, a slight hint of anger appeared on her face. She knew that she had become someone’s pawn.

The red celestial imperial concubine let out a cold snort and looked at Purple Dream from the Summoned River. She no longer looked at anyone else and flew toward the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation.

No one stopped her, and Master South Cloud’s eyes lit up. The red celestial imperial concubine had entered the Ancient Star System and disappeared without a trace.

As for the cold-looking boy and the rest, they silently pondered as they retreated and left through the gap one by one.

“What, no fellow Inner Realm cultivator would dare to take this bow?” The Sovereign’s head disciple shook his head and looked at the Inner Realm cultivators.

The gap in the Realm Sealing Formation had recovered to 100 feet and the edge of the formation was about to close completely. However, when it was less than 70 feet wide, the huge palm that had collapsed suddenly reappeared and grabbed the Realm Sealing Formation. Thunderous rumbles echoed as it used great force to tear at the gap. The gap that had almost healed was ripped open several thousand feet.

The thunderous rumble was deafening, and an irresistible pressure came from the hand. Master Hong Shan and company were shocked by this pressure and quickly retreated!

Wang Lin’s face was also pale. He was forced to retreated several thousand feet due to the pressure.

Master Hong Shan’s eyes turned cold. As he retreated, he took a step forward and waved his right hand. Red light appeared and shot toward the palm that was tearing the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation open.

At the same time, Master South Cloud hit his forehead with his palm. His body trembled and shadows of clouds appeared behind him. These clouds condensed into statues that lined up to form a formation. They followed after Master Hong Shan’s red light toward the huge palm.

The Summoned River’s Purple Dream, the beautiful middle-aged woman, Master Lu Fu, and Tai Aluo all attacked at the same time. Various spells flew out and fused with Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud’s spells, forming a heaven-shaking storm that flew toward the giant palm ripping open the formation!

With Wang Lin’s command, Esteemed Ling Dong and Zhou Jin also launched their spells. It could be said that all the third step cultivators of the Inner Realm had launched their spells to create this storm.

Wang Lin’s ancient god stars rotated rapidly and he waved his right hand. The ancient god head appeared and suddenly turned into a huge fist. The fist was covered in fire and thunder. Thunderous rumbles echoed as it fused with the storm, creating the most powerful blow from the Inner Realm, and shot toward the palm!

In a flash, the most powerful attack from the Inner Realm collided with the palm. The moment they collided, a powerful demonic energy came from the Inner Realm to form the 9-star ancient demon. His eyes were filled with hatred as he opened his mouth and spat out demonic energy. This demonic energy turned into a huge, demonic dragon and shot forward.

The moment the demonic dragon flew out, the nine ancient demon stars flew out from his left eye and fused with the demonic dragon. It fused with the storm and shot toward the palm.

Thunderous rumbles shook the star system. Everyone in the Inner and Outer Realms could hear this clearly. The storm collided with the palm, creating a boundless shockwave that scattered in all directions!

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Master Hong Shan and company coughed out blood and quickly retreated. Under the powerful impact, four of the five fingers immediately collapsed!

Just at this moment, Wang Lin’s Ancient Order punch arrived, landing on the last finger. Thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin’s body trembled and blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth. Pain came from his right hand as if the bones were broken.

He retreated once more.

When the last finger on the palm was hit by Wang Lin’s Ancient Order punch, it showed signs of collapse. At this moment, the demonic dragon from the 9-star ancient demon landed and the last finger collapsed! Only the palm remained, and it was knocked back by the joint attack of all the third step cultivators from the Inner Realm!

The shockwave spread into the Realm Sealing Formation. This caused the formation to trembled and the gap to expand rapidly.

During the shockwave, the bow was still floating there, as if this force was insignificant before it. The soft light around it merely distorted a bit.

The palm that had lost the five fingers released a five-colored light. It looked as if the five fingers were going to regenerate!

However, just at this moment, a shocking changed occured. The space behind Wang Lin and the others trembled. A roar powerful enough to shock anyone came from the Inner Realm behind them!

The roar seemed to be a universe away, but in a flash it became monstrous. The expressions of Master Hong Shan and company changed greatly. Wang Lin also looked back.

He saw a scene he could not forget in his life!

Nine burning cultivation planets, nine cultivation planets burning like the sun flew through the star system.

Space itself shattered due to their speed and countless ripple spread due to their hot temperature.

They moved very fast and closed in in a flash. They charged toward the bow that was floating outside the Realm Sealing Formation!

The giant palm that was recovering waved and blocked before the bow. It collided with the first burning planet.

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the first burning planet turned into a powerful force. When it collided with the palm, it collapsed, and the powerful impact forced the palm to retreat.

However, before it retreated 10,000 feet, the second planet arrived and the palm retreated once more!

The third cultivation planet closed in and collided with the palm. The giant palm trembled and suddenly exploded. When it exploded, a black-robed shadow walked out.

The black-robed shadow was the Sovereign that Wang Lin had seen outside the Ancient Order Tomb!

After he appeared, he didn’t say a word and he waved his hand. A bright light came from his withered hand. It was as if his hand had become the first eternal light in this world.

His raised right hand pressed down on the fourth cultivation planet. A thunderous rumble echoed and the fourth planet collapsed, but the black-robed shadow also retreated a few steps, and the light in his hand collapsed.

The fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth planets all arrived at the same time. When they got close to the black-robed shadow, they all exploded at once, forming an indescribable impact that spread in the Ancient Star System.

A heatwave spread into the depths of the Ancient Star System. As the heatwave passed, the starry sky shattered. The black-robed shadow was pushed back and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. It was as if his body was going to be ripped apart!

“You’re not dead!?!” A hoarse voice filled with shock came from the person in black.

“I’m not dead!” A voice that came from an unknown place in the Inner Realm rushed out into the Outer Realm like crazy. The ninth burning planet smashed down on the black-robed shadow.

The black-robed shadow let out a roar and his hand quickly formed a seal. A giant well appeared behind him, and there was a crescent moon reflected in the well. At this moment, the black-robed shadow’s dried up left hand reached into the well water.

He fished up the crescent moon from the well! One couldn’t tell if he had fished up the well water or the crescent moon. In short, there was a large amount of water, and inside the water was a crescent moon!

After he fished it out, the black-robed shadow waved his hand and the well water flew toward the ninth planet.

The two immediately collided, but the well water quickly evaporated. In a flash, the well water was turned into white gas. However, at the same time, the cultivation planet was torn to pieces!

One could clearly see a crescent moon mark appear on the planet. This mark penetrated the planet, causing it to collapse and pierce into the void!

“Back then, when I slaughtered my way into the Outer Realm, none of the five masters were my match, and I stole a large amount of Joss Flames. Today we meet again, and you’re still so weak!” The voice was ancient, but it was extremely domineering. The moment the voice finished speaking, a blurry figure appeared where the crescent moon was going to land. The figure waved his right hand and wrote down the word “battle!”

The word “battle” caused the crescent moon to collapse!

“People only know that he used the power of a roar to drive you out, but they don’t know about the warning within that roar. If you dare to take a step into the Inner Realm, you will without a doubt die!

“You are as timid as a mouse. Little palmprint servant boy, you dare to call yourself ‘Sovereign?’ Aside from members of the Li family, no one else can make it recognize it as their owner. Since you have taken it out as bait, this old man will accept it!” The blurry figure’s voice was calm, and he stepped toward the bow that was floating there!

“Old Ghost Zhan!! You’re still not dead!!” The black-robed shadow raised his head. The top part of the robe was torn into pieces, revealing the face below!

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