Chapter 1531 - The Bow is Here

Chapter 1531 - The Bow is Here

If it was in the past, it would’ve immediately caused the formation spirits to appear. However, the arrow was releasing a crazed will. This crazed pressure seemed to make the formation spirits retreat! It was as if they were afraid to appear!

As the Realm Sealing Formation trembled, the 500 feet gap seemed to stop closing as if it was frozen. It allowed the white arrow to shoot straight at Wang Lin!

Wang Lin was in a state of high concentration and seemed to have forgotten everything beside the white arrow. As he retreated, his body rapidly dissipated.

The intense pain from between his eyebrows spread; it was as if a pair of invisible hands wanted to rip open his skull. The white arrow howled as it rushed through the Realm Sealing Formation and was less than 10,000 feet from Wang Lin!

The howling of the arrow was extremely sharp. The killing intent inside this sound caused the cultivators in the Inner Realm to turn pale.

The 1,000 foot distance was really insignificant. As the roar echoed, the 7-star Ancient Order head before Wang Lin began to distort violently. It was as if an indescribable power was closing in!

This arrow was shooting to kill!

In an instant, the arrow closed in and charged into the Ancient Order head. As the thunderous rumble echoed, not even Wang Lin’s Ancient Order head was able to resist for long. The head was penetrated and the arrow was about to break through toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s body hadn’t completely integrated with the world. As the white arrow closed in, the feeling of a life and death crisis increased. Wang Lin revealed a determined gaze and waved his hand!

His ancient god body’s hands went into the Ancient Order head and grabbed the white phantom arrow!

The moment his hands touched the white arrow, Wang Lin felt a powerful force enter his body. Even his 7-star ancient god body felt it difficult to deal with this. His body trembled and he coughed out blood. He was forced out from being half-merged with the world and to retreat.

Every step he took covered several dozen feet and would cause a thunderous rumble. Wang Lin had a fierce expression as he clung onto the arrow and retreated more than 10,000 feet!

Blood continued to flow out as he retreated these 10,000 feet. He was already injured, and now his injuries were worse.

Thunderous rumbles sounded once more. Wang Lin stepped into the area the Outer Realm cultivators were being sealed by the Ancient Leaves. The moment he entered, a large amount of black fog came out of his back. As soon as an Outer Realm cultivator touched the black fog, their body would wither as all their life force had been drained away by Wang Lin.

All of this happened in a flash. Just as Wang Lin was resisting the arrow using this method, the man in white outside the Realm Sealing Formation became gloomy and drew the bow once more!

“It should be over!” As the young man spoke those four words, his face rapidly aged from a youth to an old man. His hand that had pulled the bow to a full moon loosened and the second white arrow shot out!

A sharp howl charged into the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation with the arrow, heading toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin was already at a disadvantage while facing one arrow. Two arrows was life and death for him!

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. The fire in his left eye rotated like crazy and the thunder in his right eye flickered madly. The essences in his body suddenly erupted. It was too late to think too much right now, he only knew that if he didn’t destroy this arrow in his hand before the second arrow arrived, he would die. A frenzied aura suddenly appeared in the Cloud Sea Star System and charged over. When the aura got near, the shadow of a barefoot middle-aged man appeared before Wang Lin!

Wang Lin knew this barefoot man. It was the powerful fierce beast that was sealed by the last Lord of the Sealed Realm, Tai Aluo!

He had chosen to face the second arrow for some unknown reason, buying Wang Lin precious time for a chance to survive!

The moment he appeared, he let out a heaven-shaking roar. His hands formed a seal and he stepped toward the second arrow.

As his hands formed seals, fine scales began to appear around Tai Aluo. These scales were thin and black, and they soon covered his body.

“I can only delay it for three breaths for you!” A thunderous rumble echoed when his hands collided with the arrow. A shocking force came from the arrow and entered his body. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth and his arms began to distort. It was as if he couldn’t withstand the arrow and was about to be pierced through!

He let out a roar, and as his body trembled, the scales on his body flew off. These scales suddenly formed a shield!

There were three strange, golden scales at the center of the shield. His hands that were holding off the arrow collapsed into a bloody mess. Then the second arrow rushed out and collided with the scale shield!

A heaven-shaking rumble echoed. The scale shield trembled and the scales along the edges collapsed. In a flash, only the three golden scales remained.

This lasted one breath!

These three golden scales collapsed in two breaths, and Tai Aluo retreated with a bitter smile. The second arrow wasn’t targeted at him, so he was able to retreat when he was no match.

Ai Aluo had done as he promised and delayed for three breaths. These three breaths were extremely precious to Wang Lin. During the first breath, Wang Lin had bitten the top of this tongue and spat out a mist of blood before him.

During the second breath, the destructive fire from the Realm Burning Umbrella gathered toward Wang Lin from all directions. The fire surrounded him and fused with the blood before him. This formed a destructive force, and it confronted the arrow he had clenched in his hand!

During the third breath, the black fog behind Wang Lin spread out like crazy toward the Outer Realm cultivators behind him. At the end of the three breaths, the arrow collided with the destructive fire fused with Wang Lin’s Ancient Order blood. The arrow disintegrated layer by layer, but the impact was still terrifying.

After disintegrating, the arrow only carried 20% of its original power. It broke through the blockade formed by Wang Lin’s hand and shot toward the area between his eyebrows. During this process, the arrow disintegrated even more until it was three inches from Wang Lin’s brow and was only 10% of its original size.

A thunderous bang rang out when the very small residual of the arrow collided with the area between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

Miserable screams echoed across the world. It wasn’t from Wang Lin but from the Outer Realm cultivators behind him! All the Outer Realm cultivators surrounded by the black fog withered into dried-up corpses! 

The broken arrow collapsed and Wang Lin’s body was soaked in sweat. However, the danger was not over, the second arrow was closing in!

It was impossible to avoid it. Wang Lin revealed a crazed expression. He let out a roar and his right hand pointed at the sky. At this critical moment, he couldn’t care about the consequences anymore. His right hand reached out and the umbrella flew toward him while shrinking. Wang Lin then grabbed the handle of the umbrella!

Holding it in his grasp, Wang Lin’s life force rapidly flowed into the ancient umbrella. His ancient god body was filled with life. At this moment of danger, he didn’t have time to think. His ancient god body immediately showed signs of withering!

The umbrella was originally opened 10%. At this moment, as Wang Lin was injecting life force into it like crazy, the monstrous fire inside raged. When the second arrow was less than 100 feet away, Wang Lin let out a roar and mercilessly pushed the umbrella open!


At this instant, the ancient umbrella was opened 20% by Wang Lin’s suicidal method!

The destructive fire that could burn space itself rushed out from the umbrella. The space around Wang Lin collapsed before the sea of fire as if it was being refined, revealing the void below!

When the second arrow closed in, it collided with the umbrella that was opened 20%. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the second arrow trembled as if it was going to melt. However, a force came from the bow that caused the arrow to pierce through the sea of fire and struggle to close in on Wang Lin!

All of this happened in an instant. A 100 feet distance could be crossed in an instant by a cultivator, much less the arrow. Wang Lin’s body was already withered, but at this moment, he injected even more vitality into the umbrella. He looked like an old ancient god near the end of his life. His powerful body was now like a corpse!

The Realm Burning Umbrella absorbed more vitality and opened up even more as Wang Lin let out a shocking roar. Although it hadn’t reached 30%, it was infinitely close!

As a result, the fire that came out became even more terrifying. The second arrow collapsed 10 feet away from Wang Lin! However, as it collapsed, the power from the bow rushed out and collided with Wang Lin’s chest.

There caused a thunderous bang. Wang Lin coughed out blood and a tearing pain came from his chest. This intense pain caused him to rapidly retreat as he coughed out blood!

However, as he retreated, his eyes lit up. He hadn’t been seriously injured in a long time, and this injury had caused his killing intent to soar. He waved his hand as he retreated and a monstrous blood light appeared. The blood sword appeared. It could destroy anything, but only if they were corporeal. If put up against the white arrow made of vitality, it didn’t have much use.

The blood sword flew out toward the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation that was now less than 200 feet wide. However, at this moment, Wang Lin grabbed it, suppressed his killing intent, and dissolved this impulse.

“There is something wrong with this!”

“I have failed to kill that person and to lure him out…”

The cultivator in white that had already become an old man was filled with disbelief and his expression was gloomy. He was amazed at how he couldn’t kill Wang Lin after shooting two arrows. At this point he had already lost too much vitality and could only sigh in his heart with a sense of pity. He coldly looked at Wang Lin through the Realm Sealing Formation before turning to walk away.

However, just as he retreated, a demonic energy came from the Cloud Sea Star System. This demonic energy was extremely fast; it was on par with the speed of the arrow from before!

As the demonic energy spread, the ancient demon from the Ghost Sect appeared as a phantom near the Realm Sealing Formation. The nine stars in his left eye rotated. His eyes were filled with greed as he stared at the bow in the old man’s hand. However, his body was only a phantom, meaning his real body hadn’t come. Although he had nine stars in his eye, they were a mere projection.

While grinning, he closed in on the cultivator in white and mercilessly clawed at him!

He had waited for this opportunity for some time. In truth, he was already here when the cultivator in white appeared, but he was afraid of the bow’s power, so he had waited until the old man was about to leave.

As the 9-star ancient demon closed in on the cultivator in white, he suddenly turned around and revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile.

“The big fish didn’t come, but a small fish came!”

An invisible pressure spread out from the Ancient Star System. It turned into an invisible palmprint that silently pressed down.

The expression of the 9-star ancient demon’s avatar changed and the greed in his eyes suddenly disappeared. He screamed and anxiously retreated to avoid the palm. However, he was too slow and was grabbed by the palm before he could return to the Realm Sealing Formation.

The palm mercilessly squeezed and the 9-star ancient demon’s avatar collapsed into a large amount of demonic energy. The palm absorbed all the demonic energy and then disappeared.

“The Sovereign’s head disciple, Feng Yi, came on the order of my teacher to send this bow to the fellow cultivators of the Inner Realm!


“The bow is here. The two arrows were meant to show the power of this bow. If anyone is confident, you can try to take it!” The cultivator in white clasped his hands and let go of the bow. The bow floated before the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation.

A soft light came from the bow. It gave off an attraction that would make one crazy!

“Teacher has passed down the order to give the Inner Realm three chances to take this bow. You must send back 30% of our Outer Realm cultivators for each try! Do you guys want it or not?”

There was killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes. If he hadn’t made the Nether Beast his life essence beast, then opening the umbrella like that would’ve expended 90% of his life force. However, even with the Nether Beast, he couldn’t do it often. Although the Nether Beast had nearly endless vitality, it still couldn’t withstand the crazy consumption of the ancient umbrella.

“What is the Sovereign doing this for… He seems to be a little scared… He wants to use this bow to lure someone to appear…”

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