Chapter 1530 - Li Quang Bow!

Chapter 1530 - Li Quang Bow!

Dao Ji Li Quang!

The bow that shot down the Ancient Order’s left eye!

A heaven-shaking supernatural treasure that could be considered the peak of creation. It had even pierced through the Ancient Order’s powerful dao spell. A powerful bow that had taken away his feelings for his home, taken away half of his memories!

When Wang Lin sat on the throne in the Ancient Order tomb and entered that dream-like state, he personally saw the might of the Li Quang Bow!

That arrow was enough to shake the world. In Wang Lin’s eyes, even the Realm Sealing Formation would collapse before its power without any ability to resist!

This bow didn’t belong to this world! It was a important treasure from the hometown of the Ancient Order!

This was the strongest treasure Wang Lin had seen beside the Heaven Defying Bead and the compass pointer from the Fallen Land!

How could Wang Lin not be frightened by this treasure? His pupils shrank and he felt an indescribable chill spread across his body. He even felt waves of pain coming from between his eyebrows!

All the hair on his body stood up and a sense of life and death appeared in his heart. This feeling rapidly spread across his body.

“That bow was taken away by the seven-colored daoist back then, and now it’s in his hands!! This person is the head disciple of the Sovereign. Could the Sovereign have something to do with the seven-colored daoist?” Wang Lin stared at the  young man in white with a cold gaze. The young man’s face was aging rapidly as the bow absorbed his life force. He was drawing the bow by force using his life force!

Aside from the seven-colored daoist, Wang Lin could be the only person who knew the origin of this bow and seen this bow in action! The solemn look that appeared in his eyes aroused a lot of confusion in the others.

From the view of outsiders, the young man in white was only at the early stage of Nirvana Scryer, and the bow in his hand gave off no fluctuations, as if it was an ordinary bow.

Wang Lin’s serious expression suppressed his mind, allowing him to enter a state of emptiness. It was as if everything else had disappeared and only the bow that was being slowly drawn remained!

Fortunately, this bow had no arrows!

The only arrow had disappeared into the void after taking the Ancient Order’s left eye. No one knew if that shocking arrow still existed or where it was!

Wang Lin thought that if he could find the arrow, he could find where the Ancient Order’s left eye had gone!

However, unless this arrow was in a place where no one existed, someone would have obtained it and shaken the stars. It could even cause a calamity as people fought for it, just like the Heaven Defying Bead!! However, until now, Wang Lin hadn’t heard of anything related to this arrow from old myths or legends.

It was as if this arrow had disappeared without a trace.

Although the bow without an arrow was still terrifying, it couldn’t compare to how terrifying it was in the past. If it had the arrow, Wang Lin would have no chance of surviving a shot from this bow!

He stared at the young man in white. All of this young man’s actions became slow in Wang Lin’s eyes. Wang Lin watched the young man raise his hand and slowly pull the bow string into a full moon. At this moment, Wang Lin felt intense pain coming from between his eyebrows.

Under this intense pain, Wang Lin felt like a stake had pierced through his skull and into his brain!

Sweat came from Wang Lin’s forehead. All of this happened in the an instant. Wang Lin turned and looked at the young man in white pulling the bow.

When Wang Lin saw this bow, a monstrous roar came from his body. He turned around and his body became blurry as if he was going to fuse with the world!

At the same time, Wang Lin rapidly raised his hand and his seven ancient stars rotated like crazy and flew out of his forehead. The seven stars rotated before him, giving off a powerful ancient god aura!

As the ancient god aura spread, the Ancient Order head immediately appeared before Wang Li!

All of this happened in an instant; Wang Lin had set up everything the instant he was going to leave! His reaction was so fast that even the young man in white was startled. Then there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“Could it be that he recognizes the bow?” As the young man in white thought of this, his hand that was holding onto the bow string loosened!

As the string loosened, there was a buzzing sound. At first it was weak, and a powerful light gathered on the bow. The young man’s left hand was originally filled with flesh and blood, but at this instant, all the flesh and blood began to wither. It wasn’t just his left arm, it rapidly spread until half his body was like a mummy. However, it was all hidden under his large robe, so others couldn’t see it clearly.

It was as if a large amount of his vitality had entered the bow the moment he loosened the string. The light gathered until it formed a milky-white phantom arrow. When the bow string loosened, this arrow shot forward!

This arrow was very fast. It instantly broke through the void toward the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation that was less than 500 feet wide! As the phantom arrow closed in on the gap, that weak buzz suddenly reached a peak and turned into a roar that shook the heavens!

The cultivators inside the Realm Sealing Formation, both Inner and Outer Realm cultivators, were shaken by this roar. It was as if their minds and origin energy were being sucked away by this roar. This caused these countless cultivators to bleed from their orifices!

There were cultivators from both sides that were already seriously injured that couldn’t bear this roar. They coughed out blood, their origin souls collapsed, and they immediately died!

The roar from his arrow caused Master Hong Shan, Master South Cloud, and the other third step cultivators to all stop fighting. They looked up with shock on their faces. Only the celestial imperial concubine and Purple Dream from the Summoned River revealed a hint of fear in their eyes when they saw the bow!

“That bow!!”

“That bow is in his hand!!” A startling howl echoed as the phantom white arrow shot toward the gap inside the Realm Sealing Formation. The moment it charged in, even the Realm Sealing Formation trembled. Not just part of the Realm Sealing Formation, but the entire Realm Sealing Formation that sealed the entire Inner Realm began to tremble violently!

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