Chapter 1529 - Deadlock!

Chapter 1529 - Deadlock!

The Heaven Splitting Axe that flew out of Wang Lin’s right hand expanded thousands fold. As it chopped down, a giant rift appeared in space!

This rift charged out of the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation and rushed out. The two third step cultivators were shocked. At this moment, they didn’t try to resist but quickly dodged.

However, they were slowed by the giant axe. Just as they wanted to dodge, the Heaven Splitting Axe flew out. Blood sprayed everywhere, and the two third step cultivators both coughed out blood. One of their arms separated from their body as the axe flew by.

Their faces were deathly pale and they no longer dared to fight. They rapidly retreated and escaped.

Although the two of them had managed to dodge with serious injuries, the cultivators of the third army could not dodge. As the Heaven Splitting Axe flew by, a large amount of lives ended!

There were no screams, only collapse and disintegration. A giant gap tens of thousands of feet wide appeared in the army after the Heaven Splitting Axe passed through!

This gap was completely empty, leaving only the smell of blood lingering. The Heaven Splitting Axe penetrated the cultivator army and flew off into the distance. It only slowly dissipated after flying out more than a million feet away.

The Outer Realm was completely silent. The third wave of Outer Realm cultivators stared in shock at the gap created by the Heaven Splitting Axe, and their hearts trembled.

In the Inner Realm, the invading Outer Realm cultivators who saw this revealed despair!

“Anyone who enters the Inner Realm will die!” Wang Lin clenched his right fist and coldly stared at the Outer Realm cultivators outside the Realm Sealing Formation. His voice was like a gust of cold wind.

Just at this moment, the roar of a horn rapidly came from the Ancient Star System and entered the Inner Realm through the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation.

This horn sound seemed to awaken the terrified third wave of Outer Realm cultivators, and they looked at Wang Lin with complicated gazes. They engraved Wang Lin’s appearance in their hearts!

In a flash, the third wave of cultivators slowly retreated and no longer charged toward the Realm Sealing Formation. They were flying off back into the Ancient Star System!

The sound of the horn entered the Inner Realm and was heard by the tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators. They retreated even faster toward the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation. The shadow that was casted on their hearts by Wang Lin and the Inner Realm would linger forever!

However, Wang Lin was standing in the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation. Not only had he blocked the third wave from entering, he was now indirectly blocking the only path of escape for the Outer Realm cultivators that had entered the Inner Realm!

“You all have killed tens of thousands of my Inner Realm’s Cloud Sea cultivators. How can I let you all come and go as you wish?” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he didn’t retreat half a step!

The Allheaven cultivators, the Summoned River cultivators, the remaining thousands of Cloud Sea cultivators, the howling poison ocean, and the tens of thousands of mosquito beasts all charged at the retreating Outer Realm cultivators!

As rumbles echoed, even more Outer Realm cultivators died. Desperation caused a sense of madness to erupt from within them, and they charged toward the gap where Wang Lin was. They wanted to leave, they wanted to return to the Ancient Star System!

Tens of thousands of cultivators rushed toward the gap, with the Inner Realm cultivators chasing them. At this moment, all the cultivators were charging toward where Wang Lin was!

Ethereal Fire spread, and all the Outer Realm cultivators that were rushing over were burned by the Ethereal Fire. Master South Cloud had finished the slowest part of the repair and it was near its end.

The gap in the Realm Sealing Formation was gradually closing, which made the Outer Realm cultivators even more crazy.

They continued to close in while Wang Lin’s Ethereal Fire raged. No cultivator could get within 5,000 feet of Wang Lin.

He stood there like a door sealing the heavens. No one could cross!

The cold-looking boy, the celestial imperial concubine, and the remaining third step cultivators of the Outer Realm were also anxious. However, due to being blocked by Master Hong Shan and company, they couldn’t do anything!

This battle was far more tragic than anything Wang Lin had seen in his life. Even with Wang Lin’s heart of slaughter, he felt mournful.

He raised his right hand and waved, sending out more than 10 Ancient Leaves toward the Outer Realm cultivators. These leaves formed more than 10 layers of seals and stopped these tens of thousands of Outer Realm cultivators from escaping!

The eyes of the Allheaven cultivators, the female cultivators from Summoned River, and the thousands of Cloud Sea cultivators were red from killing. Their deaths and injuries were also heavy. If not for the poison ocean and the mosquito beasts, this battle would’ve been even more difficult for them.

“I want all of you who came from the Outer Realm to… die! None of you will leave!” Wang Lin’s words were filled with determination. After the Ancient Leaves came out, his right hand quickly formed seals and endless restrictions appeared.

The Outer Realm cultivators that were sealed were filled with despair as the slaughter continued. If they knew this would happen, they would have never dared to step into the Inner Realm!

Just before the restrictions appeared from Wang Lin’s right hand, a sigh came from the Ancient Star System. Then a burst of blue light accompanied the sigh!

A person slowly walked out of the blue light!

Wang Lin was familiar with this sigh. When he heard this sound, his heart sank. He turned his head to look at the rapidly recovering Realm Sealing Formation and saw the middle-aged man that had walked out of the blue light.

“Let them come back,” the middle-aged man said slowly as he looked at Wang Lin.

“Dao Master Blue Dream!!” The pupils of Master South Cloud, who was repairing the Realm Sealing Formation, shrank. Dao Master Blue Dream had already reached peak of the Arcane Void stage, so he was no match for him!

The power of a peak Arcane Void cultivator was terrifying beyond imagination! Among the five masters, not even Devil Master Nine Heaven and Dao Master Miao Yin could compare to Dao Master Blue Dream. There was only a sliver of difference in their cultivation levels, but that sliver was like a gully!

Almost no one could make the Sovereign change his plans. Miao Yin couldn’t, Nine Heavens couldn’t, but Blue Dream could!

Master Hong Shan, who was battling the cold-looking boy, also became serious. Dao Master Blue Dream was simply too famous!

Wang Lin’s right hand paused for a moment as he looked at middle-aged man. The sound of slaughter still echoed in his ears. After a long time, he shook his head.

“I don’t want to attack you. Due to my kindness to you before, let them come back. My Ancient Star System has lost this first battle. Now, don’t force me…” The middle-aged man was calm and his voice was not strong, but it was filled with an irrefutable pressure.

The sound of slaughter slowly stopped. Aside from Master Hong Shan and company, who were still fighting, everyone else focused on Wang Lin, waiting for his answer.

Wang Lin had already made the Inner Realm cultivators respect his identity as the Lord of the Seal Realm. Although his cultivation level wasn’t as high as Master Hong Shan’s, to them, he was worthy of being the Lord of the Sealed Realm!

Wang Lin silently pondered as he looked at the middle-aged man, and a moment later, he clasped his hands and a determined gaze appeared in his eyes. He waved his right hand and millions of restrictions appeared and condensed into a giant umbrella bone!

When the bone appeared, the the umbrella slowly spread out and the Realm Burning Umbrella suddenly appeared!

Daoist Master Blue Dream looked profoundly at Wang Lin and shook his head with a sigh.

“Due to my daughter, I have passed you spells and a dao spell to avoid the celestial imperial concubine’s attack. That was the first time!

“The Sovereign’s Fishing the Moon in the Well was the second time!

“Today is the third time!

However, Wang Lin, you have to remember that there will not be a fourth time. The fourth time, I’ll attack…” Dao Master Blue Dream withdrew his gaze and turned around. He ignored everything and disappeared in a flash of blue light!

The moment he disappeared, the Realm Burning Umbrella completely appeared. The umbrella hadn’t opened yet, but an eternal, destructive fire appeared!

Looking at where Dao Master Blue Dream disappeared, the faint shadow of a woman appeared before him. The woman was shaking her head and faintly smiling. Those words from hundreds of years ago appeared in his mind.

“Let us forget each other…” The loss of vitality caused the woman’s shadow to fade. All the vitality in Wang Lin’s body rushed into the Realm Burning Umbrella and turned into a force that would support the opening of this umbrella! 

Thunderous rumbles echoed as the Realm Burning Umbrella slowly opened… The destructive fire rushed out and covered the area. Countless cultivators struggled in the sea of fire, and their distorted faces seemed to drill into Wang Lin’s eyes.

The first battle seemed like it was about to come to an end with the ancient umbrella opening and both sides suffering heavy casualties. However, just at this moment, a killing intent that shook Wang Lin’s mind came from the Ancient Star System and locked on to the area between Wang Lin’s eyebrows.

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the gap in the Realm Sealing Formation that had already healed to less than 1,000 feet wide!

He saw one person, a person in white. He was holding a bow, and it was pointed at Wang Lin!

“The Sovereign’s head disciple, Feng Yi!”

Wang Lin had seen this bow before!

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