Chapter 1528 - Female Cultivators from the Summoned River!

Chapter 1528 - Female Cultivators from the Summoned River!

The cultivators from the Summoned River stood on the bolts of lightning. Some carried one person, some carried more than 10, and some carried even hundreds of cultivators on them. The Summoned River cultivators that had never appeared in the other three star systems before appeared in this shocking manner.

The bolts of lightning gave off a thunderous rumble. They were so fast that they were impossible to track with the naked eye! Their clothes were a bit strange; they were military-like, seeming as if they had uniform attire at a glance. Although they weren’t identical, it only seemed as if they were from different countries.

One thing that was very strange was that a majority of the cultivators were female cultivators!

This was something that was extremely rare in Allheaven, the Cloud Sea, and the Alliance! Among the tens of thousands of cultivators from the Summoned River, only a few thousand were males!

The Summoned River cultivators all had a serious expressions; they were determined and filled with killing intent! Although they were female, at this moment, their killing intent wasn’t lacking!

A scholar-like cultivator wearing a long shirt stood on a dragon-shaped lightning bolt. Her hair fluttered, revealing a beautiful face.   

Beside her was a beautiful middle-aged woman who was silently following on a bolt of lightning!

On the Allheaven side, a large amount of Allheaven cultivators came through the ripples along with the cultivations planets. They were from various families, but they were united!

Master Lu Fu was in front, and he charged forward with a gloomy expression. He waved his sleeves and his broken sword flew out!

At this moment, they were not Summoned River cultivators or Allheaven cultivators. At this moment, they were all Inner Realm cultivators!

The reinforcements from Allheaven and the Summoned River made the few thousand remaining Cloud Sea cultivators even more excited. They were already not afraid of death, and when they saw reinforcements, they became even more energetic!

As for the Outer Realm cultivators, although they had more people, their hearts were shaken. As the poison ocean and mosquito beasts attacked, miserable screams echoed and they quickly scattered.

As a result, it was as if they were routed! Wang Lin’s roar was like a powerful blow that had collapsed the remaining resistance in the hearts of the Outer Realm cultivators!

“The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor is dead! The third step cultivator Nan Zhao is dead! The Sovereign Council’s Grandmaster Yuo Luo is dead! Next is you!” Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he walked forward waving the axe. Thunderous rumbles echoed and corpses filled the area!

Master South Cloud was battling the celestial imperial concubine. At this moment, the girl from Summoned River that was dressed like a man closed in with lightning popping around her.

“Fellow Cultivator South Cloud, leave this person to Purple Dream.”

The scholar said softly. She then waved her jade-like hand as she stepped into the battlefield.

Master South Cloud smiled and retreated, no longer looking at the celestial imperial concubine. He took Ling Dong and Zhou Jin with him and began repairing the Realm Sealing Formation.

“Lowly servant, why hasn’t your elder sister come?” The pupils of the celestial imperial concubine shrank and she let out a cold snort. The two of them attacked each other, but it was difficult for a victor to be determined!

The scholar-looking woman remained calm and softly said, “Elder Sister will be here soon, you can wait a moment.” 

As for Master Hong Shan, the beautiful middle-aged woman and Master Lu Fu joined the battle, which lessened the burden on Master Hong Shan. However, the cold-looking boy became gloomy.

The attack of Allheaven and Summoned River caused the collapsed Outer Realm army to suffer even more death. The miserable scream of death seem to linger for an eternality!

Although most of the Summoned River cultivators were female, their attacks were all fierce. They specialized in speed, and their bolts of lightning zipped around the battlefield. The female Summoned River cultivators were launching their most powerful attacks!

As for Allheaven, thunderous rumbles echoed within the formation made of over 900 planets. Phantoms of planets appeared and they smashed toward the Outer Realm cultivators!

As the poison ocean raged, the Outer Realm cultivators screamed miserably as they melted into pools of blood and died one by one!

Large amounts of mosquito beasts attacked these cultivators. They would often swarm a cultivator, and in an instant the cultivator’s blood and origin energy would be sucked dry before becoming mummified.

The Outer Realm cultivators were forced back again and again!

Nearly 10,000 cultivators died in this short period time, and they continued to retreat! Their confidence had been destroyed by Wang Lin when he killed three people. They no longer dared to battle!

When they first came, they were filled with confidence. In their eyes, the Inner Realm cultivators were mere ants. They had come to kill and rob, thinking the Inner Realm couldn’t put up any strong resistance.

In truth, after they entered the Inner Realm, the mass of deaths of the Cloud Sea cultivators just added to this belief, which made them excited. However, they were wrong. Now, all the Outer Realm cultivators knew they had looked down upon the Inner Realm cultivators. They had looked down upon the force they could release when their homeland was invaded!

The death of the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor had shook their confidence!

Esteemed Nan Zhao’s miserable scream had collapsed their courage to fight!

Finally, the death of Grandmaster Yun Luo had completely destroyed their confidence. It had turned their self-confidence into monstrous fear!

“This war, we’ve lost…” The Outer Realm cultivators scattered in terror and retreated like crazy. They were afraid, and they wanted to leave the Inner Realm. To them, the Inner Realm cultivators were like lunatics. They didn’t care if they lived or die, they only cared if they could kill one more before they died!

The poison ocean roared, the mosquito beasts hissed, and the Cloud Sea cultivators attacked without fearing for their lives. The Allheaven cultivators rushed in and the Summoned River cultivators closed in on lightning bolts. All of this formed a huge net of slaughter!

Wang Lin held up the Heaven Splitting Axe and charged froward. Every time he swung his axe, cultivators would die. His white clothes had already turned blood red. Then Wang Lin simply turned into a cloud of fog and rushed forward.

The fog he formed was more than 100,000 feet side, and it wrapped around a large amount of cultivators. All of these cultivators had their life force sucked away before they turned into blood water as they died.

This was a counterattack!

Just like how the Cloud Sea cultivators had been slaughtered, the Inner Realm cultivators were launching the final counterattack in this tragic battle! Under the impact of the Allheaven and Summoned River cultivators, the Outer Realm suffered even more casualties!

The mosquito beasts and poison ocean were like a storm that would take any life they touched. Out of the more than 100,000 Outer Realm cultivators that came, there were less than 80,000 remaining!

Just at this moment, the third army from the Ancient Star System arrived. They appeared outside the Realm Sealing Formation and were about to rush in!

Two third step cultivators at the mid stage of Nirvana Void appeared in front. They were about to bring nearly 50,000 cultivators in. Once they arrived, the routed Outer Realm cultivators would gain the will to resist!

The third army hadn’t even entered yet, but just their roars were able to make the scared and scattered Outer Realm army show signs of stopping their retreat.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes as he slaughtered. He turned into a vortex and rushed forward. He appeared above the hole in the Realm Sealing Formation.

He stood inside the gap and waved his right hand. His voice spread in all directions.

“With me here, unless I die, no one can take half a step into the Inner Realm!”

As he spoke, popping sounds came from his body. Then his body instantly expanded and his 7-star ancient god body appeared!

His tens of thousands of feet tall body was extremely large, enough to shock any cultivator who saw him!

Outside the Realm Sealing Formation, the third army from the Outer Realm rushed in. They didn’t know Wang Lin’s might, and despite Wang Lin’s large body shocking them, there was no fear in their midst. They were filled with greed and madness as they rushed toward Wang Lin like locusts!

Wang Lin stood there as he coldly looked at the Outer Realm cultivators coming at him. There were two third step cultivators calmly looking at him.

He right hand moved to the side, and when the third army of Outer Realm cultivators arrived, he let out a heaven-shaking roar!

“Kill!!” An Ethereal Fire storm rushed out from Wang Lin’s left eye toward the thousands of cultivators in front. Those thousands of cultivators all screamed as they retreated with their bodies burning, then they turned into ashes in an instant… “Kill!!” Wang Lin roared again as the thunder tattoo in his right eye released endless thunder. The endless thunder spread out into a sea of thunder that rapidly expanded.

Anyone who was touched by the thunder collapsed!

The expressions of the third step cultivators changed greatly. They didn’t hesitate to charge toward Wang Lin!

“Kill!!” Wang Lin let out a third roar. He raised the Heaven Splitting Axe above his head and held it with both his hands. Then he mercilessly chopped down!

With this chop, the seven ancient god stars between Wang Lin’s eyebrows rumbled as if they were going to explode. He was using all his ancient god power!

With this chop, Wang Lin broke the last silver of confidence the Outer Realm cultivators had!

With this chop, the Heaven Splitting Axe flew out of Wang Lin’s hands!

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