Chapter 1526 - Nan Zhao Dies!

Chapter 1526 - Nan Zhao Dies!

This was the real glory of the Lord of the Sealed Realm!

It was a sense of haughtiness, an aura that made everyone before him seem like mere ants!

The endless invading cultivators before Wang Lin retreated in terror. Wang Lin’s speed seemed to reach a limit; every step he took emitted a thunderous rumble that shook the stars!

The Heaven Splitting Axe that had killed the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor released a howl. This howl was filled with killing intent and crazed determination that collapsed the Outer Realm cultivators’ will to battle!

This was just the first battle! It was just the start of the war, yet a third step cultivator of the Outer Realm had already been killed. He wasn’t even killed by despicable means nor by a powerful cultivator like Master Hong Shan. He was killed by Wang Lin, who was viewed as the Lord of the Sealed Realm, in a straight and fair battle!

There was no better method of disintegrating the confidence of the Outer Realm cultivators!

Wang Lin had done all of this with his own strength. He had obtained the first kill in the first battle of this war that really made him famous in the Outer Realm!

Daoist Water’s death didn’t count as anything, it was merely killing a slave. However, the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor’s death was different. It was a grand battle merit from killing a general of the other side!

This was the brightest light for the Cloud Sea cultivators that had suffered heavy casualties! The 100,000 Outer Realm cultivators began to slowly retreat. Aside from fear, there was also a sense of awe in their eyes. Even the cold-looking boy and the celestial imperial concubine looked over!

Master Hong Shan’s heaven-shaking laughter suddenly echoed!

“The Lord of the Sealed Realm has killed a third step cultivator of the Outer Realm, we have not lost this battle!” As his laughter echoed, he waved his sleeves. A red light flashed out from within his body and he charged at the cold-looking body. He trapped the remaining third step cultivators with him!

Master South Cloud also laughed as he blocked the celestial imperial concubine and battled against her!

No one seemed to be able to stop Wang Lin as he charged forward with the Heaven Splitting Axe. The Outer Realm cultivators continued to retreat, but they weren’t as fast as him. From afar, he looked like a blade piercing into the abdomen of the invading army, and he continued to charge through!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Before the lingering sound dissipated, another rumble would start!

Grandmaster Yun Luo’s face was extremely pale as she subconsciously retreated. Her right hand continued to form seals as she divinated for a chance of survival. Her hand was blurry as it changed rapidly!

“Stop him!!” Grandmaster Yun Luo screamed for the first time in this battle. Her voice was filled with endless fear and sounded distorted.

There were many third step cultivators battling Master Hong Shan. The cold-looking boy’s cultivation level matched his, and the boy waved his right hand, creating a cold aura. This cold aura affected Esteemed Nan Zhao and pushed him out of Master Hong Shan’s suppression.

“Kill the Lord of the Sealed realm!” cold-looking boy roared! He saw that the hearts of the Outer Realm cultivators had been shaking. What happened earlier not only collapsed the battle intent in their hearts, it also caused intense fear to spread.

This kind of thing was very deadly in a great battle, and he couldn’t let this matter continue. If they really let Wang Lin charge into the army and kill Grandmaster Yun Luo, then even if they won in the end, it would actually be a loss!

In his eyes, this was very easy to resolve. As long as they killed Wang Lin, everything would be fine!

He had not only allowed Esteemed Nan Zhao to leave, but also another third step cultivator that came with the second army. This third step cultivator was an old man in blue from the Bai Lei Clan. After he was broken free, he suddenly charged at Wang Lin!

Esteemed Nan Zhao was far faster than the old man in blue. He turned into a ray of black light as he charged toward Wang Lin with even more powerful killing intent then before!

At this moment, Wang Lin was charging through the Outer Realm army. Any cultivator that couldn’t retreat in time could be burned by Ethereal Fire and scream miserably before collapsing. He was less than 5,000 feet from Grandmaster Yun Luo!

4,000 feet, 3,000 feet, 2,000 feet!

Just when he was only 2,000 feet away, Esteemed Nan Zhao arrived behind Wang Lin. His expression was gloomy as he stared at Wang Lin. He waved his hand and a five-colored poison smoke appeared!

This five-colored smoke was Esteemed Nan Zhao’s life essence poison. It had been refined by him for countless years from all the poison he had collected. It was his most important treasure, and it could be compared with Great Desolation’s poison!

“Junior Wang Lin, this battle is over!” A cold light flashed in Nan Zhao’s eyes and his right hand reached out. He was less than 1,000 feet from Wang Lin. The five-colored smoke behind him shot forward and turned into five tornadoes!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars. The five tornadoes closed in on Wang Lin from behind!

Just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly turned around. His blood-red eyes were filled with killing intent. He had to kill anyone who tried to stop him! This momentum could not be stopped. Wang Lin’s ancient god stars rotated and the Emperor Furnace appeared.

The moment it appeared, nine drops of poison appeared before Wang Lin!

“Poison, I have it as well! Only three drops are needed to kill you!” Wang Lin waved his left hand and three drops of poison flew toward the five tornados!

The moment the poison appeared, Esteemed Nan Zhao’s pupils shrank.

“Great Desolation’s poison! If it was Great Desolation using it personally, it might be a threat, but you even dare to take this thing you obtained through some unknown method out?”

Esteemed Nan Zhao sneered as he closed in with the five tornados. He was less than 500 feet from Wang Lin!

Just at this moment, the three drops of poison collided with the five tornados. The three drops of poison exploded and turned into a monstrous poison ocean!

This poison was ethereal and soon changed into a large palm that directly smashed into the five tornados!

The five-colored smoke was formed completely of different, shocking poisons. However, at this moment, when it touched the poison drop, it acted as if it had encountered an even stronger poison and was devoured. One tornado directly dissipated into the poison ocean. Before Esteemed Nan Zhao could react in horror, two more tornadoes collapsed!

“This isn’t Great Desolation’s poison!!” Esteemed Nan Zhao’s expression changed greatly. He had been accompanied by poison all his life and knew all the poisons in this world. However, the three drops of poison that had turned into this poison ocean was a poison he had never seen before!

This poison was very similar to the Great Desolation’s poison, but there was a strange difference. It was this difference that made it so Esteemed Nan Zhao could not notice how terrifying it was until it was right before him.

All of this happened in a flash. The five poison tornadoes collapsed and were absorbed by the poison ocean. Then the ocean charged toward Nan Zhao like a monstrous wave!

Both sides were too close, less than a few hundred feet away, so not even Esteemed Nan Zhao could avoid it. Just as his expression changed, he took a step back and his body became blurry as if he was going to dissipate. Just at this moment, the poison ocean rushed through him.

A miserable scream came from inside the poison ocean. Esteemed Nan Zhao’s blurry body was forced to reappear. His skin began to fester and poison smoke was released from his body.

His eyes became filled with unimaginable fear and he retreated like crazy. He wanted to break free from this poison ocean.

“What kind of poison is this!? Not even Great Desolation can refine this kind of poison!!” Esteemed Nan Zhao’s expression was miserable as he quickly retreated. However, after moving only several feet, his feet melted into blood water. Even his bones melted!

Miserable screams that could shake one’s mind echoed across the stars and until they became a shocking cry for help!

“Save me!!” Esteemed Nan Zhao’s lower body had dissipated completely. His arms melted into blood water as he attempted to raise them. Even his upper body melted as well as the poison ocean wrapped around him. The screaming suddenly stopped! The poison ocean returned to Wang Lin along with Esteemed Nan Zhao’s soul, which could be dead or alive, and was put inside Wang Lin’s Emperor Furnace.

Only the remnants of a miserable scream still echoed inside the ears of the 100,000 cultivators. The fear in their eyes reached a limit! In particular, the old man in blue that had stepped forward stopped in terror. When Wang Lin coldly looked over, cold sweat appeared on the old man’s forehead and he quickly retreated.

Wang Lin waved his left hand while he silently pondered. The remaining six drops of poison around him flew into the poison ocean and formed a giant vortex around him.

He didn’t have time to feel heartache for this treasure. Wang Lin let out a roar and pointed with his left hand. The poison sea vortex rushed out!

Then his right hand reached at the void and a spatial rift appeared. Countless fierce mosquito beasts charged out!

Whether it was the poison ocean or the mosquito beasts, both were things Wang Lin couldn’t use earlier, because they were his aces in a group battle. The third step cultivators of the Outer Realm clearly still had power to spare, and if not used at the critical moment, these aces would be stopped before their full effect could come into play!

Although right now was not the best time, Wang Lin couldn’t wait. As for the Nether Beast, after devouring the Golden Storm, it seemed to have disappeared. Wang Lin had attempted to summon it many times, but there was no response.

The poison ocean scattered and the mosquito beasts howled. Wang Lin held up the Heaven Splitting Axe and charged at the pale Grandmaster Yun Luo. He swung down with his right hand and the Heaven Splitting Axe chopped down!

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