Chapter 1522 - Three Seals!

Chapter 1522 - Three Seals!

Years later, a cultivator who was part of the first battle in the Cloud Sea went from a little Nirvana Scryer cultivation to a first Heaven’s Blight cultivator. He was now the head elder of a small sect in the Cloud Sea.

He was qualified to teach dao, and during one of his lectures, a disciple asked him what glory was!

He answered like this:

“Glory is a will, a chaotic will. There is only one thought in this will, and that is to not allow yourself to retreat. To not allow the enemy to take one more step! Even if you die, you must die with a bang!

“However, not all cultivators can enter a madness like this. After all, we are still afraid of death… especially after the cultivators around you all die. Especially when tens of thousands of cultivators die until there are only a few thousand left. Who isn’t afraid of death?

“This moment glory is only an illusion. Not many people can be filled with glory in the face of death… But back then, a person said one sentence that changed it all… He let us know what real glory was… I still remember that sentence, it is something I’ll never forget. Every time I think about it, I feel like I’m back in that place, and my blood boils…"

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he retreated. He saw all of this, the madness of the Cloud Sea cultivators. He saw faces recalling the past fondly and felt an indescribable aura.

“Kill, kill, kill, kill!” Wang Lin suddenly turned around and charged into the enemy army. He raised his left hand and a monstrous flame shot forward. All the Outer Realm cultivators blocking his path died!

He waved his right hand and thunder rumbled across the world. The endless thunder devoured the Outer Realm cultivators!

His surroundings were full of Outer Realm cultivators. Wang Lin had broken off from the Cloud Sea cultivators and charged into the heart of the enemy army. Wang Lin’s eyes were red from killing; he had no idea how many he had killed!

He only knew that all the cultivators around him were enemies!

Blood light flashed, and the blood sword surrounded Wang Lin, taking the lives of the Outer Realm cultivators!

Just at this moment, three ghostly lights shot out from the Outer Realm army toward Wang Lin. When they got close to Wang Lin, they turned into three purple-robed cultivators!

These three purple-robed cultivators floated there. Their hands formed seals and they began to chant!

“As a descendent of the Sealing Extermination Clan, I offer my life to summon the clan’s spell to seal all his origin energy! Seal!”

“As a descendent of the Sealing Extermination Clan, I offer my life to summon the clan’s spell to seal all his vitality! Seal!”

“As a descendent of the Sealing Extermination Clan, I offer my life to summon the clan’s spell to seal his whole body! Seal!”

As three voices echoed at the same time, three rays of light shot out from between their eyebrows. These lights carried endless pressure and shot toward Wang Lin!

Amidst his slaughter, Wang Lin looked up. His bloodshot eyes were filled with madness. In his brief killing, he had consumed a large amount of origin energy. He wasn’t fighting against one person, but tens of thousands of people!

There were no intricate moves, just how many invaders he could kill!

All spells became very simple in this battlefield, they only needed to kill, kill, kill!

The Three Sealing Extermination Clan seals howled across space and instantly collided with Wang Lin. The Sealing Extermination Clan’s seals could not be resisted!

If their seals could be stopped, the Sealing Extermination Clan wouldn’t be such a powerful clan!

Wang Lin let out a roar. When the three seals arrived, he threw a punch with his right hand. The punch howled through the air and a huge, phantom fist appeared. It flew through the seals without doing anything to them. The moment the three seals landed on Wang Lin, the phantom fist landed on the three figures in purple!

The first seal landed between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. This seal rushed into his body and sealed his origin energy!

The second seal also landed between his eyebrows. Wang Lin’s face rapidly aged until he was an old man!

The third seal landed at the same time. Wang Lin’s body trembled. His 7-star ancient god power quickly left his body and was sealed between his eyebrows!

Three seals flashed violently between Wang Lin’s eyebrows. As they flickered violently, countless branches spread out over Wang Lin’s body. At this moment, it looked as if Wang Lin was covered in a net of light!

His origin energy, vitality, and physical strength were completely sealed!

However, the price for sealing Wang Lin was their lives! Just as the three elders in purple sealed Wang Lin, they were hit by Wang Lin’s punch.

A violent wind swept by and the hoods that covered their faces were blown off. The three of them remained calm and there was no fear in their eyes. When the first arrived, they closed their eyes!

They had been adopted by the Sovereign Council when they were little to seal a third step cultivator. To trade their lives to seal a third step cultivator, that was their only value!

Thunderous rumbles echoed when Wang Lin’s phantom fist blew through them. Their purple robes were shredded, their flesh dissipated, and their origin souls collapsed! Although they had died, but their seals didn’t dissipate!

Grandmaster Yun Luo was observing this from a distance. She raised her right hand and pointed at Wang Lin. An order was given and the Outer Realm cultivators charged at Wang Lin!

“He has been sealed, now kill him and you can enter the Ancient Star System ranking!!”

“This person is already useless, kill him!!”

“He killed countless of our fellow colleagues. He is a powerful third step cultivator. Today we will kill him and shake the Inner Realm!!”

Wang Lin had lost all his strength, so his body could no longer stay afloat and he began to fall. In an instant, ten thousand cultivators closed in on him with monstrous killing intent. They threw their treasures at Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin was hit by countless treasures. Although he no longer had his cultivation, he still had his powerful body. Under this powerful impact, Wang Lin coughed out blood!

“Sealing Extermination Clan!!” Wang Lin roared as his sealed cultivation, vitality, and ancient god power rushed at the seals in an attempt to break out!

Thunderous rumbles continued as thousands of flying swords landed on his body. Popping sounds echoed and Wang Lin coughed out blood once more, but there was a flash of coldness in his eyes!

After the large amount of treasures, the ten thousand cultivator closed in and their spells bombarded him. An Outer Realm old man approached. He raised his hand and let out a roar!

“Go die!!” His right hand shot toward Wang Lin’s forehead and slammed down!

However, when his palm landed, the old man let out a miserable scream and raised his right hand. Wang Lin’s body was extremely strong, so the bones in the old man’s right hand had shattered!

Just at this moment, even more Outer Realm cultivators arrived. Spells appeared and more than 10 people’s palms landed on Wang Lin. Thunderous rumbles echoed and Wang Lin coughed out blood once more.

These hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people all launched their spells!!

Under this bombardment, more injuries appeared on Wang Lin, but the coldness in his eyes became even stronger!

“Not enough, still not enough! Is this all the power you have?!” Wang Lin’s voice was weak, but the cultivators here weren’t ordinary, so they could clearly hear it.

“Arrogant to the extreme! Kill him!!”

“Everyone attack, this old man doesn’t believe we can’t kill this person!!”

“What kind of body does he have!? It’s terrifying!!”

Not only were the Outer Realm cultivators were shocked, so were the cultivators of the Cloud Sea. As they recalled this shocking scene, they remembered Wang Lin’s identity!

At this instant, all the Cloud Sea cultivators became crazy. They wanted to rush over to protect Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s physical strength not only shocked the Outer Realm cultivators, but caused their killing intent to become even stronger. Each of them used their full cultivation and launched their most powerful spells. The entire star domain was shaken by them!

This storm rumbled and shot toward Wang Lin!

Just at this moment, the expression of Grandmaster Yun Luo, who was watching all of this unfold, changed greatly. Cracks appeared on her right hand that was divinating and blood dripped down!

“Not good! This person can’t be killed like this!!” She was about to give her order, but she was a step too late!

As the storm formed by the powerful spells of tens of thousands of cultivators closed in, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He clenched his teeth and allowed the storm to arrive!

A thunderous rumble echoed. Inside this storm, Wang Lin’s body was covered in wounds. Even his eyes were dim, and he was seriously injured. He coughed out blood, but inside his dim eyes contained a mad battle intent!

The storm roared and continued to bombard Wang Lin’s body. However, Wang Lin borrowed this external force to break the first seal!

The moment the origin energy seal collapsed, Wang Lin raised his head and stepped forward. He waved his hand, causing Ethereal Fire to appear, and miserable screams echoed.

The second seal collapsed. Wang Lin’s old man face rapidly recovered to that of a youth and his body’s injuries rapidly recovered!

The third seal collapsed and his ancient god power rushed out from between his eyebrows, filling his entire body!

“Have you guys all attacked enough?!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed from within the storm!!

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